Arena Island

Panacan, Narra, Palawan

Arena Island
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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

3hrs away from Puerto Princesa (2hrs by van, then 1hr by boat) is Arena Island. Supposedly for the "harina" like sand. (To be fair to them, the sand was really fine on the sandbar but was full of corals and shells around - which is good since it's a sign of a healthy beach!)

Found the place after some research being a usual breeding ground for pawikans. So I called them up, and asked about the pawikans hatching season. This was in January this year. Got a reply sometime February that they already have their first pawikan for the season, that the eggs she layed will hatch sometime April and that they will be releasing them after 2 - 3 weeks. Tada - booked the coupon for April.

The room is a casita which is technically a couples room, the washroom is outdoors, there is patio right outside the casita with lounge chairs. You can your meals right there on the patio. The bed is a king sized bed, a fan and a ref inside the room and the AC. Casita 1 and 2 are pretty dated, probably designed during the late 90s with the design of the fixtures. Casita 3 is newly made and has more modern fixtures and furniture.

The island has no electricity so they power on the generator 6pm to 6am. Reception is weak for cellular phones so it's a good time to reset and just relax. Spent most of my time on the tree house, watched the animals roaming around, went snorkeling, and yes - played with the baby pawikans. Swam on the beach too of course! Meals are included in the package which is breakfast, snacks, lunch, pm snacks and dinner.

The highlight of the trip of course was the release of the pawikans. They're really cuddly and adorable, the shell still isn't hard and the snout is still not sharp. When they "bite" your hand it feels like it's being softly pinched. Watching them walk towards the water as they sense it is an experience to be remembered for a lifetime!

Most folks will find the place a bit pricey - but do consider that there are only 4 casitas eventually, you have the whole island to yourselves with the staff, fresh meals and seafood cooked for you - it's like having a personal chef, butler and assistant through your stay. But having the experience of releasing the hatchlings - makes it well worth it for me.

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