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Amihan sa Dahican
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Suzette C.
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This is my 600th review and I would like to dedicate this to the kids of Amihan. This is a very late review, but I was saving this for a special time and I wanted this review to be well written. (Well, I'm not a good writer, but i tried my very best!) For these kids are now also close to my heart. More power to Amihan sa Dahican . :)

In my "Dahican Beach" review, I explained what Dahican is and Amihan sa Dahican is the beach park that we frequented during our three day, two nights stay here in Mati, Davao Oriental. We did not come to Amihan because it was the best looking, it's actually not, compared to other beach parks and resorts. But why choose Amihan? Here's why...

Day 1
Upon entering their very narrow walkway to the entrance, people greeted us with a smile. Old and young, everyone was very friendly. As soon as we reach the main entrance, a lot of kids and teenagers in their early 20s offered us seats in the cottages. We met kuya Buchok and he was very enthusiastic talking about the sand, sea and surfboarding. He told us that it was not a good time to surf yet. We should just come back early tomorrow morning, waves are best in the morning, around 6am. But for the mean time, we can try skimboarding. Skimboarding rental with guide costs 200/hr. :)

Day 2
The next morning, same thing, we were greeted with a smile and we told them that were back for the surfing lessons. They started with the orientation and introduction: how to get up on the board, how to position, how to properly drop and all the basics of surfing. Kuya Buchok stood there while Lang-Lang, the recently skim boarding champion oriented us. He told us that he is letting them be the one to orient, they are training them to be guides too.

As soon as the intro was done, it was time to hit the waves. Kenrick C got it on the second try and Chantal C got it on her third try. And me, uhm... What's important is I TRIED. Haha! I was able to stand up for like 5 seconds before the bigger wave hit me. The struggle is real! I wasn't aware that under the waves, it was very rocky. I hit my foot and it got sore for a while, plus I had a few gulps of sea water. 127754128534
After what happened, the guides asked us to go back to shore because the current was too strong and us beginners would have a hard time, also it would be harder to paddle especially when you're not use to it.

While waiting for the waves to calm down, we were offered to go skim-boarding again just so we don't get bored . It was fun, I wasn't really good at it but ken nailed it! Also, his guide, Aldrin was a very good teacher! He was vey hands on with Ken. He's the only one that is self-taught that's why he had a lot of tips and tricks for ken.

After a few hours, the wave gods has answered our prayers. We got the chance to see more calm and consistent waves and it was now low tide. It would be easier for beginners to catch waves and it was not too deep that you would drown. There were only two boards available at that time so ofcourse, being the oldest sister, I had to give it to my two younger siblings, haha! Also, I have more flexible time compared to them, I can come back anytime I want. They were both really good, they got to stand and stay on the board, i'm one proud sister (and photographer) 128514

While watching Ken and Chany surfing, we got the chance to talk to kuya Buchok. We found out that they have 26 kids living with them and most of them, they actually adopted. Most of these kids are out of school youth, while some are abandoned by either one of their parents. They all found home in Amihan and everyone's hobby was surfing. Everyone knows how to surf and skim. (The girl, Langlang, I mentioned earlier, she just won a skimboard competition and if I heard it right, she's expected to go and compete in Australia soon!) I was impressed by how good surfers they are, kids aged 3 or 4, were skim boarding and embarrassing to say they were way way better than me!! I just thought that their story is very inspiring that I really have to write about this.

Living in Amihan, it changed these kids' life. They are very eager to lean surfing and some kids are already allowed to be guides, this way, they are also taught how to earn money. Being in Amihan, they found better lives and they are definitely being raised well.

It was breakfast time, and these kids always eat boodle fight way. They lay all their food at the back 2 surfboards and then they start eating. I happen to pass by to buy a bottle of coke from the sari sari store and these kids were eating rice with soy sauce. I cant help but feel sad but by the look of their faces and they were really happy and enjoying each other's company. We brought the chicken we had from dinner last night and we decided to share it with them. Obviously, it was not enough. Each child got to eat only a small bite from the chicken but you can tell that they are very grateful that they have something extra to eat for breakfast. After breakfast, these kids went back to surfing and skimboarding. Man, these kids just don't get tired. They work really hard to be good at it.

When it's almost lunch time, my dad decided that we eat there, they have a small menu offering to grill seafood for you. My dad gave their kuya Allan more than enough money to pay for our lunch plus lunch for them and the kids too. Our lunch was beautiful! They brought it to us on the back of a surfboard too. They served us a huge Pantawan fish tail and two small Bangus. We had our own little boodle fight in the cottage and we invited our guides to eat with us and this guy Aldrin (ken's guide), we insisted him to join us. We were happy that he stayed to eat with us. He was very jolly and enthusiastic to tell us more about Dahican and his adopted family here in Amihan.

Aside from the kids and their adopted parents, we also met this Hawaiian guy named Poseidon. He was an ex-military now staying here in Amihan. He was very friendly and he chose to stay in Amihan here because he discovered and loved the waves of Dahican and these kids of Amihan are now very close to his heart. He said it's hard for him to to let go128522

Before we left, my parents decided to play games with the kids. We had coconut passing, limborak, and bring me. Everyone was game for it and they enjoyed even the lolas! And after the games, we treated them with dirty ice cream from lolo. We wanted to help him sell his ice cream too.

Day 3 (Dec 24, 2015)
Day three in Mati, we're going back one last time for this trip. (We're leaving that afternoon) My mom decided to buy 4 dozens of eggs to be boiled, peanut butter, loaves of bread and a few cans of sardines. We passed by just before we left to give them a little something for their Noche Buena. I wish we could stay longer for their major boodle fest of the year. Aldrin told us that they are very excited for Christmas because they serve 4 surfboards of food instead of their usual 2 surfboards of boodle meal.

We weren't planning on surfing again today, we came just to drop off the food for the kids. Plus, ken has severe muscle pain! But the wave Gods are calling us one last time to surf, according to Aldrin, the waves are super perfect for us to surf. So we did not miss the chance and catch some waves before we leave. Today we rented 3 boards. The 3 of us can now balance and surf altogether! It was super fun! Aldrin (ken's guide), told ken not to worry about his muscle pain, it will go away when you are enjoying! HAHA! Kidding! It will go away once your in the water. And it magically did!!

It was sad that our trip had to end so soon! 3 days is not enough! I will definitely come back!

If ever anyone is coming to Davao, come contact me! I'll be very happy to join you go surfing in Davao Oriental! It's around 3-4hrs away from Davao City. The best time to come for surfing is from November to February, when the waves are very big. Also, they said March to April is whale watching season. I would love to experience that too!

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