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Kristella D.
4.0 Stars

HAPPY TUNA FESTIVAL, GenSan! 128031127881


Arpochi is a restaurant famous in the area for its crabs. They also offer other seafood dishes and some Filipino favorites as well.

My parents love seafood, and so they did not pass up the chance to eat at Arpochi when they opened their newest branch at Veranza in GenSan.

The restaurant is located at the 2/F Al Fresco dining area of the mall, and their spot offers a nice view of the mall's towering waterfalls.

The interiors of the restaurant are modern and classy, which feature the use of wood, glass, vibrant colors, subtle lighting, and green plants. Their setup is directly mainly towards family gatherings, but they do have an area where couples and a few friends can dine.

But the music playing at that time was a little inappropriate; they were tuned in to an FM station playing OPM Rock. Not exactly the kind of music for dining.

We were warmly greeted by the crew upon entering the restaurant. They quickly ushered us in to a table, but we told them that we wanted to order and pay beforehand and then come back after an hour, since crabs take a while to cook. They gladly accommodated our request and handed us their menu.

We ordered their signature sweet and spicy crabs, sinigang na isda, and native chicken adobo.

The waiter who attended to us then led my dad to their aquarium, where he could choose the crabs for our dinner. My dad chose all male king crabs, since they have more meat and less roe. Afterwards, my dad paid for our orders, and we left the restaurant to continue our shopping.

Come dinnertime, we went back to restaurant and showed our receipt of our orders. We were informed that we had arrived just on time, and that our orders were ready.

• Crabs
Regular: PHP110/100g
King: PHP120/100g

Best crabs I have tasted, hands down. The crabs were huge and cooked perfectly: they were soft and still a bit moist. The sweet and spicy chili sauce, which was made from crab fat, minced garlic, and Tabasco chili pepper (not sauce), was a perfect compliment to the crabs. Not too sweet nor salty, with a little kick of heat. (I could eat that sauce with just rice and nothing else. It was that good.)

We all got down and dirty with our hands, and finished every piece of meat. Every bite was a delight! 128523

• Sinigang na Isda (PHP450: medium)
Though the pompano was cooked well, though there was a generous serving of vegetables, and though the sourness of the soup was quite good, it was a little salty for our taste. Had they lessened the saltiness, this dish would have been really good.

• Native Chicken Adobo (PHP60/100g)
In their menu, you can choose between Ilonggo style and Tagalog style. We chose the latter.

Since the chicken was native, it was a bit lean. The marinade was also a little bland. Nevertheless, the chicken was still tender.

The service in this restaurant was very good. Not only were they very attentive, they were also quite friendly and accommodating. They even let me take pictures of their menu and place so I could |ooloo it! 128522

The verdict: highly recommended. 128077
Especially their seafood! 128516

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