Q Plaza, Marcos Highway cor. Felix Ave., Cainta, Rizal

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Angel U.
4.0 Stars

Good & Affordable & Authentic Korean BBQ, whatelse you could ask for more?

This place is an awesome choice to fulfill your craving of Korean BBQ without making your pocket hole haha...

Fair choices, fair ambience, but good taste & good service,

Will come back again for sure.

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Angela V.
3.0 Stars

Great fresh meat and vegetables at very affordable rates! Selection is not as wide as Sambo- or Yakimix though.

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3.0 Stars

The boyfriend discovered a buffet place near his house, and I couldn't say no to new dining experiences! We arrived around 12nn, and the place is still quite empty even for a weekend lunch time.

Their buffet is normally pegged at Php 399 for lunch, but they have a promo for the month of June. Php 350 for a Korean BBQ and shabu shabu buffet? I think it was okay. Not everything in the buffet selection was fresh, so that was a big downer. And the dessert bar could have more to offer than just a few slices of brownies, an ice cream bar, and store-bought cookies.

On the upside, the shabu shabu was good! The base soup was a bit spicy, and that really woke me up. I also enjoyed their maki because they used real and fresh salmon.

Overall, my dining experience was okay. I think I like this better than Don Day :)

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Kisha N.
2.0 Stars

Ingredients are not fresh. Worst korean buffet in my opinion.

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Gracielle R.
5.0 Stars

A Korean Buffet nearby! Make-your-own Bibimbap and Chicken Bbq are my favorites. They also have japche, kimchi (of course), kimbap, kimchi rice, etc. They also have smokeless grill and shabu-shabu. Drinks are included in the buffet. Softdrinks, lipton iced tea (lemon and red), and unlimited vendo coffee. Desserts are ok, but not something I looked forward to (even for someone who has a sweet tooth). It was just two flavors of ice cream and a variety of candies to top it with.

The place is small but doesn't seem to get that packed just yet since it's new. But I don't think that's gonna last too long. It's a must try. Very affordable and sulit. Plus, the staff are very nice.

Photo credit to Grace V :)

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Grace C.
5.0 Stars

THUMBS UP: Since it's a new place, it isn't easily jampacked even on a weekend, so you can take your sweet time trying out everything.

They have shabu-shabu ingredients and small slices of meat and seafood for grilling (that you will cook at your table), various kinds of sushi, sashimi, kimchi, soups, and salad. For those who don't want to be too adventurous, they also have barbecues and desserts including ice cream scoops. They have different hot and cold drinks, too.

Their price is more affordable than MOST buffets I've been in - well if you go here on a weekday lunch, that is. Mon-Sat lunch is just P399, dinner is P570. On a Sunday, it's P570 anytime. I think Yakimix is pegged at P450.

Service was fast and efficient, the daughter was free of charge since it was her birthday the day before. Kids 4.5ft and above are charged P200.

THUMBS DOWN: For a buffet restaurant, their place was small. They have seats reserved for buffet customers and the other smaller side was for the a la carte customers. Since we were a big group with a lot of kids, we already occupied one-third of the buffet tables. Once other guests arrived (some were also big groups!), it started to get crowded. Their middle aisle between the tables can fit just one person at a time.

From the outside, it's not very attractive. Gray glass with their name, tarpaulin with promo prices, some text in Korean... But when we opened the door, it was like we entered Wonderland. It was especially amazing since we were their first guests for the day, so it felt like we had the whole endless table of food to ourselves.

VERDICT: This place is a gem. It's not part of SM or whatever super busy mall so foot traffic is light. I would definitely want to go back here with friends who have a hearty appetite.

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