Apartment 1B

The Henry Manila, 2680 FB Harrison St., Pasay, Metro Manila

Apartment 1B
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I take the time to research and note must see places online and loved one’s recommendations. This enables me to share exciting food locations as well.

Henry Hotel is not your usual hotel. It surrounds itself with a rural feel, just like being out of town/city. It is quite a surprise that this just around taft avenue. I heard it is an old ancestral home renovated for you and me.

Apartment 1B creates a complimentary partnership with their signature mostly American influence dishes. Yes it is for locals, but I believe they appeal to tourists as well.

After our Seaside Dampa experience, we travelled here just for dessert. We had lots of sweets yes but my friends and I loved more the chats in a homey ambiance and a walk around in their area.

Among the three desserts, I recommend the Carrot Cake. You heard that right. It was sweeter than usual but that cinnamon presence made it way interesting. The caramel around the plate also made wonders.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte was as special. I love the light feel of the cake with salt challenging your taste buds. We also had a dessert with Vanilla ice cream surrounded by a chocolate crust and an oreo base. I forgot its name tag, the taste I won’t.

For a refreshing fresh drink, I recommend the Cucumber Mint Shake. Take the time to sip slowly and appreciate their perfect ratio of this two green elements.

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Ray G.
4.0 Stars

Full dinner of meatloaf and half chicken. The thing is that the gravy veggies and potatoes were the same. The chicken was tender, which was great. The meatloaf had mushrooms and I prefer my loaf without it. Still, it was flavorful. Each plate was good for two but to a hungry guy, it was just right. There are also pastas and sandwiches available. Something I want to try later.

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Candy B.
5.0 Stars

The spaghetti vongole is amazing! The baked samosa however, is the star of our lunch until we had dessert. Ugh. Heavenly salted caramel cheesecake torte!

The hotel ambience is likewise an experience in itself. I am looking forward to bringing the kids here and have a picnic on their lawn.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

While I do have my favorite dishes from Apartment 1B, dining at their quaint cafe at The Henry Hotel Manila brings altogether a different and lovely dining experience.

For a lot of foodies, Apartment 1B remains one of the favorite dining spots owing to the good cuisine and ambience. I often visit their Rockwell branch and been to their Salcedo branch a few times. When I was told that they opened a new branch some months back at the new Henry Hotel in Pasay, I thought a visit was in order. Afterall, it was hitting two birds with one stone---dining at a new branch of one of my favorite restaurants and visiting a new city landmark.

The Henry Hotel Manila is located in one of the old stately compounds of Pasay. Oddly situated amongst the narrow and congested streets of old Pasay, the hotel's ground is an oasis of greens and updated retro charm set amidst the contrasting frenzy of city setting. By "hotel" standards, it doesn't reflect the grandness of high rise hotels but rather brings the charm and quaintness of a tasteful Boutique Hotel.

The main hotel sits at the end of a narrow short gravel lined driveway with a quaint fountain that serves as the driveway's round-about. The main structure is a charming vintage 2-storey mansion built during liberation (mid-1920's). It's exterior was refurbished and painted all white. It's interiors were tastefully refurbished with modern and retro touches in dark hues. A winding staircase leading to rooms on the 2nd floor, sits right behind the small lobby/checkin area. Across the main white structure, 4 smaller retro looking wooden homes were likewise repurposed and restructured tastefully as more room accommodations. The separate smaller structures indeed looked vintage in architecture but updated with modern touches. The 4 separate structures were uniformed in look with the retro large jealousies lined glass windows. Updated in an all black exterior paint. Though we weren't able to view the rooms (during our visit, the hotel was booked with a wedding party), from the driveway, we still caught a glimpse of the seemingly charming interiors of the rooms through the huge windows.

The garden was an oasis of greens. Huge old trees and flower bearing plants tastefully landscaped across the hotel grounds. A small swimming pool offered a cooling option for guests. Since our late lunch visit coincided with one of the hotel's guest's wedding, the garden was being beautifully decorated for that purpose. In a way, the hotel proved to serve as a venue for a lovely and intimate garden wedding setting.

Apartment 1B sits right beside the hotel's small lobby. Compared to the restaurant's Makati branches, this branch was really small. But what we loved about the place was how it was tastefully repurposed to blend with the vintage main structure. Touched in updated modern dark hues and comfy seating, the cafe made use the old structure's high ceilings to give an illusion of space. Modern drop light installations and pin lights gave nice lighting to the subdued colored interiors. Huge glass windows lent natural light into the space and at the same time gave guests a calming view of the gardens. A huge etched glass wall enclosure partitioned the small cafe from the main lobby of the hotel. The only vibrant touches of color were tastefully brought forth with their use of vintage-looking patterned Machuca tiles and fresh floral table arrangements.

For our meals, a number of our Apartment 1B favorite dishes didn't fail to satisfy our appetites. Their hefty servings of Eggs Benedict, Bolognese, Meat Loaf, and Beef Burger were prepared well. Our groups's favorite Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte still won our sweet tooth craving. My first time tries were their Cucumber Mint Shake and Frozen Pie. I loved the refreshing shake beverage. The Frozen Pie was also delicious. The pie was made of a Oreo Cookie Crust, topped with vanilla ice cream, walnuts, and drizzled with chocolate syrup and the same sinfully yummy buttery caramel syrup used in their Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte.

Service was likewise attentive and fast. Their menu and pricing was similar to their other two branches.

For the fine cuisine alone, a visit to any of the 3 branches of Apartment 1B will meet that requirement. But for a more intimate and private dining experience, their small cafe branch at The Henry Hotel Manila can pretty well bring that desired dining experience. I can easily say that this branch will be a perfect dinner setting for date night128077 or otherwise can hold as a perfect venue for an intimate small dining party.

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Jennifer N.
4.0 Stars

Sitting here brings you back to post-WW2 halcyon days with its vintage interiors and Liberation architecture. The staff are warm, friendly and efficient. I could sit there for hours relaxing with a good book, if I were so inclined and had the time. :)

I ordered the house salad (Php280) which was delicious - lettuce was nice and fresh, the raspberry vinaigrette dressing sweet and tart at the same time. I thought it was too expensive though, considering the quantity / serving size, hence the deduction of 1 star from the overall review.

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Nirvana Time E.
4.0 Stars

Love the desserts!!

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MaryJane A.
5.0 Stars

Suave place; good vibes. Great food still128522

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Elmer R.
5.0 Stars

There is no better location for Apartment 1 B than here in this vintage house turned to a modern chic hotel.
I was impressed with the quaint place that leaves you unruffled and settled good for dates and family bonds.
Came here for brunch and got my usual eggs and corned beef hash and brewed coffee. It was good and you get that impeccable service common to this resto.

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