Art Capital Cafe

ML Quezon Ave. Ext., Angono, Rizal

Art Capital Cafe
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Nievs G.
5.0 Stars

Very satisfying light dinner (what I mean by "light dinner" is a dinner that doesn't include rice, but, well... 128513). Art Capital Café has exciting new offers, some of which I have tried:

▫ Spicy Tuna Apple Sandwich (or whatever it is, ₱135) - Tuna? 128031 Apple? 127822 Then a bit of heat? 🌶 Plus cheese? 🧀 The combination may sound improbable, but it worked in this croissant sandwich. The tuna filling was generous and creamy. The thin apple slices gave the sandwich some crunch and fruity sweetness. This was really filling. And the melted cheese in it? Oh my. 128522

▫ Boston Cream Donut + Cappuccino (₱115) - 127849 + 9749 This combo is for promo only. Art Capital Café now serves donuts that look like Krispy Kreme's. I chose this one, the Boston Cream, and Cappuccino, which came separately with cinnamon powder. Good ending to my dinner. I requested that the donut be reheated. The gloss of the chocolate was lovely.

Of course, Krispy Kreme's donut is better with its melts-in-your-mouth texture, but ACC's donuts are good too, a perfect ending to any meal. If customers want something sweet but do not want to eat heavy cakes, their donuts will be a good alternative.

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Nievs G.
3.0 Stars

I have already been a "tita" before this "tita" thing became trendy, lols. 128521 Tita duties this past weekend -- took my nieces to a small treat for the last (vacation) time before they would go back to school.

I wasn't able to take some pictures of all the food we ate. I guess we were enjoying too much and the most important was to make my nieces happy.

🔘 Butterbeer Frappe (₱109) - My 8-year-old niece, a newly christened "Potterhead", enjoyed this drink just because it was named as such. It didn't remotely look like the Butterbeer in Harry Potter movies, it didn't even have a head of whipped cream which left me a bit disappointed. Ako pa talaga ung na-disappoint hehe. 128513

🔘 Cotton Candy Frappe (₱109) - My 13-year-old niece ordered this one. She originally wanted to have a smoothie but it wasn't available. It was topped by a colorful whipped cream and sugar sprinkles.

🔘 ACC Espresso (₱60) - I didn't take a picture of this one.

🔘 Spiced Chai, hot (₱80) - My first time to try chai latte. I was not sure if it was a real chai latte or it was merely named as such. It had no sweetness whatsoever, but I thought that was fine. It was aromatic and herb-y. I liked it.

🔘 Nachos (₱100) - Chips were mostly "makunat" or in this case, losing crispness. But it was no doubt that it was super duper chessy! 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 my nieces really enjoyed it.

🔘 Spam Fries (₱135) - I loved this dish, as did my nieces. It was served with a cheesy dip. So crunchy. Magaya nga sa bahay, SM Bonus version. 128513

I have been to Art Capital Café a few times but it was my first time to feel a bit let down on this visit because of the unavailability of some items and the not-so-crispy nacho chips. In addition, their cake display had no cakes whatsoever. 128533 hindi pa daw dumating. Sayang, gusto ko pa naman sana umorder ng Oreo Cheesecake, my favorite from this cafe.

Good thing their Wi-Fi was available and working fine.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

I was surprised to learn that Art Capital Cafe also serves pizza, so we checked it out. It is only my third time to be there.

What we ordered:
⚪Cotton Candy Frappe (₱100)
⚪Java Chip Frappe (₱100)
⚪Butter beer Frappe (₱100)
⚪Lucio pizza [probably named after National Artist and Angono's pride, composer Lucio San Pedro] (₱190)

Kind of disappointed that my Java Chip wasn't topped with a blue whipped cream, but just a regular whipped cream. Nevertheless, it tasted great! Sweet and deep flavored at the same time, I tasted the coffee in it and it wasn't overwhelmed by sweetness of the chocolate.

The pizza looked simple but the taste and texture were surprisingly good! The crust was the most noticeable thing about this pizza -- it was thin and crunchy! The smoky bacon bits also saved it from becoming an ordinary-tasting pizza. We could have ordered the Botong pizza (with spicy chicken and bell peppers) but it wasn't available at the time.

Understandably, it took a while before the pizza was served, but it was good so 'twas worth the wait.

Overall, a good snack time at the Art Capital Cafe! 128522

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

1. Except for convenience stores, it's rather unusual for me to see a cafe just beside a gas station. Art Capital Cafe is beside Caltex station along ML Quezon Avenue in Angono.

2. I remember they held a car show last fiesta in November but I wasn't able to catch it. However, when I dined there the second time we were lucky to see a couple of classic cars outside the cafe (one was like the Mazda car that Shaider's Annie drove, but was red, and another car which was more vintage; forgot to check out further though)

3. It was a cute little busy space. Lots of seats inside and also outside the cafe.

4. Of course I tried their fare. The Salisbury Steak was actually a burger steak with gravy and mashed potatoes. Quite surprised of the servings in relation to its price, it was rather small, but it had a good taste. Their orange-flavored cake was just good enough to go with my Macadamia nut macchiato.

5. Tried their sandwiches too. The clubhouse sandwich was really good -- servings were generous, you can share it with three other people. As I like Spam, I love my Spam sandwich.

6. More sweets -- the red velvet cake was good (loved the thick cream cheese) as well as the brownie which was small but heavy and moist. Most of their desserts were drizzled with condensed milk (I may eat them without the milk as the desserts were already sweet, but it makes the desserts really pretty).

7. Tried their frappes too such as Buttered Beer and Salted Caramel Mocha, served in mason jars. Both were toooooo sweet for me, but the good thing is that they were smooth -- Starbucks' frappes sometimes have grains of ice remaining. Good thing they served us water to clear the sweetness off our palate.

8. As the cafe is called as such, it follows the art gallery-cum-cafe/restaurant concept here in Angono as it is the country's art capital. It features beautiful paintings by the talented local artists.

9. Courteous and smiling staff :)


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