Artesania MNL Cafe

2/F, 140 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Artesania MNL Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

What's better than coffee? Colorful coffee! 127752

Artesania MNL Café's Galaxy Latte is one pretty drink! Aside from being IG-worthy, it's surprisingly good coffee. This place is perfect for people who love art. Make sure to check them out on your next Maginhawa foodtrip! 128522

Note: They have a 250php/head Pizza-All-You-Can! Aaaand, they also have art workshops!

Food styling by Norman Lester T. 128522♥️

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Artesania MNL Cafe is not your ordinary cafe. Its charms lie on the things that you can do in their place. Here, you may pick out pens you can use to color a page from a coloring book.

They also organize art workshops led by certified artists. For a minimal fee, you can already indulge yourself into the arts while enjoying your cup of coffee.

There were four of us who visited Artesania MNL Cafe, and we stayed there for a couple of hours. I had the Galaxy Latte, which happens to be the cafe’s best selling beverage.
Others had their cup of black coffee, mocha, and affogatto. I have also ordered their matcha cake with mixed berry and nuts. For someone who isn’t that fond of cakes, I find it good enough on my side.

If only I wasn’t feeling full that day, I would have also tried their other dishes as well, since this artsy place offers a variety of full meals, including pastas, pizzas, and salads.

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Check out these galaxy lattes tho! 127878127879127756

A friend and I decided to check out this place one day specifically for their colorful lattes. The place is decorated with art stuff and one wall was a big chalkboard that had schedules of art workshops and classes they would be holding, so that's interesting!

This cafe offers light meals and drinks that blend aesthetics and flavor harmoniously. Prices are in the 100-200+ peso range. I didn't get to try any of their food, but the lattes we had (Black Forest and English Toffee, their bestsellers) were good, although got a bit too sweet for our tastes midway.

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Tanya S.
5.0 Stars

Ever since I saw their Galaxy latte, I couldn't stop thinking about it! so when I finally have the chance to visit their restaurant, no regrets... I ordered their flavored Iced tea in Strawberry lychee to quench my thirst and I can still taste, feel and see the strawberry bits knowing it's not just the typical flavored teas in powder forms. I also tried their "Love me tender" pasta that I really liked! I purposedly didn't finish my pasta because I'm soooo excited to try the Galaxy latte, I got one in Black forest and it's instagram worthy! I just stared at it thinking how to drink this beautiful creation in a cup and since I am a coffee lover, I just love the right taste and blend of coffee, milk and sugar and lastly, the best cheesecake of my 2016 goes to Artesania MNL,'s Caramel walnut cheesecake! it's really unique to put the walnut at the bottom and the cheesecake is not the sweet and right amount of caramel topped at the cheesecake for sweetness is perfect!
I also love that everything in this cafe is artsy! they offer art classes and before I forget, their pop-up menu is super unique! the only thing that I can suggest to them is to look for a bigger space. ;)

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Peeya D.
5.0 Stars

In a country where Starbucks basically rule, it is pretty hard to find a local coffee shop to love. When I heard about this cool place from my partner, I was not even sure if I would love their place and esp. the menu. But, everything changed when we got to the place. It has a good location and the guard at the parking area was so kind. There was so much to choose from and the menu has a pop-up style which made it so special. I ordered the Nutcracker Latte and basically expected a simple yet cute mug but not the Galaxy Art on it! It was so cool and it does taste like my drink from Starbucks for real! For me, it was actually, BETTER. The drink was not too hot which was a plus for me, and I seriously stared at it for a minute to admire its beauty. My partner ordered their Hot Chocolate and she was so excited to mix it all up in her cup. Artesania has a cool concept of combining coffee, food and art in one place and I cannot wait to be a regular customer of this place every Friday. This place will surely never go out of style and will never bore anyone because of its artsy activities for their customers! See you soon Artesania!! 128139128525 127775127775127775127775127775

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

My eyes glittered and rainbow almost came out of my mouth when i saw this ad of the galaxy latte art. I am a sucker for latte arts. This one i need to see in person and check what sorcery they use to make this one of a kind latte art.

But before diving into that subject matter, i am happy to see that this cafe really promotes left minded people-- arts and crafts fanatics! They allow to their cafe to be rent out by arts and crafts masters to share their knowledge and skill of their craft mastery. The place could only accommodate 8-10 pax inside and has additional 5 pax outside.

The place has opened two months ago and they'll be finally having their grand opening this 12th of November. Nonetheless, they have a few booking of craft and arts seminar on the third week of November. I went were 8:30pm and the cafe was almost full

128204 black forest latte @130php
Yes, i have specifically chosen a drink that will showcase their skill in making the galaxy latte art. the finish product was pleasing to the eyes. The latte was just a single shot of espresso the rest was flavoring syrup. I asked to lessen the black forest syrup they were amenable.
They use food coloring on top of a very thick and sturdy foam. They smear the coloring to make it artsy. So drinking it will stain your lips. But it's easily wiped out by wet tissue so no worries. Fir me i find the foam too thick and not much coffee taste in there.
There are other interesting flavors though
-english toffee latte
-nutcracker latte
-caramel macchiato

128204128525 cheese steak sandwich @250php
I like this one very much! This is a good serving of cheesy beef sirloin strips! This is good for a medium meal. It's a bit weird it's in a hotdog bun. The nachos you see at the side?-- man, they were pesto flavored and really jives well with the beef and bun taste! I am so recommending this fir gourmet sandwich lovers. I saw the wax paper then. Made me a little hesitant to use the knife as it would only cut the paper into pieces--risk of having those tiny pieces be accidentally eaten.

So yeah, if you have a plan of sharing any of your craft/ art mastery good for 8-10audiences, contact Clarissa at or call (02)8918958 for more details.

If you like to join to any craft/art activity just look for a schedule at their store otherwise, call the numbers above.

Also, you could also increase your art skills even there's no special activity at the cafe, they sell craft materials ranging from 30php-150php. Painting, coloring, just check their cafe what's available. Good for kids as well!

Overall, this may not be a hit fir coffee people, but i'm giving this place 4 stars for the concept. Hope they could find a bigger place

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