Amsterdam Dutch Coffee

A&E Bldg., 1671 Dapitan St. cor. Ma. Cristina St., Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila

Amsterdam Dutch Coffee
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Reopens Sun: 10:00a - 2:00a


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Most Recent Reviews

Bernadette T.
5.0 Stars

Here comes the Matcha! Love how they presented their Matcha Latte. It's perfect for the cold weather. The place too is relaxing.

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Major throwback!

Went back to the UST area last night for a throwback food trip with a friend... So much fun and so many memories! We went back to our favorite places to eat and hang out at back in the day... Some were already closed, while some stayed the same... We also went back to my old dorm and we were surprised to find a new cafe and a Mini Stop that took the place of a bank.... Where was this (and all the new coffee shops) when we were students?!128553

The place was packed with students on an early Tuesday night... So we just ordered frappes to go... I was set to order the matcha ice blended beverage, but the Thai Tea (with pumpkin?) frappe got me curious at the last minute...

I did not really taste the pumpkin flavor as promised... It was basically sweet on sweet... I had to add water to the drink but even then, it was still too sweet... Did not taste my friends' hot coffee anymore, because I thought she was crazy to order something hot with this kind of weather... She did find it sweet as well... I think it's a coffee shop targeted towards the younger crowd, hence the ultra sweetness of their beverages... No soy option here either!

But despite that, I appreciated that they were open until early morning for all the students in need of a caffeine fix to keep them up all night... Staff were pretty understanding (and expects it actually) about all the students. Yey!!! They really need a safe place to study and I'm glad that they don't need to go all the way to Morato anymore!128522

Sorry for the crappy pic taken in haste

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Back to school after new year.... Not!
How about back to work.. And back to exploring thanks to looloo.

So this amsterdam dutch coffee near me alma mater UST.. Hmm... Quite far from work pero i see some interesting things. See IG account for pics.
128204matcha latte
My first matcha latte with latte art.. Starbs cannot do this for me. I find the milk part very sweet but during the last few sips, it starts to get concentrated. Barista john did the latte art
128204grilled cheese sandwich
128517... The best emoji to show.
For 150 one “long-life” thick “tasty” (those are brands... Ndi man lamang ginawang gardenia) bread covered with garlic butter with a thick cheese and mayo inside... Really?! Really?!
128204black forest latte (featured)
Round 2!
Sweet syrup. Normally has 1 and 1/2 pump of syrup but i asked for just 1. 1 shot espresso. Still sweet. I can say for students.. Coffee standard meh.. Art by barista john again
The place is good for tambay.. I therefore brand this as sweet cafe. Not fir the so serious coffee lovers. 128075128513
Because they have a very good wifi..
Because the barista is skilled enough..
3 it is! Not so hot not so cold.. Christmas songs still being played.. At first it was just light jazz.. Then...128530
No parking space here.. Just the sidewalks. good thing i'm the only one who drove here... Open till 2am.. I guess this is for study place for people of dorms

Pay first before enjoy your drinks/snacks.

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Chloe F.
5.0 Stars

I prefer this to be called a study hall. I thank Amsterdam for being a huge help on my finals week. Students go here to study and their Matcha Latte's by far the best I've had. Their pasta is one of the few ones I approve of. This place can almost pass for my second home.

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

This is a promising coffee shop I've recently discovered. Woot woot! It's time I explore more places near the condo. This is what they say 'ang layo ng tingin, marami palang nasa malapit lang'. Pwedeng pagibig, pwede ring pagkain. Haha! Okay tama na.

I walked three blocks from Espana Blvd to get to the shop. Quite a long walk so I would suggest you ride a cab if you don't walk a lot... Good this the weather was very cooperative that afternoon.

Why did I go there? I have to cram another lecture for Wednesday. End of story. Such a crammer of me, I know. 128170🏻 that's just how i (sushi) roll. 128541

A little bit dim inside but light was enough for everyone to read their transes or books. I felt like I blended with the UST studs in the cafe. Quite small place and only one table was not occupied, lucky me! Fairly conducive for studying really. Aircon was tolerable during my first two hours but it turned Antarctica when the sun started to set... I knew I should've brought my comfy | looloo hoooodie. walang halong biro, they're really comfy and sooffft! thanks guys!

Simple cafe. Basic tables and couches on the sides with cushioned chairs at the center. High tables and chair were also available at the far corner. Music played were Christmas and the usual coffee shop songs. Minimal clutter-y designs on the walls. Just some Amsterdam related frames.

Stayed there for 5-6 hours, making me able to accomplish reading a 60-page chapters from a book. 🤓🤓 stayed that long so first batch of order was the MATCHA LATTE which I really loved! Such a big cup of latte for around 150 bucks. Not bad! That big a cup would surely cost more in famous cafés. Not too sweet and a stronger hint of bitter matcha in it. Good mix of matcha and milk yo! 128077🏻 paired this with a slice of their OREO CHEESECAKE which I liked. Super fluffy mousse in terms of texture, not too sweet. Good cake! 128077🏻

After three hours of 🤓🤓 reading, I deserved a reward so I got their PESTO WITH GRILLED CHICKEN. Presyong pang-estudyante. The pasta was a bit overcooked and pesto tasted very ordinary. Not bad for the price of around 150 bucks! CAFE MOCHA to pair this meal was good. Such a big serving and nicely presented. I hate the aircon for making the drink cold really quick though. 128531

This is a good coffee shop I won't hesitate going back to. WiFi was really fast too! Because of my boredom, I tested the speed and it was 5MBPS. 128077🏻

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Maris A.
4.0 Stars

Good place to study! Not crowded and noisy. (Tip: bring a jacket)

Their coffee is not bad. Reasonable price and serving.

Try their quesadilla! 128077🏼

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Zai M.
5.0 Stars

I was searching for new cafes near UST and I'm glad that I found Amsterdam. I tried their matcha latte (Php130+) and turtle pie (Php150). Matcha latte was sooo good! It's the best matcha latte I've tried so far. The turtle pie was also delicious! Caramel, chocolate, nuts and cream blended perfectly. 128077🏻 The ambiance is good and conducive for studying. Not a student anymore tho 128514

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