Ally's All-Day Breakfast

Manhattan Parkway Residences, Gen. Malvar Ave., Araneta Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ally's All-Day Breakfast
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Most Recent Reviews

Jomarie A.
3.0 Stars

Two Saturdays ago, V finally had her rest day on a weekend, so we decided to meet up. Since we were both on "tipid" mode that day, we thought of a place that is both accessible and the food is affordable, and we thought of Ally's.

Ally's is an all-day breakfast place that had its first branch in Maginhawa a couple of years ago, during the time when Maginhawa was just starting to become known as a foodie destination. I remember eating there with plenty of my college friends, since the food is cheap and delicious.

When we got to the Cubao Manhattan branch of Ally's, we were surprised that it wasn't packed, despite it being a Saturday lunch time. 128547 When we went in, I immediately noticed how dim the place is. So much for a breakfast place. 🤷

Here's what we got for lunch:

✅ For me: DAING NA BANGUS MEAL (Php 185) - 110881108811088
I have recently grown a liking for bangus, so I decided to get this vs the usual beef tapa / tocino. 128522 I remember their breakfast meals having big serving sizes, two eggs, and a hot cup of garlic rice. When my food was served, I immediately noticed the following: 1. There is only one egg yolk, meaning, they used just one egg!!! 128557 2. The bangus looked a bit burnt. It was big, yes, but burnt. 3. The salsa was just around 1 tablespoon worth. Talk about frugality! 128517 Anyway, so when I took a bite, I was expecting to be hit with nostalgia... It never came. 🙃 It was an okay meal, and it was cheap, but I expected more from this meal. The fish was quite dry, and not as flavorful as I'd hoped.

✅ For V: GRILLED CHEESE AND SAUSAGE (Php 245) - 110881108811088
V wanted waffles, so she chose this. The sausage looked juicy and meaty, and it really was. It was slightly spicy, but I liked how it burst with flavor, and is a nice meat to pair with the waffles. The waffles though, weren't as fluffy as we thought. It also didn't have a crisp exterior, making the entire waffle slightly soggy. The supposed mozzarella cheese didn't seem like mozzarella. 128517

I also got annoyed at one of the servers at how unprofessional he is with the way he talked to us. The all-day breakfast meals come with a drink, but I forgot that the only options were just coffee / iced tea. He informed me that the coffee is unavailable, so it's either iced tea or hot chocolate. I chose hot choco, then, as he was repeating the orders, he said, "Ma'am plus 60 itong hot choco ah." I just cancelled it. Why didn't he just mention that earlier, right? 🤔

Also, I noticed their off duty staff kept on making tambay at the tables supposedly meant for customers, lounging around. While it's okay to stay there since the restaurant wasn't that full, I hope they wouldn't act as if they're in the comforts of their homes. 128528 Most of them also kept on huddling at the counter area. 128533

Ambiance was quite gloomy and didn't seem like a breakfast place. Not sure how dark it will be during the night. It was an okay experience, for old times' sake. But I've had better experiences with Ally's before. How I miss their original branch in Maginhawa! 128546


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HungryManila P.
3.0 Stars

Post duty stress eating!
Tried out ALLY's ALL DAY BREAKFAST at Manhattan near Gateway Mall. It was my first time and I was expecting a lot since it's popular with my co- workers. Sadly, I was torn between hating it and loving it.

I hate it because :

- considering the price of their meal, I was actually expecting it to be more than what they served. Although, I love that they serve 2 eggs per meal.

128078🏻 BAGNET
- Well, I think I have set my standards high. It wasn't the bagnet that I expected. It's just pure fat and a little bit of meat. Crispy but it's full of air. You can't actually feel the meat part because it's like eating chicharon.

I love it because :

128077🏻 PLACE
- The place is so lovely and full of bright colors. I love the concept of the place and it adds up to the good morning vibe. One of my friend told me that the Manhattan branch is bigger than the other branches.

128077🏻 SERVICE
- Staff were all serving with a big smile and very accommodating.

128077🏻 PANCAKE
- I loveeeeeed their smores pancake. Super loved it. Chose 2 pancakes and it was already good for sharing. Nice presentation and right mix of everything. I would go back for this, seriously!

- It's clean and smells good. No foul odor.

All in all, I am giving them 3/5 stars.

Included in the photo are my other friend's food choices.

127850 S'mores Pancake 2pcs - P 235
127850 Batangas Beef Tapa - P 180
127850 Classic Adobo Flakes - P 155
127850 Bagnet Superstar - P 270
127850 Vigan Longanisa - P 200

Meal comes with iced tea.
Add P 20 for an upgrade to coffee or hot chocolate.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Moms say that breakfast is the important meal of the day. But for us busy bees, we'd be lucky to be munching on a cracker on our way out. I admit, I usually skip breakfast just to get from point A to point B on time. (I blame the intense traffic we have in Manila.) Don't get me wrong. I love breakfast. It's just that I love sleep more and couldn't find the energy to wake up an hour earlier just to cook my morning meal. Thankfully, there are days when my schedule's not as packed and I could enjoy a classic breakfast at a slow pace. And on lazy days, I'd head out for breakfast and one of the spots I've recently discovered is Ally's All-Day Breakfast.

Hello, Ally's All-Day Breakfast.

I've heard about its Maginhawa branch before and it made me curious after finding out that I could customize my pancakes.

However, my schedule was not very cooperative and I always end up moving my visit to another day. And finally, an opportunity to visit its Araneta branch came and I was giddy to make and name my own stack of pancakes.

Apparently, I could choose between pancake and waffle. As a person who likes things crunchy, I went with Waffle (PHP105). I spiced things up by making it chocolate-flavored waffle (+PHP20) and added Strawberries (+PHP40), Almonds (+PHP40) and Vanilla Ice Cream (+40) with Bacon (+70) and Eggs (+PHP40) on the side.

R, on the other hand, went with Classic Pancakes (PHP105) with Bananas (+PHP30), Blueberries (+PHP50), Vanilla Ice Cream (+PHP40) and Nutella (+PHP40).

After the impulsive bug calmed down and doing the math, I realized that our orders were quite pricey for a single serving of pancakes and waffles. My order costs PHP335 while R's cost PHP265. (And that bacon was too expensive considering its serving size.)

Taste-wise, it wasn't anything special. The waffles though had crunchy edges and the waffles were fluffy.

I guess it was just fun to be able to pick the ingredients you want on your pancake.

But I think I'll just stick with the classic combinations.

Would I go back? Not anytime soon. I'll just make my own pancakes at home.

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Jorelle F.
5.0 Stars

One of the best bacon I have ever tried. Thick crispy bacon slices plus garlic rice is heavenly.

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Pauie P.
4.0 Stars

Loved their ambience and also the menu quite costly though for a breakfast. 128513

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Poch I.
5.0 Stars

Classic Adobo Flakes (155php, comes with iced tea) for yesterday's brunch. It was a tad bit on the sweet side but I liked it! 128522

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Poch I.
5.0 Stars

Yey for breakfast comfort food all-day long! Before watching 'Fantastic Beasts' last 18th of November, my friends and I decided to drop by this newly opened restaurant in Manhattan Parkway to give it a whirl. This establishment wasn't available in looloo at thay time, hence, the late review.

I ordered Vigan Longganisa as I've been craving for it some time now and Banana Nutella French Toast because you always need a big breakfast (regardless if it's dinner time. 128514)

Grabe, busog na busog talaga ako at ang sarap, sarap! It's a liitle pricey but I think it's fair given the experience. 128513

The place is pretty spacious too and the interiors definitely IG-worthy. We didn't get to take pictures because we were too busy eating! 128514

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