Art of Taco

2/F SM Light Mall, EDSA cor. Madison St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Art of Taco
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Most Recent Reviews

Odessa G.
4.0 Stars

Best value for money!! Me and my friend decided to chill and talk about life so we chose Art of Taco.

Darn. We never thought we could eat pica-pica food this much but yeah, we did! 128514

So much for diet.

128139 Crispy Beef Tacos - for only 25php if you eat in the resto.

128139 Nachos - for 50php.

128139 Cheese Quesadilla - for 50php.

All with satisfying Mexican taste. 🤗

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Odessa G.
4.0 Stars

Akala ko po mauubos ko di pala. 128514 My bad.

Had Steak Rice Toppings and Cheese Quesadilla it was good! 128076🏻128076🏻

Nothing beats good food with fresh ingredients. 128076🏻

Soft pita was good real good! 128076🏻128076🏻

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Kathleen Cerla G.
4.0 Stars

Tuesday is Taco Day 128513

My partner and I liked their taco when we first ate during watching the movie.

They have 3 tacos and you may choose the sauce from spicy, medium and I forgot the last one. We either choose the medium (for me) and spicy (for my partner) just for 99 pesos

Love their tacos 128513

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Ivy R.
3.0 Stars

I think we need more taco places in the Metro, that's why I was especially interested in visiting this place. The attempt to create a Mexican taqueria is passable, and with reasonable prices, it attracts the after-work crowd. I ordered their fish taco with attitude and lemonade, all for 159 pesos. For that amount, the serving was sufficient. I will say though that the fish itself is a bit underwhelming. They serve it with a special white tartar sauce that doesn't have Mexican flavors at all. In fact, it tastes like egg salad. It is yummy egg salad, but not Mexican at all. The smoky salsa, which is an additional 20 pesos, is passable. I'm looking for more heat, though. I'll try the other items on their menu before I pass further judgement, but for now this is a so-so restaurant for me. And can I just say something about the electronic menu boards please? The way that the products are presented is too crowded, and the screen changes too quickly, before the customer even has a chance to absorb the menu.

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Michelle A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Sun M.
4.0 Stars

A new Tex-Mex restaurant has recently opened in SM Light - ART OF TACO, which is located at the second floor of the mall. I was invited by my workmates to go here. They knew I wouldn't say no if it's something I haven't tried before. Haha.

The place is a little narrow, both on their ground and second floor. On a lighter note, I liked the ambiance of the place, it was very welcoming like the guy who was offering a free taste of their Chicken and Steak Fajitas outside. Haha.

I was a little pressured ordering here because you have to pay as you order at the counter. The menu is pasted on a clear glass next to the cashier. So yeah, it will take time before you could order because you have to familiarize yourself with their menu & ordering process. Good thing there were only few customers at that time.

They have 2 flat screen TVs hanging on the wall to put some entertainment and a small wine bar at the far end of the resto.

For their Fajitas, you are automatically given 3 choices for the salsa. You can choose 1 between Home Made Charred Salsa (Medium Spicy), Green Salsa (Mild), and Yellow Salsa (Fire).

If you want to add extra salsa, they have more to choose from:


If I recall it right, extra dip is Php20 bucks except the Mango Pico which is Php25.

I tried their Yay, Chicken Fajitas (Php99) - 128522128522128522 - as stated in their menu, it's a seared chicken grilled over an open fire. It came with grilled vegetables, crisp lettuce, and oico de gallo served in a fresh soft flour tortilla.

One of their best-sellers, I paired the Chicken Fajitas with their Homemade Charred Salsa. I loved the chicken in it, as it was flavorful with a little bit of spiciness and sweetness. The flour tortilla was deliciously tender and soft. Eating tortilla could always get messy, but I didn't mind at all. Haha. I ended up not eating the salsa as it was too spicy for me. The Chicken Fajitas was still good to be eaten alone. I only wished it has more chicken filling. 128521 If you are a hefty-eater, you might need to order as the serving is only good for a light snack.

The rest of my officemates tried another best-seller of theirs which was the Steak Fajitas (Php119) - 128522128522128522 - it's an authentic Americano tenderdized Grade A beef that's time-tested with natural seasoning, according to their menu. My officemates liked it, too.

We also tried their Nacho Chips + Chicken Fajita + Cheese Dip (Php199) - 978697869786 - I felt that it was served with only a small amount of chicken fajita and vegetables. The cheese dip was unforgettable though! I loved it because it was so creamy but not too salty. Not sure whether it's a home-made though. Extra Cheddar Cheese / Sour Cream dip is Php49.

When it comes to price and serving, I would say it's a little expensive compared to others, especially that you had to pay for the extra dip! 128547 I have also recently visited Silantro Fil-Mex I could ask for free dip refill. Haha.

I was also a little disappointed with their service as I have to ask for an extra tissue for 4 times! 128547128547128547 Given that they are only new, attentiveness and customer service is maybe something they should improve.

Still, I would love to visit here again to try their rice meals and desserts!

Drop by here for a quick snack and try! They also deliver, but only to the residents of SMDC Light Residences. 128076128076128076

First review with 3 photos attached! Yay! Thank you looloo for granting our wishes! Haha.

P.S. I changed my username from (@hermouthisfull) to my real name because I was forced by Peanut D last night. Hahahahaha. Kiddin! Speaking of last night, watch out for my next review for Liberty Asian Refuge + Bar that was sponsored by looloo! 999699969996

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