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Marco P.
2.0 Stars


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Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Good place for a big group or if you're really hungry or better yet -- HANGRY 128541.

The pulpo salad was a bit too sour for my humble Indio tastebuds, yet I appreciated the generous chunks of octopus.

Enjoyed the croquettes (which basically tasted like the one at Vask). Can't go wrong with that!

As for the paella, it was nice. I appreciate the fact that they ask how you want it cooked: dry or wet. We chose the latter as my daughter prefers soft rice. Nevertheless, it tasted yummy! Plus the portions were enough. Yung tipong hindi ka mabibitin kung PG ka. Unlike the paella portions at another Spanish restaurant/gastropub in BGC known for having beautiful people as its regulars.

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Keisha R.
5.0 Stars

Paella Negra and Ribs were the bomb!!!! 128522 worth the 30 min wait! :)

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Giovan T.
5.0 Stars

Arrozeria is a place where I go to have a feel good meal, that's smooth and light on the palate. It's something every foodie should experience at least once. Order any of their Risottos and be amazed on the creamy good smoothness that comes with every spoonful. Their Risottos are made from scratch, so expect a 30+ minute waiting them, so worth the wait. You can watch them make your dish at their show kitchen by the entrance.

Callos Fideua (550+ PHP)
A recent favourite, but now a favourite with the soft pieces of tripe and subtle infusion of chickpeas, which add a nice grain to the overall texture. By default this dish is good for 2-3 people.

Stewed Chicken (395+ PHP)
A wine based stew with Jamon, Mushroom sauce, and Onions topped with their crispy chicken and potatoes. This paired well with most of their Risottos.

Service at Arrozeria is refined and precise (no annoying chitter-chatter), that pairs well with their calming ambiance and gives you a space to express your inner foodie without interruption.

Their one of the most underated restaurants in the Metro, despite their aweosme location on Bonifacio High Street.

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Mica C.
3.0 Stars

I don't think its worth it if you're not ordering their Paellas.

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

My friends and I decided to have late lunch here last time. We were greeted by one of their servers asking if we had a reservation or advance order. I politely said none, and we were advised that the serving time for their paella would be 30-45 minutes. Surely.

ArroZeria, as per their tag line, is Home of the Paella. My love for paella started when I had my Spanish class during College. I like my paella al dente and thin. I read somewhere that ArroZeria uses Tinawon rice from Ifugao. This is a local rice which is very similar to the Spanish rice Bomba that is mainly used in paellas. Very interesting!

For appetizer, we ordered Trio of Croquetas (fish and seafood, porcini mushroom, and stewed bèchamel croquettes). These were served hot and flavorful. One order costs 275php. For its price, not really sure if I will order this again in my next visit. Good thing we also ordered Squid Ink Battered Shrimp (420php). This is served with Spanish red pepper sauce. I loved this one. I liked that the shrimps were crunchy and soft at the same time. The pepper sauce went well with the shrimps too.

I asked the server their best seller for the paella and he recommended me the Del Señorito Paella (790php for 12'' / 1530php for 15'' / 2320php for 18''). This has boneless chicken and seafood. I had it cooked al dente and thin.

You actually have an option to choose the consistency of your paella here.
* Al dente and thin OR
* Soft and wet
The server told me that Asians prefer soft and wet but Spanish usually enjoy their paellas al dente.

Anyway, it would be better if more chicken and seafood will be put in this paella. Not sure if it's meant to be that way though. This still tasted good and flavorful. I'll try their Paella Valenciana next time for me to have a better comparison among the paellas I've tried.

For our main, I ordered Glazed Pork Ribs (650php). This came with mashed potato, pickles, and roasted cauliflower. The ribs were soft and tender, not to mention that they're also delicious. I liked the sauce that went with these ribs. This order is good for 2-3 people.

Service was okay during this visit. We actually stayed outside the restaurant for better lighting and pokèmon hunting, but the servers still managed to assist our requests. The restaurant's interior is nice too!

P.S. If you want to lessen the waiting time in the restaurant, you can pre-order your paellas. You can also order in advance for take outs. 128541

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Fritz B.
2.0 Stars

This is not a review of the food, but on customer relations. And even assuming that the paella in Arrozeria is one of the best, we would rather pick a restaurant that offers a better overall dining experience. My friends and I went to Arrozeria BGC a few days ago for dinner. We all understood that paella took time to prepare. In any case, after all orders, including two paellas had arrived, there was still one order of paella pending. After two follow ups, we had a discussion with the waitress, who informed us of i) the specific time when the order was entered into the system, and ii) the specified range of minutes for an order of paella to arrive. She insisted that the length of time was normal and even emphasized that this was written in the menu. When the pending paella arrived, we pointed out that the order arrived beyond the specified time. The waitress still insisted that it arrived on time. Since it was so easy to confirm by counting the minutes, the waitress simply walked away when she could not argue anymore against the figures - without any apology or even a cursory "thank you for waiting" if she truly believed there was no harm done. The treatment to us was a far cry from our frequent visits before when the restaurant was still Beso Vinoteka. Good paella in Arrozeria BGC? No, thanks.
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Reann G.
2.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try this restaurant since the time they opened their Century Mall branch but never had the chance to do so. I've seen this restaurant during their soft opening and got curious because of how packed it was that time. I attempted to try it the first time I've seen it but was told I had to make reservations prior so opted to go to another place.

When their High Street branch opened, I felt ecstatic, even more so when I found out that this place was part of Booky Prime restaurant (yay discounts!).

I am a Paella lover and I'm still in search of the best Paella out there. I know I still have lots of restaurants to try but since this one's near my place, I booked via Booky and went there for lunch. I was also aiming to get the P500 discount since I wasn't sure if this place was worth it or not.

Key notes:
‼️‼️ The appetizer which I forgot the name :( it was just complimentary, the waiter did tell us what it was called but then I got distracted and it slipped my mind easily. It was good though!!

‼️ Paella Valenciana (P590/12" good for 2-3) - I order this by default because it is the basic and simplest paella flavour. Before I go on to the next phase of my search, I first want to discover the best Paella Valenciana (lol). This one was just ok. Considering this was a 12" paella, i'd expect it to have more chicken but this one only had 4-5 chicken and not chicken chunks/boneless chicken. It was super bitin!!!! The flavor was nice but it could've been better if the chicken portion or topping wasn't that "tinipid".

❕ Squid Ink battered shrimp - Okay lang. It wasn't something really special. I hated the sauce because it had a weird after taste! Could've been better if a different kind of sauce was used.

Overall the experience was just ok. I probably wouldn't come back to this place considering the price and quality. Our meal was only ok because we made use of Booky Prime to reserve the table and we got P500 off our bill. Without booky, it would've been a waste.

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Yvette Marie C.
3.0 Stars

I liked their appetizer - Gambas Negra.. Not your typical Gambas.. :) loved their ribs as well.. Soft.. Kind of melts in your mouth... Paella - rice is the hero, was salty for me.. And due to problem encountered with their stove, it made us wait for almost an hour before it was served.. Will try the paella negra to have comparison with that of Barcino..

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Sarah L.
1.0 Stars

This review is just for the hostess. Didn't get to try the food and will tell you why shortly. We arrived at their BGC branch at around 10 pm after watching a movie. The hostess asked if we were there for dinner and I said yes. Since we were only two she wanted to seat us in an uncomfortable looking table for two. I asked for a couch so we could be more comfortable. The restaurant wasn't packed at all. Only two tables were filled. One couple was in a couch for four. She said the big couch was too big for us and so was the couch for 4. So she proceeded to seat us in a table for two again. Arrozeria has good reviews of their food and I like Spanish fare but its 10 pm and I would like a more comfortable table after a long day. Besides as I mentioned earlier the restaurant was not packed. Since she didn't want to accommodate my request, we left. I told her our reason for leaving was I didn't like the table. Would it kill her to allow us more space? We live near the area and if a restaurant has good food we patronize it ALOT. But since she was so snooty and there are other great spanish restos who allow for better seats then i'd rather go to these other great spanish restaurants.

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