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8 Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

Anytime Fitness
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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

On to the 3rd branch of anytime fitness visit here at greenhills. There are a few things to remember when checking in a new gym branch.
1. Always check if you are accessing the right door. There are two doors for some AF branches. One for members and one for visitors. I was actually accessing my keyfob at the doorbell of the visitors entrance until someone from the inside pointed me the correct door. I kinda was embarrassed.
2. Always check where the equipments or facility you wish to use are located. This branch is weird. It has its CR separate from the gym area. So you have to bring with you your keyfob everytime you go to the CR

128204 equipments
Generally, this is a larger area than my home gym at congressional, so basically there are more equipments here. There are a LOT of cable wire where you can do more kinds of press. The dumbbells have AF logo which makes this better than hemady's manong gym dumbbells. Treadmills were modern unlike hemady's

128204Water dispenser
Compared to hemady and congressional, this one is in between when you talk about modernization. It's quite inconvenient though in this branch because you cannot see the nozzle where your water would come out. I did kinda spill some water

Very good if planning at a weekend night. There's a FREE basement parking for all MISSOURI 8 guests. Much like the same as congressional's and hemady. Thiugh this basement parking is narrow. Long cars beware. 2.1M headroom

128204power outlet and wifi
Unlike congressional, wifi here is password protected. Ask for it nlng. Too bad the staff were already out during my visit and am shy to ask for the password from fellow gym people. I don't talk/mingle a lot kasi when i go to gym. Lol. It's weird that in this branch, there's a stray power outlet near the treadmill. Tripping precaution

Good. A lot bigger than congressional. Maybe 4x bigger? And unlike the old fashion hemady na walang class-room

128204general area
Very big. Especially the stretching section. They also have a punching bag here. The waiting area is cozier here. A lot of Places to eat after work out!!! Especially SALAD STOP. That is why super plus points!!
Locker room is bigger and newer and sossy compared to hemady and congressional.

I already told you that it is separate from the main gym. Too much inconvenience if you have urinary frequency you know... Good they have 5 rooms. 3 unisex, 1 male and 1 female. 2 change rooms.

Guess what? This almost won my first place but then the CR is just a letdown.
1. Congressional
2. Greenhills
3. Hemady

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Maureen L.
4.0 Stars

Went with a friend as a guest and enjoyed it. They have great hi-tech machines and even if there were many people at the time we were there, there was little or no waiting time. Though it was a bit weird that you still have to go out of the gym area to go to the shower area.

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