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Kevin R.
4.0 Stars

A lot of people were queueing up at the store so it took a while before we got our takeaway order, which I listed below:

(Please keep in mind that the Andok's I visited is a takeaway joint, so the pictures I am using were taken after I returned home and plated up the order.)

Andok's Litson Manok (available in Super Half and Original Jumbo)

This chicken roasts on an automated spit over the coals until the skin browns and crisps up. One of the staff then takes the chicken off the spit, removes the bundle of lemongrass stuffing, and chops up the chicken, putting the pieces in a plastic bag lined with banana leaves.

Even after bringing the chicken home and waiting for almost thirty minutes before eating, the chicken is still as juicy as ever. The lemongrass stuffing lends the meat an earthy, rich flavor. Even the breast has a lot of flavor to it, so everyone in the fanily is in competition to get each part. While the chicken does have a sauce with the order, I prefer just dipping the chicken in the drippings. The smoky flavor is one of the best parts of this dish.


Dokito Frito

This is what I like to order when I am eating alone; the Litson Manok is more of a family dish. The chicken skin is crunchy and the meat is also quite tender. The gravy that comes with it is light and not too thick, but it does lend a creamy, peppery flavor to the chicken. If I want some cheap fried chicken in a hurry, Dokito is the key.


Litson Bangus

I never ordered the bangus from Andok's before, so I got one for my family to try. The bangus is butterflied and stuffed with chopped tomatoes and onions. The meat is white, and a bit sour and juicy thanks to the tomatoes. Be warned of the tiny spiny bones hiding within, though.

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