Ally's All-Day Breakfast

Pontiac St., West Fairview, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ally's All-Day Breakfast
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Most Recent Reviews

Denise R.
3.0 Stars

Was pleasantly surprised upon realizing that there's now an Ally's All Day Breakfast Place near our home. I was able to eat here (Maginhawa branch) with the family some years back, but I couldn't remember the experience that much. I was reminded why, though, when I had breakfast in their Fairview branch, recently.

Basically, the menu and food quality were pretty average. I ordered What Diet, which was composed of two cheese sausages, scrambled egg, unli rice and iced tea, and Triple Chocolate Waffle for dessert. I could have cooked this breakfast myself for a much cheaper cost. It tasted okay, but not worth my PHP480.

Customer service was amazing though. There were only two staff members serving the food and attending to customers and they were all smiles and quick to act. So good job to them for pulling up my rating, a notch or two higher 128077🏼

Ambiance was relaxing enough. Bright and sunny, the restaurant lives up to its image of serving breakfast, all day, as the overall look and feel of the place was light and radiant.

Needless to say, there's a slight probability that I'll come back, but would honestly rather choose to go to other more cost efficient places of the same type (ie., Kanto Freestyle). Or to a place with better food quality, if I were to spend higher than a usual meal.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Katrina V.
4.0 Stars

They serve delicious breakfast all-day, though not budget meal price, the quality of their food is worth the price. Their amount of serving is big, they serve every rice meal with 2 eggs and you can even ask for extra tomatoes on the side.

The mood in the place is light and relaxing, perfect for a good morning. The staff are okay. Downside is, there are only few parking spaces here.

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Melodee N.
3.0 Stars

The hub and I were looking for a place to just chill and have some snacks near our home. Ally's has a new branch near us so we gave it a try. Since the place is still new, it looked inviting.

Though I've heard a lot about Ally's, it's my first time to eat here. So looking through their all-day breakfast menu, I had quite a hard time deciding since it's either I get a rice meal, pancakes or waffles, or an omelette. I was kinda hoping there was a grilled cheese sandwich or maybe bacon/sausage and hash browns. Or something like a choice between American or Continental breakfast. I understand that the concept is breakfast all day but I was hoping that they could play around a bit.

Anyways, the hubby ordered bacon and cheese omelette and I ordered bacon and egg waffles. Well, you can't get enough bacon! I don't have any complaints with the quality of food. Paid P420 for our orders and the servings were quite abundant.

One thing I also noticed, the place was sooooo quiet. No ambient music. So when my husband burped (believe me it was just a regular, natural, not so man burp), the few customers that they had heard it. So we asked if they could at least turn on the TV so our small conversations won't be overheard.

Should we go back? Maybe. But definitely not for an afternoon snack. Not unless they add more options to their all-day breakfast menu.

  • No. of Comments: 7
Odi L.
2.0 Stars

Food is great, no doubt about that. I love their Tapa and Rocky Road Waffle.

But the service? One of the worst. Their meals are on the expensive side so you'd expect a friendlier and more attentive staff. We went there 3x already and so far, there are always flies inside the restaurant. High chairs are not available too. The last time we went there, they said that coffee is not available because they ran out of mugs and that the ones they have are still being used by other customers. I counted around 4 people who were drinking coffee at that time. How can you have that few mugs for an all-day breakfast???

I'd give this 5 stars if not for the bad service. For businesses nowadays, serving good food isn't enough. In fact, I believe good customer service is the key to being successful.

  • No. of Comments: 4