Annabel Lee Café

65 Timog Ave., Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Annabel Lee Café
3.5 Stars

6 Reviewers

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Open: 10:00a - 10:30p


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Most Recent Reviews

Pauie P.
3.0 Stars

Had to look for somewhere to stay while waiting for my family to arrive for dinner. So i stayed up here for some coffee. I was the only customer here and it feels weird. Their coffee was expensive than other coffee hub considering that they also have service charge.

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Fay Sam N.
4.0 Stars

great food !! and the best cheesecakes

  • No. of Comments: 2
Ina S.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

I had time to spend before a lunch meeting and I was getting hungry but I only wanted something light so I went to Annabel Lee's.

Back when I was still a stone's throw away from this area (literally one block away from timog and morato), I used to eat at Annabel's. i liked the steak. It wasn't at the pure goodness level of steak houses but it was decent with tender meat. This time around though, I only ordered the basil pesto pasta and the almond cheesecake. Annabel Lee has been around for decades by the way and they're known for their desserts 128077

I was supposed to get the blueberry cheesecake but it was already gone so i opted for the Almond. I liked it. The layers of sweetness and the creaminess and the saltiness fused together to create one good flavour. I guess that's why their cheesecakes are relatively known 128077

My pasta was quite direct to the point, no drama. I liked the taste, but the bread, no. They only used the typical loaf bread you'll find in your house.

For meals, maybe you're better off elsewhere most especially since the area is already slowly becoming a foodie's haven. But for cheesecakes, they can still compete. 128077

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

I don't know if me & hubby were just super duper hungry the time we tried the food here in Annabel Lee Cafe. But i guess i'll give some credit to them because i remember we just had Santi's sandwich at that time.

- cheesy, creamy and surprisingly delicious! Promise!! I think they used blue cheese pa ata.

- ooh lala! My hubby's fave! I guess i remember him saying 'sarap!' 128525

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Hazel M.
2.0 Stars

We had our late lunch here. It is quite a small place. My boyfriend ordered a stir fry, mango shake and i ordered fries,blueberry cheesecake.

Nothing special with the stir fry was 250 +; the fries was a bit toasted; For 150 pesos it was not worth it at all. Not ever!! The mango shake for 120 was okay because it is large. We had diff opinion in the blueberry cheesecake for 120 pesos for me it is not worth it. I had this weird tastebud that if it tastes like yakult < the drink> it is good. But my boyfriend said that it was okay and it really tastes like cream cheese.

Overall, i did not like the experience. They even charge 10% but they are not that "maasikaso" .

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