Angel Treats

Boxpark, 73 Blk. 2 Lot 28 Congressional Ave. Ext., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Angel Treats
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Kara G.
5.0 Stars

I'm a fan of tuyo and fried egg with sinangag for breakfast and having this yumminess in a bottle is going to make breakfast worth waking up early for. I wasn't ready for the malunggay sauce yet, but there's still a next time 128522

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Nins A.
3.0 Stars

The churros were freshly cooked 128077🏼 but I find their choco dip too thick and sweet. I prefer it to be more on the tablea/dark chocolate side. 9786

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April H.
4.0 Stars

After having dinner at Brewing Point last night, my friend and I crossed the street to the nearby Box Park... Plan was to have more dessert!128515 But it ended up as being what is akin to a second dinner instead!128517

I met the owner of Angel treats just last night. It actually started out as a hobby then became a small family business-- selling spicy tuyo, garlic flakes and malunggay salad dressing... Business flourished and this is now their first formal store...

It's the only place in the entire park which acts like a deli for they sell meat products for the customers to enjoy at home... They have several kinds of longganisa and tocino available, even beef and pork are being sold here... Their canned and pickled veggies are pretty good! FYI you can actually taste these at the store for free before commiting to buying... I like the pickled okra best, though they also offer pickled sayote and ampalaya... At P58 per bottle, I think it's a good option for Christmas! Their claim to fame is their spicy tuyo, but I really like their malunggay salad dressing... It has no preservatives and tastes like pesto! very healthy indeed!10084️ oh, and do try their sweet and spicy vinegar! It really has a kick to it!128516

If you do plan to dine in, try the beef estofado which is their bestseller according to the owner... For me, it's the salad dressing that I'm loving!128525

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