Ampersand Restaurant

G/F Banilad Town Center, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu

Ampersand Restaurant
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Anthony M.
3.0 Stars

Another Tequila Sunrise 155 PHP at another restaurant, more bar .... the House wine 127863 was 200 PHP
The bar had a nice atmosphere , with great service & friendly staff
However the singers playing outside on the G/F patio was out of tune , so we only stayed for one drink round

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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

Went to this place last night and had a blast! Food was great and the ambiance was so chill. The DJ was playing good music too!

Tried their Truffle pizza and Cosmopolitan and my tastebuds were estatic!

A must visit when you are in Cebu!

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

After that awful dinner in 10 Dove Street, I wanted to redeem myself in my recommendation to my guest of what's good in Cebu. Since we were already in Mandaue, and my friend just wanted a drink to cap the night off, I led him to Banilad Town Center. At least here, there were a number of choice places to chill whether for a bottle of beer, or a cocktail, or even coffee. We went around the whole plaza first before I let him choose the place and we decided on Ampersand. 128568 This was such a wise choice, and my guest was very pleased actually.

The place was so chill and hipster and I loved it. They had a show kitchen for the food they cook and huge bar with a very nice display as well. We sat right by the window and I must say their chairs are quite comfy! 128077🏼 My guest liked the place too. (PHEW!)

They had such a wide drink list and I wanted to try all of them, but I just asked the waiter for recommendations. He immediately asked me, "what kind of drink do you want? 1.) the kind that is selling because of taste or 2.) the kind that is selling because of the sulit amount of booze? I frankly wanted both, and I wanted my money's worth. 128569 I told him "I want the kind that's good, but for one glass I'd get buzzed even just for a bit." 128568 The waiter suggested "The Old Fashioned", so I went for it.

The Old Fashioned was basically Bourbon on the rocks with a twist. 128569 Boy, was this drink strong! I think they added sugar syrup there because it tasted sweeter than expected. I liked this drink though, because it did exactly as I was looking for in a night cap. 128569

But then napasarap ang kwentuhan so I wanted another glass, but this time I wanted to try a different cocktail. I got intrigued with their "Cebu Sour" because it had Mango juice and lime juice. One of my favorite cocktails is the Amaretto Sour, so I was interested how they'd go about this. I went for this and it was delicious! It was tangy and citrusy and with just the right sweetness that the taste of the alcohol was still there. I really liked this drink! 128571

I would've loved getting another glass, or even getting drunk here, but I had to work the next day so I had to stop. 128569 My friend and I had so much fun. He even said, "had I known about this place earlier, I would've come here a lot." 128568 I'm just happy I got to bring my fellow Manileño to a nice place here in Cebu before leaving. 128569

I'd definitely come back to try more from their bar. 128571

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Romeo Gian Vincent U.
4.0 Stars

The rich interiors of this European restaurant deserves a resounding applause from the bar to the cr. Hehe. The food was just right,their caesar and salmon salad was heavenly and for me this place serves the best Beef Salpicao in Cebu. The tenderness of the beef really won me over. The seafood paella was easily scrumptious. A must try for everyone!

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Odessa K.
5.0 Stars

Tried out this new European and an influence of Germanic Feel restaurant in BTC called &, (a lot of good stuff happening around Cebu lately). 128521128536

Interiors 127775127775127775127775
Huge furniture! (For European Standard I guess.) So this probably means they cater the foreign crowd of Cebu. I literally sank to their leather apolster. 128522

Crowd 127775127775127775
I like how people don't mind other people taking photos of food or the surroundings. It gets awkward sometimes if you want to take |ooloo worthy photos or get a photogenic angle of your plate but can't cause you see people staring at you. Here is a different projection. 128247

Service 127775127775127775127775127775
Awesome. Maybe because it's difficult to attract new customers and since it was a first walk in, they were all good. Or maybe they're just the way they are, 128521 atleast a feel good reason for coming back.

Food 128076127837128077127775127775127775127775
Can't really summarize on behalf of the entire menu (lol!) since it's a first time, but the dishes that we had left a good impression so it's definitely worth exploring for more on the next visit; Had Green Salad and Seafood Carbonara, and of course warm Calamansi. Probably the best green salad my friend ever tasted and mind you she's not a salad person so she's a convert by now.

Price 127775127775127775127775128075
Seafood Carbonara at 390php and Salad at 290php 127878Plating and Size directly proportional to the price so it's fine.

Didn't get to try their Dessert Corner but will check next time (thus a reminder photo) Christmas is around the corner so gotta leave some extra inches for the days to come 128513


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