Aquaria Beach Resort and Beachside Condominium

Calatagan, Batangas

Aquaria Beach Resort and Beachside Condominium
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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

First of summer! 128516

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

Everything was just photo perfect! I'd say one of the Best Beach experience I've had!

I honestly think that hubby and I didn't regret joining a Birthday party of a Family friend here in Calatagan. Though at first sa pagod sa biyahe, we thought na sobrang layo and it's not worth the travel time. It took us 3.5 hrs to almost 4 hours to get here. Weekday yon and not weekend...well, everything changed the moment we get there and see the place. 128525 Ang ganda! I then later realized that this was just very near to Stilts, Beach Resort that I've visited few years ago.

Back to Aquaria, everything is spacious. Maluwag ang bath houses..Locker Rooms, and Shower Rooms pati na ang Welcome Center facility, Big pools and Giant slide and cozy pool and outdoor Cabanas!

What excites me most is finding out that we could use both the pool and the Beach. 128525128525128525
They really maintain the cleanliness and I'm really amazed by their classy Sunbrellas, CR, Shower Rooms and Cabanas.
I love the Sand, the Beach and the pool pati na the three storey-slides! We felt like a kid once more for a day! 128514
Very private ang place and hindi crowded. 128076🏻128077🏽
The Resort is open daytime only. 8AM-6PM. They allow no overnight stays. I think they plan to put up a Residence area around the place in the future.

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a quick getaway near Manila? This is one of the best place to have fun with your family and friends. Just an approximate 2.5-3.5 hours drive from Manila and you will reach this beautiful resort in Batangas City.
One gloomy Thursday, we headed to Aquaria waterpark in Calatagan, Batangas, to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It took us around 3-4 hours before we reached Aquaria because we had several stopovers (breakfast and weewee break).
Aquaria Water Park is managed by Fuego hotels and properties and developed by Landco Pacific Corporation.
Upon arrival, we were greeted by their guard and asked if we had reservations. We didn’t had any reservations as I was informed by a friend that they allow walk-ins. Luckily, we were the only ones who checked-in. We had the waterpark all to ourselves. And take note, all the pools and their 3 storey slide was functioning.
The entrance fee for weekdays (lean seaon) is 400php for adults. We paid for 2000php for the entrance fee and another 1500php for the small cabana. At first, we rented their beach front cabana(1200php), however it eventually started to rain, and the foams were getting wet. We then decided to stay on their much bigger cabana wherein it is less likely for us to get wet (we have a baby that’s why we had to choose a better cabana) We stayed in Cabana 3 which was fronting one of their swimming pools and which is just near the kiddie pool. It also has its own locker, so no need to rent a separate one.
We brought our own floaters and asked one of the staff to have it aired. Their staffs were all nice and well-trained. We were treated as VIPs, maybe mainly because we were their only visitors that day. But I remembered the first time I went here (summer), their staffs were already nice and very accommodating. I dunno, I really find Batanguenos nice and easy to be with.
They have several pools which can accommodate many customers without them feeling being in a crowded place. Their slide is really nice and not scary to ride at all. You have to take the stairs to be able to get to the top of the slide, they do not allow anyone sliding without their floaters. Their floater is good for two pax. You will be landed in a 5-6ft pool. The view on top is amazing. You can see all of their pools and even have a glimpse of their beach.
Speaking of the beach, it has powdery sand. The water was clear and clean. It was low tide when we were there so we had to walk a little to have a good dip in the beach. Better be careful though and watch your steps, as there were several sea urchins scattered all over. But don’t be afraid as you can easily see them without even diving as the water is clear. You can also see Stilts’ room accommodations from afar.
We had our lunch at their in-house restaurant called “The Sands” which is facing the beach. We ordered their bilao set good for 5 (1100php) consists of 5 rice, 1 stuffed squid, adobong pork/chicken, daing na bangus, ensaladang talong and a pitcher of iced tea. We also ordered an additional sinigang na hipon (php200+) and some beer. The food was just okay. Nothing special, but still delicious when you are staying in a nice place.
They also have a spacious wash room, very elegant looking and clean.
Open daily except Tuesdays (maintenance day) from 8am-6pm.
Entrance and cabana rates:
PEAK SEASON (January to June)
Adult: 600php
Child: 300php
Weekends, holidays and long weekends:
Adult: 800php
Child: 400php
LEAN SEASON (July to December)
Adult: 400php
Child: 200php
Weekends, holidays and long weekends:
Adult: 600php
Child: 300php
Child policy:
Child rate will apply to 4ft and below
For 1yr old and below, free of charge
They also offer corporate outings and beach wedding. So better check their websites if you are interested.
Cove pool cabana
Can accommodate 8-10pax
Rental fee: 1700php
Resort pool cabana
Can accommodate 12-15pax
Rental fee: 2000php
Beach from cabana
Can accommodate 6-8pax
Rental fee: 1200php

For enquiries and reservation:
15F Corporate center building Valero st. Salcedo village Makati city.
Phone number: (02) 5538888 | Fax number: (02) 7501894

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Maribeth C.
5.0 Stars

A really nice and beautiful place to hang around outside metro.
Though too far from the city of Batangas and not that easy to find, still worthy to add in the list of backpackers.
I do suggest on Aquaria's webpage to be very specific in locating their place. They have so confusing address and map!
If you're not very familiar in the place, leave early morning so you still have time to enjoy in the water.
You have 2 options where to stay in the place: swimming pool or the beach.
The receptionists are all friendly and accommodating.
The place?
Too good to be true on their ads.
What you see, you will get. 128077
Our only regrets is the travel time in the area. 128665
Too far and no hotels or motels to stay in if you really get tired and feel lazy to go home. ❌

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Kat S.
5.0 Stars

I always adore this place 128525128149

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Pachie S.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Anch B.
4.0 Stars

This place is exactly what i expected it to be. Clean and chill. The facilities were nice, plus the staff was really on point! + points for the yummy and affordable food too :-) 10084

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Ana A.
5.0 Stars

We were the lucky ones to visit this resort cos our generous friend invited us here. They own a unit here.

The facilities are nice. You can choose between swimming pool or the sea. We used tents cos the condos are not yet built.

Really really enjoyed our stay here.127803127774128155

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