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4/F Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Any Any
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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Really liked it! The roti and the curry it came with was so good. It wasn't your regular coconut curry too. They used different spices here that what we get from the usual Asian places.

Thanks Eboy D. for sharing your food 128522

Thanks for the GCs | and Hole in the Wall! #Halloolooween

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

At first, I didn’t know that Any Any was instigated by the same team behind Your Local and Hey Handsome. The familiar flavor combination and presentation reminded me of Hey Handsome and I confirmed it with one of their staff.

I ordered Beef Nasi Lemak because it’s one of my so many favorite Malay dishes. I love beef rendang and the cook on the meat was really tender. The curry wasn’t too bold but some slices of cucumber gave it a fresh hint. No umay moments. The serving size was a surprise to me. My dad tried the Chicken Nasi Lemak and it’s a generous portion. Yung manok parang dinosaur. Laki ng hita 128514

I also tried the cheese roti prata with curry sauce. It’s really good but I suggest to share this with someone. My dad and Ishared it but still didn’t get to finish.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Any Any is another Hole in the Wall find that's worthy of the attention. With its sister restaurants gaining recognition not only over the country, but the entire world as well, Any Any seems to be going in the same direction, but not without the ridiculously high expectations to impress.

I've tried Hey Handsome's Nasi Lemak. It was my favorite from the restaurant, which is why I was head over heels when I learned that a more affordable one from the same chef is within my reach.

|Nasi Lemak with Catfish P365
The nasi lemak with catfish was what I had on my visit, and an order had an overwhelming amount of toppings, including an egg with spicy sauce, nuts, dried anchovies, and cucumbers. I know this is how a traditional nasi lemak is served, but I had a hard time appreciating everything altogether. I also found the rice a bit drier than expected. The catfish was a great combo to the rice because of its crispy and sweet exterior.

It is absolutely foolish of me to compare Any Any's nasi lemak to Hey Handsome's. The huge difference in the price point should've been my first clue on what to expect. However, I have to admit that the dish still managed to impress. Given the price, the taste, and the serving size, Any Any's nasi lemak sure is a bargain.

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

I was finally able to convince myself to move away from The Beef and finally try something new. I’m a huge fan of Chef Nicco’s Hey Handsome so I know Any Any will be just as impressive. It’s just that it’s hard to pull myself away from burgers and fries haha.

If you’re new to this type of cuisine, but you love Filipino food, I urge you to try it. It looks very different but trust me, you’ll be surprised.

I tried their Beef Nasi Lemak. And oh my word. Why did I wait this long to try this?!?!?!! And take note, I’m not even a fan of curry!

I can’t believe I’m using this phrase but seriously, there was a “symphony of flavors.” I was telling my aunt when I tried this that when I say I’m looking for a flavorful meal - this is exactly what I’m looking for.

So it’s this beef curry dish with super tender meat, flavorful curry sauce with rice that’s surrounded by dilis, peanuts, and this fried boiled egg with what tastes like bagoong. It’s topped with cucumber but ignore that part lol. It has this right amount of kick also that doesn’t give me problems when I get home hehehe ifyaknowwhatImean.

From the different flavors to the different textures, I was left SUPER satisfied. It’s been a long time since a meal has made me nod my head multiple times while eating. I’ve gotten this meal about 3 times now after trying it and I always leave happy. Like legit, this meal makes me happy.

I think it’s safe to say The Beef has now been dethroned. Haha. I expect to eat here each time I visit HITW now.

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

Haven't been to Hole in the Wall for the longest time and seeing that ol' favorites closed shop made me feel a little sad. Any Any replaced the Chinese counter. Tried the following during my visit:

Nasi Lemak with Chicken - or should it be Chicken with Nasi Lemak. This can be shared by two if your ordering from the other stalls but can feed one hungry person. The chicken although my dreaded leg part was very moist and tender. The flavors seeped in nicely right through the bone. The rice, dilis and egg was a great match too. With a slight heat this was downed with a glass of cold water. Delicious!

Roti with Curry - slightly chewy with a crunchy edge. Dip it in the grainy curry for some spice.

Must try at HITW. Both meals will set you back at least 550pesos.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I got invited to the first ever Halloolooween Party and I made sure to be there, even as I suddenly had to fly out to Cebu for work. Hahahaha 128569 I changed the flight booked by my company for me so I can stay for the |ooloo event. This meant I had to run right after the party to take the red-eye flight and be able to make it on time where I was required to work. Because |ooloo > work hahahaha 1285699996🏼 Talk about priorities. Fortunately, it all worked out perfectly, especially on the timing. 10084

Anyway, the |ooloo crew was able to arrange quite a package with Hole in the Wall for us, so kudos and thank you guys! For our semi-private function, we only needed to pay PHP 300 and we got entitled to PHP 500 worth of food in one of the establishments in HITW, plus it includes a portion of the food plaza to be cordoned off just for us. Note that the place was still operational for other guests, but we were given an exclusive area, just enough space for our activities. 128571

The full amount of the voucher of PHP 500 must be completely consumed in one establishment only. I decided to use mine in Any Any, since I still haven’t tried the food there. I’ve read varied reviews on the fairly new food stall, so this was a fitting first time to try it out. 128568

1.) Nasi Lemak with Chicken
This rice dish was as delicious as it was stunning! One bite brought me back to Singapore. The chicken was nice and crispy, seasoned very well and flavored to pair well with the Nasi Lemak. All the rice toppings worked prefectly well when all mixed together. I absolutey loved it! The portion size was quite large too! 128571

2.) Cheese Roti Prata
This was so deicious too! Again it reminded me of SG as I stayed in a hostel in Little India, and I got used to dropping by the nearest Indian eatery and having some Roti Prata. Theirs was absolutely delicious and had a wonderful texture to it. I liked the balance of flavors with the cheese and the soft and slightly toasted pastry. 128568

I forgot how much each item was, but I was glad I only had to shell out at extra PHP 46 for the big meal. Definitely sulit! I’ll definitely have another go when I’m in HITW! 10084

Thank you again, Peanut D, Roegan T and Pam L! It’s always a great time with fellow |oolooers! 128568 I must say, I have met some of the best people through this app, truly foodies make for the best kinds of friends to hang out with! And I was absolutely thrilled to come as my favorite cartoon, Snoopy! Thank you to awesome reviewers who shared their photos too. Till the next one! 128571


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Phantasm D.
4.0 Stars

Tried out Hole in the Wall's new stall, Any Any, with my friends. Sharing about the good treats they have to offer.

Roti Prata with Curry. Roti prata is a fried flatbread cooked over a flat grill. You may order a plain roti prata or with additional sides/toppings/dips such as curry, sweet milk, cheese, onion, beef, mackerel, crab, banana, or caramel.

Roti prata with Cheese and Curry. Roti Prata with Caramel. The combination of roti prata with cheese and curry is a good combination. There's a good mix of flavors from its buttery taste and the spice of the curry. I think it works well as an afternoon snack. The roti prata with caramel, however, is so good, and I find it as a good dessert. It could get a bit sticky and difficult to slice, though, once it cools down.

Nasi Lemak with Catfish, Prawn, and Luncheon Meat. Nasi lemak is a Malay rice dish cooked in coconut milk. You can order a plain nasi lemak which is served with curry and egg or you can go make it more exciting by adding any of the following toppings: beef, catfish, prawn, chicken, luncheon meat. We went a little adventurous on this and I must say, the catfish is really good.

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang and Fried Chicken. There is spice already coming from the curry and the beef rendang takes it to another level. It's spicy yet rich in flavor.

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Livid G.
5.0 Stars

Beef rendang and cheese rotti are winner combos.

A lot of textures and flavors on the rendang so you won't be disappointed if you love diversity.

And Ang saya sa hole in the wall kasi Maya Maya may nagseserve ng tubig na libre :)

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Roti Prata was good. You can have it sweet or savory. Sauce sold separately.

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

Any Any. Nope, that is not a typo error nor an early manifestation of OCD. This is the newest concept stall at HITW. Tasteless and Lowbrow is known for their quirky and innovative establishments and judging from the name itself, i am guessing my tastebuds are in for a rollercoaster ride.

Before i bore you with my excessive use of adjectives, let me humor you with my own interpretation of the usage of the most common literary device. Why Any Any? Well, i guess they are paying homage to the indecisive characteristic of Filipinos when picking a restaurant.

Q: Where do you want to eat?
A: Kahit saan

Q: What do you want to eat?
A: Kahit ano

I am pretty sure that everyone has said those phrases at least ten times in their lifetime.

The name can be associated with Chef Nicco Santos' innovative ideas when it comes to cooking. He can use "any" ingredient and turn it into something magical (think Torched Salmon Donburi)

Any Any currently has two items on their menu:

| Nasi Lemak (Php 170)
| Roti Prata (Php 120)

Prices listed above are not inclusive of add-ons.

Nasi Lemak is the national dish of Malaysia. It is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan. This is a staple on the Malay breakfast table. The traditional version is commonly served with sambal, fried anchovies (ikan bilis), boiled egg, peanuts and protein (chicken or beef rendang, sambal fish or squid, squid fritters, fried chicken or fish).

Chicken and beef is too safe so i went with Catfish (eeeekkk - this is the first time i am trying catfish 128514).

Catfish Nasi Lemak (Php 381 inclusive of VAT and service charge). Isn't she lovely? I swear i heard Stevie Wonder singing in my head when i first laid eyes on the plate. Yup, the plate is IG worthy, it will make you hear voices. Suffice to say that calling it photogenic is an understatement of the year.

As for the taste, well.....I was a lil underwhelmed as i was expecting to be wowed. Don't get me wrong, Any Any got the basics covered:

The rice is flavorful. There is a subtle hint of lemon grass and i taste the pandan x coconut milk. And oh, they now how to cook rice properly. I am sure that Aling Crising would give her nod of approval. The ikan bilis and peanuts takes cake of the crunch element.

The egg is mediocre. Yes, there is an egg hidden in there. They used some kind of batter for coating and they deep fried it after. I hate to say this but how does this differ from kwek-kwek?

The sambal doesn't have an iota of spice in it (dragon lady cries silently). I am not a sambal expert but as far as i know this condiment is made of chillies. Without spice, this is just a beautiful dish with mediocre flavor. Oh, the catfish ain't as bad as I imagined (sorry, i cant remove the image of the live one in my head). They cooked it in such a way that all the "lansa" evaporated into thin air. I give them mad props for their catfish cooking prowess.

It breaks my heart to give Any Any three stars but i cant help it. I wasn't wowed. I've been to Your Local and Hey Handsome so i was expecting to be blown away.

Would i recommend it? Yes, if you want to dabble into the unfamiliar. And i want to read another insightful and truthful review about the Nasi Lemak.

Would I come back? Yes, i want to try the Roti Prata (savory and sweet variants)

Peace Out!

~ Reich

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