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Marco P.
2.0 Stars

I disliked it.

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Michelle Ann Y.
4.0 Stars

I'm in Spain right now and I don't have anything to do so I'll just make a review about Spanish food I had in Manila.

I LOVE THE HANDLE OF THEIR MAIN DOOR. Can I take that home, please?

They use different kinds of rice and of course cooking methods. Risotto, Paella, Arroz Caldo you name it! :)

The company tries to support local products in the Philippines. Rice came from different regions to support the local farmers. I grew up in a family who loves Spanish Food and yes Paella! This is one of my go-to Spanish restaurants.

Here are the lists of what we had for dinner:

Lengua Frita: It’s a deep fried Angus ox tongue coated in béchamel with tartar sauce. I liked this! The ox tongue Is so tender and not too oily. It looks like a hash brown though.

Tabla de Pates: Campagne, Conchinillo and Mushrooms, Chicken Pistachio and Seafood Terrine. On the side: Black Olive, Parsley, and Porcini Mushroom Mayonnaise. My personal favorites are the chicken pistachio and seafood terrine and for the side I like the black olives.

 Gambas con Gabardina Negra: Ohhh yeah! Finally tried this one! It looks like a Tempura in Japanese hehe. It’s a squid ink battered shrimps with mojo picon. The shrimp really compliments with the dip and it was so good.

For the Paella, you can choose what consistency you like in your paella (Al dente & thin or soft & Wet)

Paella Valenciana: The classic Paella! It has chicken, rosemary, green and white beans.

Paella Negra: Black squid ink and octopus. Ohh yeah! This is my personal favorite! Actually everyone loves it! It has the right amount of flavor topped with octopus. But this is kinda messy to eat hahaha! Everyone looks like they went to a Halloween party after eating this because the squid ink gives you a really nice black smile. HAHAHA

Paella Abanda: Boneless fish and seafood’s. It’s good; the seafood’s are perfectly cooked and generous.

Fideua (Thin noodles) – Callos: Pork, tripe and garbanzos. Didn’t like this. It has an after taste.

Different kind of Sangria: I personally like the Orange with Cucumber  It really compliments with all the food we had.


Torrija de Coco Caramelizada: A caramelized coconut brioche with pineapple sorbet. The dessert tastes like crème brulee in a bread pudding.

Tarte de Chocolate: Chocolate tart with whipped cream and chocolate crumbs. Well-balanced flavor its not too sweet and not too bitter. I love the plating, btw! Hehe.

Calamansi Semifrio: Calamansi semifreddo with mango sauce and mint jelly with tuille. I was shocked at first because I didn’t know that it was sour (Not paying attention kasi haha). But overall it was good especially if you eat it with the torrija de coco caramelizada.

Overall experience was good. Service needs some improvement. Price is not bad for the quality too. Will definitely coming back 

Follow them on Instagram: @arrozeriamnl for more updates

Follow @CHEFFYMITCHYU on Instagram and Snapchat for more food/drink photos and to discover new restaurants in the metro.

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Butch G.
4.0 Stars

We had paella Negra and Valenciana (forgettable), croquette sampler (excellent), cuchinillo (very tender), and tne shrimp with black tint coating ( interesting)
We treated my Mom for mother"s day. Paella was ok, but needed more (depth) of flavors.. Croquetas were very good, the shrimp appetizer was also very good, overall an ok visit. They need more ventilation though, i smelled
Like the chef!

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Tei A.
4.0 Stars

We ordered Paella Negra and Paella Valenciana.

Paella Negra - we liked this better.
Paella Valenciana - this was good too, but preferred the seafood taste of the Negra.

They gave complimentary small plate of appetizer (grilled ox tongue) which was delicious.

We also liked their freshly baked bread. 128077🏻

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4.0 Stars

Last stop for our epic #centurymallhappening food trip. Dastine S Chichi T, Kirby G, and I were a little full already but we really wanted to try out this place so be braved it. #yolo or in our lingo: you only lafang once. Wuw. Hahaha.

I love the aesthetics and the ceiling design. The inverted ladders were so cool (and the corporate person in me keeps thinking "this is a potential safety hazard" hahaha). But whoever thought of those ceiling fixtures, Ang taba Ng utak mo sir!

We ordered only a few items thinking it was conservative enough, Lo and behold, their servings were huge! #instaba

The must tries:
128073🏼 Rossejat Paella
- scrumptious paella rice topped with generous amounts of beef shanks, pork knuckles, and chorizo. Perfect combo of carbs and meat. Solve! 127860128523 yum!
128073🏼 Pâté sampler
- 4 different pates (2 kinds of pork, seafood, beef) served with 3 different sauces (black olive, mushroom, and spinach) and served with a generous amount of toasted bread slices.
128073🏼 Gambas fried in squid ink batter
- This is definitely a must try! 127844 my favorite dish of the night.

Overall you've got to love the food and the service. 128076🏼 it's authentic Spanish cuisine done right. Sadly we couldn't eat so much as we were a little full when we went there. But definitely going back. 128077🏼

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 4 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 4 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 4 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 4 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 4 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*

#chubbyperohappy #arrozeria #loolooapp #carbs #centurymallhappening #ActiveSocialPh #paella

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Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

After our very disappointing experience in Wasabi Warriors (well not experience, actually, because we walked out. They had no rice!!!!), we quickly decided to go to Arrozeria. No one argued with the choice because we were already hangry. 128514

🔸Croquetas Trio.
Fish and seafood, porcini mushrooms, and stewed bechamel croquettes. This was the first appetizer that came to our table and it was gone in a flash. I could not even savor it because we were all so hungry.

🔸Gambas con Gabardina Negra.
Squid ink battered shrimps with mojo picon. I don't get the hype, really. Everyone raves about this, but I think this could be skipped.

They have 5 different types of paella: the classic PAELLA (Al dente and thin), CALDOSO (Soupy), RISOTTOS (Creamy), MELOSO (Saucy), and FIDEUA (Thin Noodles). We had the classic paella in Del Senorito and another one I cannot remember. Paella was cooked perfectly too, but it kinda lacked flavor for me. Maybe I'm used to a tastier paella.

🔸Chuleton. Angus Ribeye. It was good, but not the best steak I had. Bondi still tops my list!
I also ordered their Cod Confit, but it was too oily and salty.
We got an order of Pulpo too, but I've had better in other restaurants.

🔸Foie Gras Y Boletus.
Foie Gras and Porcini Mushrooms Risotto. BEST DISH OF THE NIGHT. They sure know how to cook their risotto right. The flavor is spot on. I was so full from the paella and appetizers, but I couldn't stop eating this one. I don't like foie gras so my brother ate all of it. I forgot to ask if we could order it without foie.

For drinks, I got their Kalamancello. And it was so good and refreshing! I want to try their Rose Sangria when we go back.

I'm glad that we now have more options when dining at Century City Mall, I'm getting sick of Hole in the Wall! Hahaha!

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5.0 Stars


Gambas Con Gabardina Negra - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Foie Gras Y Boletus Risottos - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Tuna Salad - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5


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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

Paella Negra!! It was good enough for 2 hungry pax. It had generous squid toppings and the rice was cooked just right.128077🏻 Only comment is that their
aoili tasted just like plain didnt have that garlicky-olive oil taste.

Bottle of red wine. We chose one of their house wines but was informed that all house wines are "nit available". We felt that they were upselling us because only the more expensive ones were available.

I wanna try their ofher Paellas! U

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Turisha S.
1.0 Stars

Absolutely disappointed with the menu. Paella rates are written per person per dish. When we ordered paella, they said that we had to 'order for two' as the menu indicated the rates for half of a paellera and for them to cook the paella we had to order two of the same thing! We can't order two different paella flavours in one paella either so what's the point of listing it in the menu as X price = half a paellera serving only? Ridiculous.

They might have remained true to the legitimate paella but I we found the ingredients lacking and the menu fiasco left a bad taste in our mouths.

Seriously if that's going to be the case, arrozeria should just double the rate listed because there is no way they will serve you half a paellera.

While I've read rave reviews from bloggers about this place, I've literally no idea how they appreciated this ridiculous setup and I'm absolutely baffled why they continue praising this place. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's miffed and I hope they fix this issue. Otherwise well, let those diners enjoy that kind of service but I'm not going to be one of them. 128533

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I absolutely love that I’m surrounded by people who love to eat. My Instagram feed never fails to make me hungry. It also gives me ideas on where to eat next. And a few weeks back, someone posted a photo of paella. Soon, I found myself researching about the restaurant that serves that paella and after a few minutes, I listed it down on my “must visit” list. And since it’s my birthday next week, I figured that this is the place to go to treat some of my favorite people.

Hello, ArroZeria Manila!

This new Spanish restaurant has been gaining followers since it opened. Located at Century City Mall’s 4th floor, this place has a homey vibe.

And ArroZeria is quite artsy too with the ladders on the ceiling and adorable door handle!

We decided to go for the following dishes: Tatin De Tomate (PHP395), Jargo Asado (PHP495), Panceta Y Trigueros Risotto (PHP450) and the Paella of the Day, Del Señorito (PHP275). [One thing you have to be mindful of when ordering Paella, Caldoso, Meloso and Fideua is that there’s a minimum order of two. The prices in the menu are on a per person basis, which we find quite odd.]

The first dish to arrive was our salad.

I must say, the presentation was quite different. The lettuce was on top of the baked parmesan and the mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes on spinach pesto were at the bottom. However, the taste wasn’t as impressive. It was too bland for me and for the price of almost PHP400, it was a bit expensive given its serving size.

It took them a long while before they got to serve the next dish. It was over 30 minutes before they got to serve the paella which was said to be readily available and would just require reheating.

However, after one spoonful, I suddenly forgot the wait. It was definitely worth the wait! The paella was oozing with flavors and I loved the tender chicken and seafood. The server mentioned that the serving size is just good for one person and I regret for not listening. It was divine!

The red snapper (Jargo Asado) arrived next and it was pretty good as well. The meat was juicy and it was tasty too. I loved the cauliflower espuma as well!

Last served was the risotto and the plating was quite weird as the risotto was placed on just one side. We all thought that they will still put something else but… they didn’t.

The risotto was a bit on the salty side but it was still oh-so-goooood. I liked the creamy texture of it. There were very few bits of pork belly in the risotto but it was still so flavorful. I just hoped that they included more asparagus to counter the salty taste of the risotto.

Overall, I had a great lunch. The wait was just a bit too much especially since K, T (Favorite Dragon Lady) and I just attended yoga that morning. (I even attended two consecutive classes!) I will definitely be back though.

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I have been planning to visit Le Petit Soufflé for months now but every time I plan to, it gets cancelled. *sigh* I had my heart and tummy ready for a French dinner after my sister’s graduation but since we failed to reserve a table, we had to move elsewhere and our second option was not bad at all… not at all.

Hello again, ArroZeria Manila!

It has been a few months since I last visited this place and I recall that service was a bit slow given that they only prepare the paella after you order (though you could actually call in advance for them to prepare it before you arrive). But the food was awesome so I didn’t mind the wait. I went crazy over the Valenciana and risotto. We ordered Paella Valenciana (PHP295, minimum of two orders) again that night as well as Carpaccio de Atun (PHP195), Pepito de Ternera (PHP250), Fideua Negra (PHP295, minimum of two orders) and Cochinillo (PHP650).

First served that night was the paella and it was surprising given that was one of the last dishes served the last time I went.

The texture seemed to be tougher this time but the lovely flavor was still there. I felt a bit short of the chicken as there were 6 of us sharing paella good for two. (Okay, fine. It was actually good for four persons.) The manager scraped off the burnt paella and distributed it amongst us and it was pretty good too! The crunchy texture with the sauce of Valenciana made my tummy happy.

Next served was the Fiduea Negra. I loved the chewy texture of the octopus and thin noodles. It wasn’t that salty too. But there was one problem. The black squid ink sticks to your teeth. Avoid this when you’re on a date.

Carpaccio de Atun soon followed and I loved the fresh thin slice of tuna. The calamansi espuma added flavor while the tomato hearts and crispy jamon gave more texture to the dish. It’s a great appetizer.

My sister’s Philly cheese steak baguette was pretty good too. It was light on the palate though it was quite filling too.

Last served was the conchinillo and it was the best dish that night! The sous vide suckling pig with parsley and garlic mashed potato and orange clove sauce was a winner! The crisp skin and tender meat was divine. I also liked the garlic-y mashed potato (though my sister still prefers the traditional buttery one). Serving size is pretty small for the price but hey, it’s conchinillo.

Overall, it was a wonderful dinner. I’ll definitely visit again.

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Just look at that majestic orange paella glory! 128523

The long wait for this (about 20min or so I think) was well worth the wait. Though we didn't get to request to have this "al dente and thin" just like tradition, it was still good as "soft and wet". We chose their Del Señorito Paella that had boneless chicken and peeled seafoods. This is to instantly dive in and avoid all that deboning and peeling in the way. It was real good and flavorful! One of the legit paella places in town! Yes, it is quite expensive but very good for some family celebration and bonding. 128104🏻128105🏻128120🏻 (ako yung may crown. Parents ko yung dalawa 128514)

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Mike L.
2.0 Stars

Had the bacalao and the texture was more galunggong than codfish. Also tried the supposed best paella which was duck with mushrooms. It wasn't bad that I puked or something but it was uneventful. I had such high expectations given the pedigree of the resto.

Oh and please don't order the choco dessert - it tastes like diabetes. It was so bad I was cringing while eating it.

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Misty G.
4.0 Stars

Impulsively tried this for a celebratory lunch with the team. Browsing over the menu might be overwhelming though if you're not familiar with Spanish terminologies and food preparations. Probably best to stick with their recommendations and best sellers for first timers. Menu is a bit pricey though, but I think it's probably worth it if you know what you're getting into.

My favorite from our order was the Table de Pate, a visually appealing variety of meats and dips on bread. Had the Abanda paella as well (with seafood), but the rice wasn't as tasty as I'd hoped.

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Spanish cuisine for last night ... Can't order paella or anything we really like due to time constrain... Watching a movie ( Cinderella) in 30 mins 9786

The fancy plating appetizer is actually tuna on tuna tartare with slices of tomato & chives... Really a nice palate opener, it's tarty, sweet & lightly salted (complimentary)

Next is the tabla de patès (395) ( fish & seafood patè , chicken pea, pork cochinillo patè & lastly pork shoulder patè) it's rich varied flavors spread on the toasted crostini & add some dips ( truffle mushroom, parsley & black olives options) to elevate more it's taste

And some risotto for main:
First is the pork belly risotto or panceta y triguetos (450) , it's has a buttery cheesy taste,plus the pork belly flavour & bits topped with cheesy chips & asparagus stalk , lovely plating

foie gras y boletus(550) risotto has a buttery truffle mushroom taste , risotto toast with golden Japanese like shiitake mushroom, really creamy & Rich , luscious to the palate & topped with foie gras is a perfection

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DC l.
4.0 Stars

Bread basket 5/5 (served warm. Crispy crust, super soft and dense inside)

Gambas (pictured) which was shrimp coated in black batter. 4/5 (yummy, very unique)

Mixed Croquettas 4/5

del señorito paella 4/5.

Paella was priced at 390 per order but we were informed that each kind of paella has to be ordered in twos. ??? Why not just put 780 on the menu for an order that's good for two? Just a little weird.

Would probably go back though. Experience was good overall.

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Carolyn V.
2.0 Stars

Heard good comments from one of our friends so we were excited to try it out.

Went last Sunday and waited for a few minutes to be seated since they were fully booked.

Opted to dine outside since we had a huge baby stroller.

Ordered the ff:

Mixed croquettes - the whole fambam loved this!

Fish misto (misto word I used as my own , not same wording used on their menu since I forgot the term they used!) 128523 - it's basically fish coated with a batter and deep fried. They used dilis fish and it was yummy!!!!

Bacalao fish for Mains - fish was rubbery! How come? Huhuhu! And was looking forward to a wonderful meal! This dish failed me! 128078

Risotto with foie gras - risotto was cooked perfectly but foie gras was overcooked! Such a waste! Sayang the foie gras! Huhuhu again! And am a foie gras kind of person! The foie gras was wasted due to was not cooked correctly!

Paella - am Asian though my husbands European but the Paella was way to hard for us. And waited for quite some time for this dish!

Overall, our first visit was an epic failure! We were so disappointed that we skipped desserts and decided to check out more food at hole in the wall which is just across their restaurant.

Appetizers were great... Mains were boo!
Service was ok. Interiors of the resto was amazing!

Hubby was nice enough to say that we will give it another try when they are not on soft opening anymore though.



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Genevieve A.
5.0 Stars

To quote The Lego Movie theme song's lyrics ... everything is awesome! 9786127860 Clockwise: Foie Gras y Boletus Risotto, Cremoso de Chocolate, Torrija de Coco Carmelizada & Fideua Negra 🇪🇸128523128077

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

A new Spanish restaurant at Century City Mall where "Rice is the Hero". This is ArroZeria, a brainchild of the same group behind Vask.

The place, though small, looks modern and hip with its interesting play of industrial, rustic, and, whimsical decor (including dried rice stalks used as table center pieces). The place makes use of unfinished concrete, dark wood, playful metal accents, and nice lighting. It would be no surprise if the same design team who did Vask likewise lent their expertise in designing the place.

Their menu spotlights different takes on rice and short grain pasta dishes ranging from paellas, risottos, and fideuas. But more than the rice and grain dishes, they also offer Appetizers ( ranging from Croquettas, salads, mini sandwiches, Spanish tapas ) , protein dishes ( that include steaks, seafoods), and dessert choices. Their beverage list is extensive that includes non alcoholic beverages , cerveza, and a delightful array of different flavored sangria concoctions.

This visit, I immensely enjoyed the dishes that we tried. Since the paellas take time to cook, it is highly recommended to sample choices from their appetizers and pair these with their sangria selection.

For starters we were served complimentary Amuse Bouche. A free sampler since they were still on soft opening when we dined at the place. The Amuse Bouche was a divine light pork flavored mousse served on a bed of crushed garlic bread crumbs.

We also loved the Huevos Rottos. An appetizer made of perfectly runny eggs cooked sous vides over minced lightly spicy chorizo, nicely seasoned fried potato wedges and sweet caramelized onions.

For our mains, we loved the Negra Fideua. A regional Spanish dish made of short grain thin noodles, cooked paella style. The grains were deliciously flavored in rich squid ink with bits of tender chopped squid and octopus. Yummy with the aioli sauce that helped balance the richness of the seafood dish. Even if the dish used noodles, I loved the fact that it had a crunchy crust called "socarrat". The dish is best eaten while still warm. For some odd reason, as the dish cooled, it became too rich to the taste. And just like most "black" food, be prepared for that "dirty" black tint in the mouth. But, for foodies who enjoy black paella dishes, this flavor is a definite must-try.

We also enjoyed the Rossejat Paella. The rice was deliciously seasoned, cooked with that yummy socarrat crust, and mixed with flavorful and tender pork knuckles, beef shank, and chorizo.

I paired my meal with one of their Sangria flavors. I loved their La Guapa. Served in a huge mason jar, the sangria concoction was light and fruity with a mix of rosa vino, rum, maraschino cherries, and peaches. A refreshing sweet, fruity beverage with a nice and subtle alcohol buzz.

Since they were still on soft opening, we were lucky to be served 2 complimentary desserts. We loved their Arroz Con Leche and Torrija de Coco Caramelizada (and I'm not saying this because they were free, but because they were really good).

The Arroz con Leche was a rich rice and milk pudding. Topped with cream that had a caramelized sugar glaze. The pudding had a creamy sweet taste that went perfectly with the topping reminiscent of a good Creme brûlée.

The Torrija de Coco Caramelizada was also divine. A coconut brioche, drenched in sweet milk, topped with cream that had a caramelized sugar glaze , and served with pineapple sorbet. The sweet ending tasted like a bread pudding topped with Creme brûlée. The side of pineapple sorbet was nicely sweet and tarty. It nicely balanced the richness of the milk soaked brioche.

Their pricing is on the average-high side (but definitely more affordable than their sister restaurant, Vask). Their appetizers range from 160-300. Their paella/risotto/Fideua dishes range from 275-550. Their dulces between 195-250. The more expensive dishes in their menu are understandably their steak dishes. Not bad at all.

Would definitely be back to try their other dishes. I've got my eye on their Risotto with Foie Gras and their Seafood Paella. Would also love to come back for their awesome Negra Fideua. And of course their La Guapa Sangria.

ArroZeria comes highly recommended to foodies who enjoy Spanish cuisine specially paellas.

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