Angel's Bake & Coffeeshop

21st St., Angeles, Pampanga

Angel's Bake & Coffeeshop
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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

After lunch, our next stop was here at Angel's Bake and Coffeeshop. We were only supposed to look inside but because there was one empty table, alam na! 128518

My cousin already ate here before and they highly recommend this place for good and affordable meal. They tried the sausages and they liked it. We'll try that next time. Also the cheese and bagels!! 🤗


The place outside is not at all interesting. Para lang siyang minute burger/burger machine/angel's burger. Too simple and plain. If not looking properly, this can easily be missed. Plus I don't think anyone will ever notice this place and will ever even assume that they're selling sausages and pastries. Ganun siya kasimple.

The space is just small, I don't think it can fit more than 10 customers inside. Though they also have tables outside. Once you enter, you'll see a lot of foreigners. Which will instantly make you feel like you're abroad, inside a deli shop. It's like our medyo sosyal local panederia with the pastries displayed inside a glass cabinet BUT with a different "foreign" vibe.


Since we're still full from lunch and kind of sleepy, we ordered coffee and "some" dessert.

- Apple Crumble (75php)
- Apple Strudels (55php)
- Cherry Pie (70php)
- Brewed Coffee (with sugar cubes omg!!)

The apple strudels was just okay. I made a mistake of asking them to reheat it because the "crust" became soft and weird. The same with the apple crumble. Good thing, we have 2 orders. We hated the reheated version and liked the not reheated one. I think it's better fresh from the oven with the heat evenly distributed rather than the reheated version.

The Cherry Pie, however, was better warm. First time trying a cherry pie and I liked it. It was good! I heard this is a bestseller. It's not too sweet and the crust was just right - not too much/thick.

Overall, we had a good afternoon here. We enjoyed the pastries, the coffee was good. We had way too much fun adoring the sugar cubes! Haha. Service was good. Staffs are all warm and friendly. And the best part? All items are super extra affordable. As in, mura! 128077🏼

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