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Banawe Center, 238 Banawe Ave. cor. Panalturan St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Antojos Manila
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Most Recent Reviews

Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

Graduation Dinner for my sister hooray!!! Like a reunion actually with relatives from mother side.

Filipino cuisine
Kare-kare, pork sisig 128077🏻 spicy &salty not too oily, Parmesan crusted dory 128077🏻 melts in your mouth, sizzling tofu, gisinggising,antojos fried chicken,sinigang na ulo ng salmon deadly sour!!!

Good service128522 they deserve a tip:)

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Antojos is a new kid on the block. I did shrug it off as another run of the mill fusion resto that will fade away.

Impressions do change. The chef here got passion to cook whipping up delicious meals on familiar fare.

First time to try a paella with lechon kawali. The paella was made fresh and well. The burnt rice under the hot paellera was there and there was no scrimping on ingredients.

The pinakbet with bangus on pisto sauce was nicely done too. I loved too the deep fried halo halo, crisp crunchy one of the best Ive had, can be shared by two.

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

We went here tonight for family dinner. We ordered 1. Cheese beef kaldereta 2. Chocoloate crispy pork binangoonan. 3. Ulo ng salmon sa miso.

I personally like the chocolate crispy pork binangoonan but it gets a bit salty when you run out of rice, the crispiness blended with chocolate taste of pork and eggplant was perfect.

Ulo ng salmon sa miso was very rich in taste, despite the description that its good for 4 to 5 pax, i thinks its just good enough for max 3 to 4 person.

Cheese beef caldereta is okay, its their best seller.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

I like dining with friends during this season, it's a good time to recap and end the year with a cheerful and thankful heart. So i made sure that dinner service would be something special. Thanks for the recommendation i was reunited with a former classmate and now the owner of antojos--chef anton.

Dropping by just hours before the dinner service, was also like a short get together, I pre-ordered the dishes that we will be having. Chef anton also gave me his recommendations. Too bad some of his recommendations were not available. This resto in banawe opened March this year. Chef told me that their branch at san juan is permanently closed. Gwen I
128204Sizzling tofu
This crsipy tofu in sizzling plate just brought my palate into excitement as the very flavorful sauce blended into the toasted minced garlic!
128204Pork sisig
This is BDO's free plate for every 1000 peso purchase single receipt. This is pig's mask boiled and fried. I find this dish imbalanced in texture. Idk maybe i'm used to fatty sisig. This sisig i felt like i was eating more of.. Pig's cartilages?
128204Tinolang manok sa pakwan
The tinola is good. It's red in color, definitely i appreciated the watermelon taste. It makes the soup one notch sweeter.
128204128525Sinigang na baboy
Boy oh boy. I really like the sour taste. 9/10 sourness level! The pork is very tender.
128204128525Pinoy paella
Oh wow. Pinoy type of paella. How about Calamansi for your zinger and a lot of bagnet as your proteins? It's very tasty!
128204Creamy pinakbet pisto with bangus belly
So chef anton told me that pisto is spanish ratatouille--tomatoes, onions, eggplants, green and red bell peppers-- with creamy coconut milk and fried boneless bangus.
128204Green mango fried chicken
This is so much like a chicken katsu! With a sour as green mango sauce. Crispy breading. Thai in theme.
128204128525Chocolate pork Binagoongan (featured)
We just love this! The pork was just so tender! This is spiced with bagoong and a little hint of chocolate at first bite.. Kinda amazing how it blended all right!
128204Beef Kare-kare
This karekare is good. Thick and creamy peanut sauce with aptly cooked tender beef. Though i find it too oily. Mind me, no ox tails or tongues or tripes... Veggies to add a little color. This was served with three kinds of bagoong: sweet, spicy, and chocolate.
128204Antojos thermidor
Thermidor?! Isn't this french? Well.. Yeah, chef made it filipino cuisine. He used shrimp instead. The dish looks like a pity. Chef could do it better on a sugpo or something 128517
It tasted like carbo more than protein for me. Something to work on as well
128204Pinatuying Paksiw ng tiyan ng bangus
This. Is. It. Paksiw to the very maximum level. If the sinigang a while ago was 9, i'm gonna give this a 13/10 sourness level! It does make a scratch on your throat. Really advisable to have ordered rice.. On the positive note, this dish could be an umay-negator. If the other dishes are already cloying, try to sip on this one and immediately it shall dissipate any cloying taste. The bangus (milkfish) belly was also good. Super vinegar.
128204128525Tsokonut turon
Love. Liquified (almost) jackfruit and banana with red mung beans infused with chocolate and nutty taste all wrapped in a triangular shanghai wrapper with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Very sweet but not cloying.
128204Deep fried halo halo
Wow. How can halo halo be deepfried? Simple. Gather all ingredients and wrap inside a shanghai wrapper. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a scoop of ube ice cream. This tasted like halo halo. (of course) 100% less ice.

In my opinion, the taste of the dishes inclined more on the stronger side, so do not forget to order plain rice. The ambiance is somewhat cold. We felt that the whole place was reserved to us. The price could really improve. The restroom is oddly situated near the reception counter.

Overall i highly liked (means a high 4!) my experience. And this should cause me to recommend it to others as well.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Had a dinner here last night and was surprised that news haven't spread how good their filipino dishes are. Antojos Manila is the 2nd restaurant of the famous Chef Anton Amoncio. He is the frequent guest of GMA morning show Unang Hirit. His first resto is in little baguio san juan which also has a great review. I first heard of this place from the show pop talk when they tagged this as PopTalk Paborito of 2015.
The place is near King Chef in banawe. The street is not a common place for resto but this new building is pack with great resto waiting to be discover. The interior was high ceiling with green brick wall. The barong and barot saya hanging on one side of the wall bring the filipinoness to the place. Displayed hanging on the wall are some pics of famous celebrity who have visited the place.
For the food here is what we tried.
🔹Tinolang Manok sa Pakwan-this is one of my fave the soup was full of flavor and love the malunggay leaf. This is the kind of soup that is a good kickstart to a great meal. The pakwan didn't add any flavor to it but just maybe made the soup redish.
🔹Paella Filipino-This was also good. It was indeed a filipino version calamansi, egg, lechon kawali and aligue. The combination was very tasty and the aligue was really a difference maker.
🔹Cheesy Beef Kaldereta-One their best seller. At first it looked like lengua. But the thin sliced veggies and the very soft beef covered by the cheesy tomato sauce was really good.
🔹Chocolate Pork Binagoongan-This is one is really interesting. The classic pork binagoongan mixed with tablea. The outcome was good a little bit with a hint of sweetness of the chocolate. This is an instant hit for me.
🔹Deep Fried HaloHalo-Another experiment of an old classic filipino dish. This one had the halo-halo wrap in a lumpia wrap. And serve with vanilla and ube icecream. This one is good but the lumpia wrap halo halo was a little tough.

Overall this is one of the best newest addition to the ling list of filipino resto. They were able to successfully reinvent old classic dishes. Hope to try more of their other dishes especially the crispy pata.128518128076

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Foxfire C.
5.0 Stars

Celebrated mom's birthday at Antojos. Was our first time and all I can say is wow.
We ordered Parmesan Crusted Dory (my favorite), Chocolate Binagoongan, Pakbet with Bangus Belly, Crispy Pata (and might I say it melts in your mouth), sisig, and Vigan Longanisa Pasta Alfredo. They're all yummy and the price is reasonable too. Burp!
We couldn't get to dessert...too full!

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Gerald G.
4.0 Stars

Took my kids here for dinner the other night and we ended up really liking their food.

We ordered the Chocolate Pork Binagoongan, Tortang Talong and the Tilapia. The Chocolate Pork Binagoongan was extraordinary! The talong and tilapia were fairly decent as well.

Service was also very good. All in all, a very satisfactory experience.

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Jenn L.
4.0 Stars

Very tasty Filipino Food ! I love their Binagoongang baboy with Tsokolate ( fantastic ! ) Cheesy Kalderetq, and Lengua. I must say we have to get back to try other dish on the menu. Very impressive !

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Raul C.
4.0 Stars

IT Was ON a rainy Tuesday night when we visited this place at the near Northern end OF Banawe ST. We ordered their Lengua Estofado, Rack Ribs And Paella Valenciana.

First, parking! Be early or be three before 8:30 p.m. Otherwise parking IS nonexistent. Second, although there are ample seats, some Companies sometimes have their party, product presentations and other relevant business activities there. ( this visit was actually a third attempt) it is best to call them first
Third, if you want a paella, please preorder it. Paella takes almost an hour to prepare!

The food

Lengua was just ok. No fireworks exploded. But good enough to say it has quality!

Rack ribs.... A little dry for me

Paella valenciana... It is good, well worth the wait. I liked the burnt side. Not too heavy like those made at other restos. A bit dry maybe

Returning? Maybe, but I want to explore other options in their menu. 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼🇵🇭

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Mar L.
5.0 Stars

The first time I tried Antojos was when they were still in San Juan. My friends and I enjoyed their fused Filipino dishes. Upon learning that they've moved to Banawe street in Quezon City, we thought of trekking to that side of town and all I can say is ..... It's all worth it! Place was easy to find.

For starters, we ordered mussels in white wine cream sauce. The sauce was so good that we made this appetizer one of our main dishes to go with rice.

For the mains, we had Crispy Chocolate Pork Binagoongan.... Grabe! Ang sarap! The mix of chocolate in alamang sauce unexpectedly perfect! This, I think is a new dish introduced in their new Banawe location. We also have Green Mango Fried Chicken, Bourbon Baby Back Ribs, and Tortang Talong.

My barkada didn't want to leave without having dessert. We all just love to eat, hehe. We had Mango Semifreddo and Choconut Turon ... Very pleasing for our sweet tooth.

Good decision for us to check out new site of Antojos Manila. Food still good! We weren't able to try though their bestseller Cheesy Beef Kaldereta as we were all so full already. We'll definitely go back for this soon! Btw, we all love the bright restaurant ambience. The walls somehow gives a unique "outdoor" feel.

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Candid Cuisine C.
4.0 Stars

Another underrated restaurant that needs to be in your list. Loved their crispy bicol express 128076🏻

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Jeanette R.
4.0 Stars

Sisig Pizza..Who would have thought that sisig is just served on a sizzling plate? There you go sisig on a pizza crust! A must try @antojosmanila..definitely worth eating and trying...some of the all time favorites is their cheesy beef caldereta and sisig aligue and their garlic rice...there's a lot more to discover about their food so go now and get to experience the plus plus get to take a picture with one of the cutest and youngest chef they have..128077

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