Arca's Yard

Tiptop City Limit, 777 Ambuklao Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Arca's Yard
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Jah P.
5.0 Stars

This café is a must-visit when going up to the cold mountains of Baguio City. Apart from serving good food, we were able to enjoy the place by sending time with books and hugging the cold breeze from outside.

So we ordered the following below:

☑ Lechon Kawali at P240 — It was a typical lechon kawali that you can order anywhere. Hehe. Nothing special.

☑ Tomato Basil Pasta at P195 — We were not that 'maarte' when it comes to pasta or n how it was cooked but it was just okay.

☑ Longganisa at P150 — Who doesn't love longganisa from the north? It tasted like Vigan Longganisa. Yummers! Feels like home since I am from Vigan.

☑ Beef Patty at P195 — Too much sauce or was that gravy. It was weird that the gravy was bbq-ish or was it just me. Lol

☑ Cucumber Smoothie at P50 — In all fairness, it seemed to me that the cucumber was fresh harvest from their backyard if there was any. Lol

☑ Yogurt with Wild Honey at P85 — YAAAAS to more yogurt. Honey, berries and their yogurt went well.

Obviously, we enjoyed the food that we ordered. The staff were very accommodating and consistently all smiles. They even allowed us to take lots of photos inside the café/museum/bookshop. Hehe. Definitely going back to just chill.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Arca’s Yard is a must-visit when you’re in Baguio especially if you want a relaxing afternoon while sipping hot tea on a cold weather.

It’s a bit far from Baguio’s city center but it’s worth the trip. The place is super serene and they have outstanding interiors. Several art pieces are on display all over the place. And I fell in love with their library downstairs! It’s the perfect place if you want a break from sightseeing.

I had the following:

| Arca’s Docto Pie Ala Mode (P95/slice)
This is their famous camote pie. And it’s the best camote pie I have ever tasted. Like ever. Lol. 128517 It’s very siksik and not too sweet, it’s basically camote shaped into a pie slice. 128514 A must-order when you visit them.

| Arca’s Cloud Tea (P60)
I fell in love with this tea! Super good and it’s only P60!!! It has honey and cream and it looks pretty when it’s served. The sweetness was just right and it’s the perfect pair for my Camote Pie. 128523

We also ordered Carrot Pie and their Lamb Chops. But I’ll let my friends review it here. Heehee. We ended up staying at Arca’s for the most part of the afternoon. It was just to homey and serene, I honestly almost fell asleep on our spot. Haha!

Kudos to all their staff, all smiles and really attentive. Make sure to include Arca’s Yard on your next Baguio trip! ♥️

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5.0 Stars

Arca's yard, a must try when in baguio.

We tried carbonara, pesto carbonara and lechon kawali as for our entrée. As for the pasta, hands down! They have a big servings too. The lechon kawali was crispy and almost cooked perfectly.

The only downside I guess was the tortilla that doesn't have any taste, salt and pepper would have made it tho. And I know almost every one recommended the Camote Pie but we just didn't enjoyed it.

Side story, we had a little bit chaos going there as we decided to walk from Good Shepherd since we're still full from the breakfast. 128514 Its a 30mins walk said by google if we took the major road (which were the cars passthru), but knowing baguio definitely there's always a shortcut which only people could walk thru. As looking for that shortcut we ended up lost into some residential area with a lot of dogs! To cut it short we ended up going back to Good Shepherd (which was like 18-20mins away, of course going uphill is not easy128514) and taking a cab to go there. 128514 Well, the original plan was to get hungry before going there so its okay. Haha.

Though its easy to commute, its just a 5mins jeepney ride from Pacdal Circle or a 2 ride jeepney of 12-15mins from SM Baguio or Upper session Rd (if not traffic).

Nonetheless, ambiance was a 5! Interiors was of Japanese style with Filipino photos of culture and some handicrafts. Its a definite place to be when in baguio!

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

After going to the strawberry farm, decided to head back to the city for lunch. Of course we just followed waze but it ended up taking us on a different albeit very scenic route. I actually went down from the car and snapped some photos cos the view was so nice.
Some ups and downs and twisties on the road and lo and behold we were right in front of Arca's Yard! There was available parking so we decided to check it out.
The place is very, very quiet and calm. In fact there are even some house rules where you should observe silence and kids are not allowed (below 12 w/o supervision). Sounds harsh but i understand their point of view where they really want to maintain the serenity of the place.
And serene it is! We sat outside on the balcony and the view was so peaceful! It was so quiet that I can hear the semi argument of the table behind us 128516
Ordered their specialty which is the Camote pie and also had their strawberry slushie.
Service was nice and quick. There's also an upper floor and another outdoor area which is bigger.
Giving this place 5 stars for this particular visit, can't wait to try their real food next time 128522

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Aldrick 'chiki' A.
5.0 Stars

Arca's Yard is one of the house-turned-cafes in Baguio City. Given its far location, it is a great idea so as to escape the hustle and bustle of the City. Located on a cliff-side, this cafe-restaurant gives you a promising view of the Cordillera mountains. With great food and a homey ambiance, Arca's Yard is like your second home. I recommend you try their camote pie and their cloud tea. Their pesto carbonara is also delish! See the place for yourself!

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Dark H.
5.0 Stars

Arca's Yard, they are on a different level. The place was superb and the interior was outstanding. We choose the area where we sat on the floor with cushions to sit on. Every nook was shutter worthy.

I've tried their specialty Arca's Cloud Tea for 60 pesos. "I know right, 60 pesos". It was nice, nicer than Serenitea hehe128060. Arca's Docto Pie Ala Mode (sweet potato) for 95 pesos. This is was good, not fancy just pure bliss for people who loves sweet potato (kamote).

The rest we tried was nice as well like Sardines Pasta and Pumpkin Soup.

This is a must visit if you are heading to baguio. The servers were nice and the place was unforgetable.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Baguio is one of my go-to places when I need to relax, unwind and get fat with strawberries. Thanks to TPLEX, our trip to the land of ube halaya and cold breeze has been cut in half. Since then, I’ve visited Baguio a lot more but I always miss the opportunity to visit Arca’s Yard due to scheduled hibernation. But I finally managed to drop by this picturesque restaurant before bidding farewell to 2016.

Hello, Arca’s Yard!

This place has been highly recommended by a handful of food apps and reliable foodies. The photos alone made me so excited when I found out that we’ll have lunch there on New Year’s Eve. Worried that we might not have seats, I sent the place an SMS to reserve us a table for six hungry individuals.

I was surprised that the place was not packed as expected but the beautiful corner with coffee table and pillows was already occupied by another group. And since we were with R’s parents, we need to be on actual chairs so that it won’t be difficult for them to get up. (I have to admit, I was slightly heartbroken there but the mature me figured that I could make do with just interior shots and simple flat lays.)

For lunch, we ordered Pumpkin Soup (PHP60), Oyster and Mushroom Soup (PHP60), Crispy Lemon-Orange Chicken (PHP240), Longganisa with Egg (PHP165), Hungarian Sausage with Homemade Bacon and Egg (PHP240), Stir-fried Vegetables with Squid and Mushroom (PHP220), Vanilla Milkshake (PHP120) and Arca’s Cloud Tea (PHP60).

First served was R’s Vanilla Milkshake and it tasted pretty good though it would have been nicer if it was a bit thicker.

Our soups were served next just in time to keep us warm and both tasted great as well.

I loved that the pumpkin soup was thick and slightly sweet. Adding a bit of pepper made it even better!

Though I liked my orange soup more than R’s clear mushroom and oyster soup, I liked that it was lighter in terms of flavor prepping the tastebuds for the main course.

And just when I was about to take my fourth slurp, two of our mains arrived.

The longganisa was quite garlicky guaranteeing a powerful kick of flavor per bite. This may be a hit for those who love what Count Dracula hates but foodies who like to eat more of the viand than the meat might find the three Pinoy sausages a bit too stingy in terms of serving size.

The Hungarian sausage, on the other hand, was the total opposite of longganisa in terms of size. Succulent and mildly spiced, it was well complemented by the crunchy homemade bacon (which tasted like thinly sliced pork chop) and runny sunny side up egg. It was bang for the buck as I was so full after eating half of my plate.

A strange cup with one chopstick was served to us and I totally forgot that I ordered milk tea and that was it.

Though pretty to look at, it didn’t really pleased my tastebuds. I had a taste of milk, tea and honey but the flavors didn’t work together. Also, the wild honey used gave a bit of weird taste to the drink which I didn’t like.

The Crispy Lemon-Orange Chicken and Stir-fried Vegetables with Squid and Mushroom were served last and both were quite delicious as well.

The crunchy chicken had this addicting delectable tangy citrusy taste pushing one to eat more rice than planned. Serving size of the chicken was pretty generous too as four of us were able to share it.

The veggies were undeniably fresh as it gave off a sweet taste. The squid and mushroom slices added texture to the dish and made it a bit more interesting to munch on.

Overall, it was a good meal far away from the bustling city noise. Though the dishes were nothing special, its reasonable prices and the ambiance made the drive worth it.

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Baguio is one of the few cities I'll never get tired visiting. I've been here countless times but every visit didn't fail to surprise me.

I'm fond of reading must-try lists especially to the places that I'll go to. And I must say Arca's Yard is included in every blog site and top 10 list for restaurants to try in the Summer Capital. I've made some research on how far Arca's from the city proper. It's located at Ambuklao Road, near Tiptop. There's no PUJ that passes Arca's so the only way to go here is via private car / taxi. With that in mind, I immediately concluded that going here must be easy - just ride a cab. But my problem is how would I go back to the city proper after dining here? Are there a lot of taxis also in Ambuklao Road? How far it is from Tiptop where I can ride jeepneys? Thanks to Ruth S for giving me tips. 128539 Actually there are taxis along Ambuklao Road. In fact, I didn't have a hard time getting one after dining here. If riding jeepneys is your thing, you can walk back to Tiptop terminal and there are jeepneys you can ride going back to the city proper. Just ask the people at Arca's and they will happily help you just in case you still need more directions. 128541

Anyway I was excited to have breakfast here one Thursday morning. In fact, I was the first customer as I arrived here 10 minutes after their opening time. 128514 The staff greeted me with smile while showing me the way to the restaurant. She asked me where I want to stay and I politely said that I'll still look around to find my spot. Arca's is relatively big as it has 2nd floor where the mini library is located. It's safe to say that I love every corner of this restaurant. After taking several pictures of the place, I settled outside for a brighter spot. Off to the food, shall we?

** Crispy Lemon-Orange Chicken (240php)
This sweet and savory dish became an instant favorite of mine. It tastes different from North Park's Lemon Chicken because of the orange twist. The chicken meat was crispy on the outside but really soft and tender inside. It came with a cup of rice with garlic flakes on top. Serving was really generous.

** Kamote Pie / Sweet Potato Pie / Arca's Docto Pie ala mode (95php per slice)
They said that this is their best-seller, so I must try this. Quite interesting for me. The pie was not too sweet, which I liked. However it's too heavy as a dessert. The ice cream on top can balance out the cloying factor. This is really something new to try! The next time I'll be here, I'll just order this and skip the rice. 128513

I did not have any problems with the service as I literally owned the whole restaurant during this visit. However I think if the restaurant's full, calling the attention of the servers might be a struggle. Well they have bells that you can ring if in case you need assistance like water refills and photo sessions.

I truly enjoyed Arca's. It's more than a restaurant for me. It's a sanctuary. I'm happy I visited this early in the morning when it's not too crowded yet. I found the place very relaxing with all the pillows and cool spots everywhere. I haven't had the time to check the books in their mini library but reading a novel plus hot chocolate in this serene place is a good idea. You're welcome. 128513

P.S. Arca's Yard is open from 9AM to 7PM.

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Sophie S.
5.0 Stars

Food 4/5
Price 3/5
Ambience 5/5 128522

If you are looking for something different when you are in Baguio this is the place to go, not that far from the city, you can eat with the mountains and the sky as your view. 128536

Must try: Arca's Milktea and Camote Pie 128523

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Jinelle S.
5.0 Stars

Love their fresh salad and sweet potato pie with nutmeg, cashew, cinnamon and vanilla icecream! Plus the place is just awesome, they decorated it with igorot style. 128525

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

If there's a list of restaurants you shouldn't miss here in Baguio, Arca's Yard is included. Whenever we visit Baguio, I make it a point that we try new restaurants (so no repeating unless it's Don Hen! 128517). So for lunch, my family and I went here. Kind of far from the city but totally worth it. I swear. 128076🏼

TIP: Be sure to use waze or ask for directions because the place is far and kind of hard to locate especially when you're not that familiar with the place. Better to just ride a cab. 128518

This is just along the street, easy to miss especially when you don't really pay attention. Just a plain looking house with a huge but not so noticeable sign -- Arca's Yard. I included the photo of the place so you know what to look for. 128521

Parking is hard as well since they don't have a specific space just for it. You just park along the street.

TIP: Be sure to go early. I think they don't accept reservations so be prepared to wait. I suggest going here during lunch time since the place is really nice and more beautiful with the sun still up. You'll get to appreciate the place even more. Plus, you get nicer photos! #priorities 128518 But if you want a more intimate/relaxed/chill vibe, night time is also good. Plus it's cooler at night. 9786

The place is super nice and IG-worthy. Very chill and relaxed. I love how peaceful and calm the place is. We loved how they designed the whole place. You can either sit "picnic style" on the floor with pillows or the usual. They have a second floor which is nicer and brighter. There's a mini library slash museum and an open area upstairs. The place is really really nice! 128149

So they have a number of dishes available. They have pasta, chicken, seafood, meat, salad, bread, pies, refreshments and coffee. But since I've read a number of good reviews before going here, I already know what to order. 128513

- my aunt got curious since "Patatas" and they love potatoes and for just 55, why not? Haha, so we ordered this one. Surprisingly, it was actually good. It's like potato omelet slash pie. Best to eat this while it's still hot/warm. I enjoyed eating this with ketchup! 128518

- our favorite! This was really really good and sulit. Serving size was generous and can be shared by 2 persons. The chicken was fried perfectly. It was tasty and we loved the not so overpowering/strong citrusy taste, just right to make you want to have more and more. You have to order this one. 128077🏼

- For lola, we ordered this one. 4 huge pieces of tiger prawns. The plating was nice and it looks really good but apparently, looks can be deceiving. The prawns were kind of dry and hard to eat. The taste was good but if only they were able to cook it properly this would have been better. 128530 Maybe you can ask them to make sure that the prawns are prepared and handled with care. 128518128517

- I was only able to try a small portion but my family loved this one. 4 pcs of crispy yummy pork slices served w a side salad and a vinegar + soy sauce dip. How can you possible go wrong?!! They enjoyed eating this one. A lot! 128076🏼

We were supposed to also order the Camote Pie but too full. Maybe next time. 128563128540

Service was just okay. Since the space is kind of big and "kalat" and there were only 2 servers, it was hard trying to ask for anything since you have to wait for them. The bell wasn't as helpful as well. Maybe they can do something w the service but other than that, we enjoyed our lunch here. If you're visiting Baguio anytime soon or in the future, please please eat here. You will not regret it. 128513128077🏼

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Hazel A.
5.0 Stars

Get an awesome dining experience in Arca's Yard.

Instagram-worthy pictures - CHECK
Book lovers - CHECK
Foodie - CHECK

Far from downtown but many visits the place, not only for the very nice interior but also because of the sumptous meals. In short maganda mag date dito!

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

I tried to read a book at Arcas Yard despite the hopelessness of finishing it. Arcas Yard used to be a just a library and a museum, but the owners decided to integrate a café because most people who visited there were looking for food. It has many interesting art pieces, mostly of traditional artifacts from the Cordillera region.

They served us their bestseller, camote pie topped with vanilla ice cream. Never heard of such a pie before but goddarn it was lip smacking good. The taste and the texture you reminded me of my favorite Filipino snack, nilupak. Some of my companions didn’t finish their pie; not me. I was into it like I haven’t eaten yet. Even the milktea that went with it was good the only thing that stopped me from finishing it is the thought that I’ve had enough sugar for the day.

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Kyle B.
5.0 Stars

Started our quick trip to Baguio by having dinner at Arca's Yard. My tita actually recommended this and I trusted her since she lives in Baguio. We were supposed to go to 50's diner first because I haven't been there kahit na ilang beses na ako pumuntang Baguio. 128517 I'm so glad we went here (check out my 50's Diner review to know why lol) ! The location is a bit far from Session Road and the main city but hey, the long drive is worth it!

The place is perfect. You have the option to sit on the floor or on chairs. The interiors are lovely and artsy, featuring pieces by local artists. The ambiance....ugh, one of the best tapos the weather was perfect pa! Food wise, yummeh! I especially loved their oriental salad. Ingredients were obviously very fresh since it came right from the farms in Baguio. Their pasta, Tomato Basil, was kind of salty for my taste but it was alright. For their coffee, I got their Frothy Coffee. I'm not sure if it was coffee because it tasted like tea with milk. Haha. My cousin's brewed coffee was 128076🏼, take note that it was also refillable. My kid cousin also enjoyed his 3-piece chicken with rice.

Will definitely come back here next time for their desserts and ofcourse, just to enjoy the ambience and the weather. 128150

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Benjie G.
4.0 Stars

Love the ambiance of the place with native decor and great view of the mountain / hill. Great choices of food and drinks. We spent 3 hours enjoying everything including a cue on our food bec of saturday lunch time. Parking is a problem so try visiting the place early.

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Anna G.
4.0 Stars

Love love love their salad! Crispy orange chicken was amazing. Cloud tea was good. Ambiance great as always. Service a bit horrid this time around. Will see next time. 128541

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Anna G.
5.0 Stars

We were all hungry, thus the lack of food pictures. Lamb was good, cooked and seasoned really well. Around P360 for 220 grams 128513. Their mint jelly was delicious. Crispy pork belly and orange chicken were also good. Fruits in yoghurt was delightful. Serving size good. The place is amazing. Cozy, artsy with an amazing view. Service a bit slow because we were in the attic 128541

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Before going to Baguio, I made a list of my must-try restaurants. After searching for the best restaurants in Baguio, Arca's Yard came up as part of the Top 25. 128517

We didn't bring our own car when we went to Baguio so we had to take a GrabTaxi every single time. Unfortunately, we got lost looking for the place. We had to walk on the mountain side-like highway for 15-20 minutes. We then finally reached Arca's Yard! 128514

We were there at around before lunch time and it was surprising to see a handful of customers at the restaurant. The picturesque spot in the restaurant was already occupied so we decided to stay at the balcony area.

This gave us an awesome view of the forest and the nearby mountains! And the wind was unforgiving so it was freaking cold! 128554

We heard one of the customers saying that it used to be an art museum -- reason why the place looks really nice, filled with different art pieces. 🏺

We ordered their Lamb Chops w/ mint jelly, Crispy Lemon-Orange Chicken, and Arca's Cloud Tea. The Lamb Chops was okay but the chicken was definitely worth the 20-min. hike. The meat was tender and it was really flavorful! 128020 huge serving so definitely good for sharing!

Since it was really windy outside, our food got cold in just a few minutes. We still enjoyed it though.

The only letdown was the wait for the bill. It took them about 20 minutes. I'm still giving it 5 stars since the food was good. 128513

Try dining outside to enjoy the great view! This should be part of any list for Baguio. 128076

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Jorelle F.
4.0 Stars

The place is a bit far, but worth to visit! Serene place and ambiance. The place has antique decorations. The food is delicious. I had their spicy tuna. Generous servings that is worth the price 128077🏻128077🏻

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Jerrel P.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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