All Hands Beach Resort

San Bernardino Rd., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

All Hands Beach Resort
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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

White sand, clean showers and rest rooms, and good amenities. Great place for an overnight while in Subic!

Definitely one of the cool places in Subic I'd go back to!

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

I consider this one a hidden gem on the city of subic. yah, some day that water here is poison because of the ports and ships shitting oils and stuffs that makes the seas retricted to public. but hell no it's not!!!

this has been a wonderful paradise to me and boyfie. How did I find the place? internet. we'll am a nurse and I get most of my free days on schedule so every time I got a pretty light one we see to it that we make most of that precious time going out of town or trying new stuffs. but being very careful with the budget since we do this most of the time, we don't wanna break our own legs you know. so I was searching on activities we can do while we stay in subic, aside from shopping, we wanted to go and indulge with the waters of subic without going out of the base. after a weeks of search I've finally nailed down a list of probable magical places that could make do with the trip and budget and holla, all hands it is.

browsing through their site, I was kinda hesitant cause the picture of their beach could be a bluff knowing their location, but still, it couldn't hurt to try and scout on the area first.

the location isn't so far from the busy streets of sbma but far enough to have a quiet environment, but still along the road.

when we arrived in the area and saw the beach, we didn't even think twice. the beach was a clear blue and there was not much of people since it was a weekday, perfect! I was really excited to dive in the water, like a kid wanting a lollie.

the entrance is 500 pesos per head, an all day pass, kinda steep but actually not cause it already includes the tables and no rentals for their facilities except the kayak. they got beach volleyball for groups, a bar in the center of the shore, a filipino restaurant, souvenir shop and sari sari store too. the comfort rooms are spacious and clean. they got grillers for you to use free of charge.

their cottages which are included on the 500 per head are spacious and you could choose which cottage you want in, if it's still available though. they don't charge corkage too which was great for those families who want to fix their own meals.

beach bed are laid to use, pretty nice white sand and as what I've said, clear blue water. the staffs told us that the sbma are regulating the water, each month they test it for maintenance. the sea is choppy but bearable, not much of a sight underneath in case you plan to snorkel but they got this bamboo plank in the middle of the sea that you can us to dive. it was just hard to get in because we're to heavy of a body. lol

there was this one occasion that I saw a tiny jelly fish swimming right next to me, i called the attention of the life guard and he sent one the caretakers (who looked like a fisherman) to me, he grabbed a plastic bottle and spooned the jelly fish in the bottle. In that way he could let loose of it on the other coast, that's sweet!!! and another is, they have this area enclosed by a net where sea turtles lay eggs and so it was off limits. sadly there were no one eggs that time.

they also have a free wifi which wasn't really a good help, the signal gets too slow when your near the shore. but anyways, who's bringing a phone on the shore, right?!

all hands beach resort also offers overnight stay, they got this villas for families ranging from 4.5k to 8k depending on the number of pax and the rate already covers the entrance fee.

for us, all hands is a humble place to enjoy the simplicity of life with it's great endings.

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