G/F The Block, SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Reopens Wed: 10:00a - 9:00p


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Payment Options

Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱140 - ₱420

Most Recent Reviews

Mia P.
4.0 Stars

Great food, can be improved ambiance. FOOD IS DELICIOUS! The ravioli and the carbonara are both on point but the boyfriend, being a super fan of everything truffle oil, said that the ravioli had too much truffle oil. Only thing I didn't like was the mushroom soup's servings. We ordered for a bowl but the bowl looked like a bowl for 1 (It's ₱248) and the server even told us (exact words), "Hati pala kayo dapat po pinasplit nyo." 🙄 which brings me to ambiance. It's not because it's in front of a supermarket, it's more because of the staff. The manager, who's eating her ube cake was sitting across us, with her one foot up the chair. Also, asking for the bill took longer than the actual serving of the food. I had to stand up and ask for it myself, and it took longer to retrieve my card because their POS for the restaurant and for the gelato stand is the same, and the cashier (who's handling money) is also the same person selling, scooping, and serving the gelato. We almost got late to our movie because of this hold-up. 128514


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Glenn J.
3.0 Stars

The ambiance seems cozy maybe because of the lighting that made it look like it is golden inside. The place is just right, not big, not too small. It's a bit narrow to walk in the aisle between the tables/seats on the left (when occupied) and the tables on the right. The location is easy to find when you enter the other entrance near SM North Edsa's main building. They play Italian songs even instrumental.

I was glad that a staff step back and fill my cup with water when he noticed it was empty. Meanwhile, I ordered a Ferrero gelato but when my order arrived, it was a Mango Cream Pie, not Ferrero. I just let it be because I was hungry. Because of that, service is inconsistent. The garlic bread was served first, and it took longer minutes for them to serve the Carbonara. I was also informed that the New York Cheesecake is not available for a slice. I must also note, a staff almost hit my table with the shaft of the floor mop while going to the comfort room. The comfort room is small but clean.

I ordered Spaghetti alla Carbonara (P305.00), Midnight Dream (slice - P125.00), and Junior Scoop of Mango Cream Pie (P55.00).

Spaghetti alla Carbonara - big in serving, can be shared by two, but can be eaten by a hungry eater like me. It was creamy, it has generous serving of mushroom and bacon bits. It was topped with Parmesan Cheese which was evident in smell even if I mix the Carbonara. It was perfect and one of my favorite Carbonaras I've tasted.

Garlic Bread - must be consumed when it's still hot. Ordinary.

Mango Cream Pie - ice cream with several bits of mango. A junior scoop is just enough for one person without getting that 'umay' feeling. I like how the flavor of mango isn't that strong so it blended well with the sweetness of the cream.

Midnight Dream - chocolate chiffon with layers of cream frosting and caramelized cashew. It has a generous amount of thin and small chocolate bars at the top. It was too sweet and I barely enjoy it (though I managed to consume it all).

I used the Eatigo App to avail 50% discount last 3:30 PM, July 8, 2018. Thank you Eatigo and Amici. Price is reasonable (and became affordable because of Eatigo). I have no problem with the food, it was delicious! The service is just inconsistent.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

The more invites I have to try out different restaurants, the more I get to realize what makes one’s food really stand out. It’s passion. And I sensed so much of this with Mr. Philip Moran, Amici’s Chief Operating Officer. Our lengthy chat over a lunch feast was a learning experience. He had so much to share on victories and mistakes. This was complemented with an overflow of future plans for the brand. I can’t wait to see them soar further after being around for 10 solid years.

Speaking of a decade in the industry, Amici recently came out with an enticing promotion. Their Celebration Meals Set combines their new and classic favorites, available for groups of 5 or 10 at an affordable price. This new campaign is for a limited time and I suggest you rushing to any of their 10 branches in the Metro soon.

This is their offer in a nutshell. Celebration Meals Set (Good for 10) for Php2,998.00 has 3 Pizzas, 2 Grande Pastas, 10 Pieces of Pollo Arrostito, 10 Pieces Italian Bread, 2 Pitchers of any Pepsi Product and 10 Scoops of legit creamy Gelato. Hear this, save as much Php1,775.00! For the 5 at Php 1,625 you have 2 Pizzas, 1 Grande Pasta, 6 Pieces of Pollo Arrostito, 5 Pieces Italian Bread, 1 Pitcher of any Pepsi Product and 5 Gelatos. What I love here is simply the choices, you can keep coming back and explore different combinations.

My favorite here was their roast chicken, a refreshing addition to boost the usual pizza and pasta flare. Philip mentions that Pollo Arrostito sales have gone up considerably and I understood right away while I was devouring it. It was tender, flavor filled even to its white meat parts.

For pasta, it was a delight to have their Linguini Prosciutto E Tartufo, an olive rich based bowl with the strong presence of well-seasoned prosciutto and truffle oil. This was a game changer from their usual pastas that we are familiar with.

For pizza, watch out for two. First is their Blue Cheese with Honey. This was a good experiment to challenge the typical flavors. This was a well-received contrast at least for me, as fermented cheese tries to cancel out its bold flavor with really sweet, sticky honey. Another one I liked was their Tutta Carne Pizza, a meat filled dough perfect for carnivore hungry ones like me.

So what are you waiting for? I suggest gathering the barkada or officemates for a party at a fraction of the usual price. Let me know how it was like for you!

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Jen S.
4.0 Stars

I love their interior, felt like home. As if you were eating in your living room. 128588🏻 I ordered their 'Rome' meal and it is really worth it, especially their rosemary chicken. 128523

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Roselle C.
5.0 Stars

I keep coming back for Garlic Italian Sardines spaghetti 128523 Their pepperoni pizza was good 128077🏻 lots of mozza on top, yummy! Mozza sticks were just fine, same with mushroom truffle soup.

Overall,very good and satisfying meal. Love the ambience and fast service during lunch time on a Saturday. 128540

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