Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro

domicillo Tagaytay, Km. 58 Tagaytay Rd., Tagaytay, Cavite

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro
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Most Recent Reviews

Pachie S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Antonio Lorenzo Q.
5.0 Stars

Apart from Bulalo places and cafes, this resto along the scenic Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway is one great alternative to those craving for authentic Japanese while in Tagaytay. Sumptuous choices ranging from staple sashimi platters to tempura baskets are freshly made while one relaxes in their modern zen-inspired building. To top it off, this place has an excellent view deck for those who want to see Taal Lake sans the usual crowdedness in Tagaytay.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Aozora means blue sky and its apt with a scenic view of Taal Volcano. It’s located on the far area of Tagaytay and sits in Domicillo Design Hotel. Parking is available and they have guys to assist you.

We ordered the usual Japanese favorites and they were presented as expected. It’s a place for your traditional picks and they did not disappoint. They did took time serving gohan. Without it, we couldn’t eat. So Filipino.

Ebi Tempura was quite greasy. It was drenched in oil but its shrimps were quite big and tasty even without its sauce. Chicken Teriyaki was a bit flat in taste and could use more teriyaki presence to it. Gyoza was delicious but wasn’t packed inside and you’ll feel shortchanged.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

It's always a must that Ony and I go out at least once whenever we're staying here in Tagaytay. I originally wanted to visit Cafe Viola but traffic was insane that when I saw that there was a parking space available, I asked Ony to just park here. I usually see this place full so the free parking space must be a sign. 128521128521

Our orders: TUNA AVOCADO SALAD (290) for me and KATSUDON (290) for Ony.

While waiting we were each given a small plate of crispy dilis and then we asked for hot tea. The crispy dilis was good and addicting. I should have asked for more! 128517128518

Service was pretty fast as we didn't have to wait that long. 128077🏼

TUNA AVOCADO SALAD. At first, I was worried that this is too small for 290 pesos and that it wouldn't be enough to make me full. While eating, I am also looking for additional dishes we can order but halfway done w this one, I was already full. 128563 Nakakapanglinlang lang sa una but serving size's pretty big. In terms of the taste, THIS WAS SO GOOD!! How can you go wrong with fresh tuna + avocado + wasabi mayo dressing??? Ang sarap!! Kinda spicy but tolerable. A must order especially if you're a tuna and avocado fan. PROMISE MASARAP!!! 128525128525

KATSUDON. This was also good! The meat was tender and not salty, breading was not too thick, they used Japanese rice, this was topped w a generous amount of egg and onions. Not bad for 290 pesos since this can be shared by 2 not so hungry people given that they still have at least 1 other order.

SERVICE was excellent. Servers were friendly and approachable. They were also very nice in answering our questions (+ even random nonsense questions like "Ate, gwapo ba si Erwan?" 128541128517). As mentioned above, service was fast. And oh, one server saw me taking photos and even helped me arranged the table. 128077🏼

PLACE was beautiful. The place is divided into 3 floors -- La Finca, Aozora, and the hotel. It's quiet and peaceful here. When we entered the building we can't help but say "ZEN!" 128514 It's so Japanese-y, so nature-y, and so calming. The design and feels of the place is so simple and elegant. Gray cement walls, glass walls, plants almost everywhere, and the best part... a nice perfect view of Taal. They have sofas outside where you can just chill and relax. 128076🏼

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

My siblings and I have been planning to go to Tagaytay two weeks ago to bond over food. However, since my brother had some matter to attend to in the morning, we were able to leave our house at 1:45pm.

We were supposed to eat at another restaurant somewhere in Crosswinds, but since we left late, traffic was already bad. We avoided traffic through the help of waze, and my brother asked for restaurant options to choose from. We were able to come up with Aozora mainly because it was the closest one from the road where we exited.

127744Salmon Sashimi P290
7 salmon sashimi slices. I am not a fan of sashimi, but I still gave this a shot and it was okay. Don’t take my word for it for I am not an expert on this, but my basis on liking it was that I was able to swallow the sashimi without almost throwing up.

127744Aozora Fried Rice P250 (good for two)
My brother liked their fried rice a lot. He ate this together with the tonkatsu and ebi fry. Although the menu says it is good for two, my brother was able to finish the whole plate without our help. But to me, it was just fine. It was tasty, with all those diced veggies and probably some soy sauce giving the rice just enough flavor.

127744Gyu Don P320
Serving for the gyu don was huge, both for the rice and the beef. Taste-wise, it tasted like a normal gyudon.

127744Tonkatsu P290
Their tonkatsu came with some side salad instead of rice. It was good enough. The breading was crispy and wasn’t too thick. The meat itself was thinner than usual, but it wasn’t dry and hard.

127744Aozora Ramen P320
Their ramen is bulalo-inspired, which is a must-order dish when in Tagaytay. This ramen practically tasted like Mami because of the fact that it is loaded with garlic. Another notable thing about this dish was the tenderness of the beef. Aside from this, I found nothing special about this ramen. Serving was okay. The four of us shared this ramen, although I think an order of this is sufficient for one person.

127744Ebi Fry 5 pcs P390
Another typical, classic tasting Japanese dish from their menu is their tempura. I liked that it was crispy, light and not too oily.

127744Chicken Karaage Curry
Three pieces of chicken karaage on top of their curry sauce. The dish comes with a cup of rice and some side salad. I liked how the karaage tasted, although the breading easily peels off of the chicken. The sauce wasn’t spicy, but the curry was evident. What I was able to appreciate from this was their salad. I loved how the greens tasted fresh, with just the right amount of dressing.

Well, to some up on the food, I think that Aozora’s food has nothing really special to offer compared to other traditional Japanese restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, their food is GOOD, I just didn’t find any WOW factor. However, it is important to note that what we enjoyed about Aozora more than the food is the view. You won’t be able to eat overlooking Taal, but the architecture of the place makes you have a great look at it. It’s beyond beautiful. That, plus the cold weather, was an experience worth the drive.

Aozora is located on the second floor (“roofdeck”) of Domicilio Hotel.

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Job L.
5.0 Stars

°The place is just along the main road of Tagaytay, so it's easy to find.
°There's also a parking available for their customers and it's more convenient if you have a car.
°The waiters are accommodating, even the parking guy.
°I'am satisfied with the taste of their food, the price of dishes were all worth it. :)
°And most of all, they have a great view of Taal. :)

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Jackie M.
5.0 Stars

I wouldn't hesitate giving this place a 511088

Why not! It is tucked in Tagaytay and has this al fresco area with a very stunning and refreshing view that alone is worth the drive.
But of course I wouldn't leave you at that with your stomach grumbling with hunger. Forgive my photos doesn't give justice to the food because I came a bit late to this event.

'Nyway, food was really awesome and authentic.
Let's start with the Dragon Maki with the big prawn head, which made me love maki as I was not a fan of this japanese staple but this one exclusive, converted me. Love the cruch between bites, just that all the flavors are in harmony with each other.
Then their tempura, who doesn't want tempura? You are missing half of your life mygosh! While this tempura was light and crisp and the whole big shrimp meat was present which was a plus.
Let's go to the mains, the Sukiyaki is my favorite and you've gotta try it! Bold and balanced mix of sweetness and flavor will hit you on the spot! By the way, I appreciate the instance that they have me reheated the sukiyaki because they said its more yummier and thank you because yes it is! Piping hot more like it!
Another favorite is the Bulalo Ramen, yes you heard it right bulalo + ramen is the perfect way to go in this cold city. The flavor is intact and the beef bulalo is tender and haaaaaay, I'm drooling na! It is also good for 2. Basta you need to taste the Sukiyaki and the Bulalo Ramen and tell me.
Closing this lunch event with a crispy and sweet combi of Fried Ice Cream, the butter that they used was like those of tempuara's and it is cool, i just had just one spoon and boooom nothing had left on the plate. I think when I come back I need to try this again cause I couldn't remember the taste as the things had been so fast. Kaloka!128576

So whenever you're in Tagaytay check out this plce you won't be disappointed.128521 place palang panalo na.128074🏼⛰

Budget is 500per pax.

You could check my blog for menu and prices and the view.128076🏼

Oh yes, i miss |oo|oo community! I'm back again.128513

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Anch B.
5.0 Stars

This place was recommended to me by my close friend, cos she knows how much i love Japanese food! + I go to Tagaytay often so... Lamna.

Anyway, she gave me a list of everything that they ordered and highlighted the good ones para i know what to get. Which is successful naman cos we ordered 3 that was on the list! And since, dalawa lang kami ng kasama ko.... Ito lang talaga ang kaya naming i-consume 128557128514

Loved everything that we ordered especially the dragon maki.... Oh my god, that sushi is the beeeeest. Pretty sure i'll dine here again when i go back to Tagaytay cos oh my i fell inlove with this place. Their service is on point too, so i have no complaints!!! + points also cos the place looks lit at night!! Hehe


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Ginno J.
4.0 Stars

The Aozora ramen is a must try for bulalo lovers. Loved the broth and the beef was tender. The wagyu steak was also good but not the best Ive tried. Salmon sashimi was a little pricey given the small portion but it was fresh. Aozora salad is an amazing starter for kani lovers. The dragon maki definitely gets plus points for presentation aside from taste.

Service was also good with the staff being very acommodating and friendly. The ambience is also very quaint japanese. It's a good date place.

This will probably be my go to place in Tagaytay for Japanese. Definitely worth a try and they have a few dishes here you may not be able to find elsewhere.

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Josh G.
5.0 Stars

Along with my quest for many firsts with my girlfriend. She stumbled upon this place while planning our Tagaytay trip. This was a first Japanese restaurant for me in Tagaytay. It had our curiousity with Ramen Bulalo, it was a great hook, it's a first as well. I suggest ordering the dragon maki.

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

View of Taal is mesmerizing from atop Domicillo Hotel where Aozora is located. Aozora meaning blue sky is a Japanese resto by a Japanese Chef ably manned by his Filipino chef too when not around.

My favorite ebi tempura was nicely done enjoyed it much. The wagyu beef yakiniku was tender almost a melt in your mouth experience. Try the dragon maki too!

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I read about this place on Our Awesome Planet! 10084️ Anton Diaz really gave us a reason to visit this place! So glad that CashCashPinoy also is selling discount vouchers for this place so it was such a treat to the tummy and even the pocket! 128077🏼

Our experience here was just absolute bliss so please let me be as I talk about every food item we ate there, mala-nobela pa yan or not. I can't stress how much everything served was super duper mega kaduper sarap as in! 128525

First, we were given complimentary Seaweed Salads and they were absolutely delicious! 128525 They were tossed in a Sesame-Oil-based dressing which went very well with the seaweeds. It was crafted smartly. 128516

Next was the Aozora Salad. It was amazing too! Very well balanced and fresh, it also had Sesame Dressing with a Japanese Mayo base. I think it's safe to say I'm a fan of Sesame Oil and / or dressing. 128525

We then had the Salmon Aburi Sushi which was super light but also very delightful. The salmon was torched which gave it a depth in flavor that went well with the fish. 128077🏼

Then came more makis. 128525 The Dragon Maki was not only pretty, it was also delicious! Wouldv'e wanted it to have Unagi, but I'm not complaining either. The Spicy Tuna Maki was super gooood too! It had just the right amount of spice and roe that brought out the wonderful flavor of the raw tuna. 128516

What made this restaurant stand out here in Tagaytay is the fact that they serve "Bulalo Ramen". 128525 I must say, it was absolutely delicious too! It's their take on the beloved soup dish famous in the city, but cooked Aozora style in the form of ramen! The pieces of beef was super tender, the beef broth had the right seasoning that the ramen-y taste was still there. It was just great! 10084

For desserts, the fried Mochi with Red Beans was super unique. I've always liked those awesome rice cakes but to have it fried was super awesome. 128522 The Mango Tempura was also amazeballs! They surely know how to make Tempura Batter! It was super light and thin but crispy and had the sliced fruit fully covered. Ang galing! And the pieces of mango were just so ripe and sweet and nice with the vanilla ice cream topping. 128525

We had our meal inside the resto but had our desserts outside, while also enjoying the view of Taal. Like I said, we went to a lot of spots in Tagaytay on this trip and for most of it, if not all, we had the view of the lake and volcano as a plus! 128525

I can't wait to come back to Aozora!!! 127775127775127775127775127775

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Sandy T.
5.0 Stars

It was 2 saturdays in a row that i had dinner here with my girlfriends :) i had a great and tummy-loaded night here at AOZORA :) thanks for the authentic japanese food, warm crew even the exec. Chef, nice place especially if you are looking for a little private-little quiet place in Tags :)

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Craving for some mango and tempura? Well, head on over at this resto to try some! 128523 Paired with their Key Sumiyaki Coffee, one can surely relax and enjoy the view at the first authentic Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay. Dined here while they were still on soft opening and I must say, their dish line-up looks promising. There were a couple of hits and misses but this is sure well on its way to becoming a good Japanese restaurant. 128513🇯🇵128513

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