Artists Gallery

190 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Artists Gallery
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Most Recent Reviews

Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

An art gallery and a cafè in one? What more can you ask for?

Artists Gallery (formerly Artists Haven) is a hidden gem amongst the throng of food spots in BF Homes, Parañaque. This place is heaven for people who love art and good food at the same time.

The place is a 2-storey art gallery and cafè, we were super stoked by the pink colored walls, all the amazingly curated artworks, and the charming curved entrances and corners. It was just so quaint and lovely. And let's not forget to mention that every nook and cranny of this place is IG-worthy!

The bonus thing was when we visited, we had the place all to ourselves! We had a wonderful time roaming around and just appreciating art.

Now let's head on to the cafè, one thing I noticed was that there were no two seats or tables alike. Each and every chair and table is different. Be it a polka dot chair, a sleek red table, a floral printed cushion, a good 'ole rustic wooden table, every one of them is unique!

And not straying away from its artistic theme, the items on the menu were inspired by names of famous artists. We had the following:

127912 Andy Warhol's Mushroom Pasta (280php) - oil-based spaghetti pasta with bits of chicken and mushrooms. This one is delish but kinda too oily.

127912 Mona Lisa's Cheeks (195php) - basically deep fried lechon kawali. And trust me when I say this one is yummers! It was so tender and crispy it was perfect!

127912 Da Vinci's Spaghetti (250php) - red sauce pasta served with parmesan bread.

We immensely enjoyed the food in the midst of all the artworks surrounding us. It was a great experience. The people there were so accomodating and really friendly. We're from the North and the trip to the South was worth it! 128522

Oh, and they offer workshops and art classes too! So the next time you schedule a foodtrip in the South, make sure to never miss this out! 10084

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Abby M.
3.0 Stars

Breaded fish fillet. Didn't expect their main course to have fried eggs. Haha. Not complaining about it though.

Dessert and drinks are overpriced. One tiny leche flan (gravy container-sized) for Php75. Same with powder-brewed iced. Tea. Presentation's great though, as expected from an artist's abode. I loved the flower centerpieces and the displayed artworks.

More for viewing than eating.

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Khaimah Fe B.
3.0 Stars

Had mona lisa's cheeks, and it was sinfully good! Fresh from the pan, pork is crispy and delicious! Price is also reasonable. However, slightly disappointed with leche flan's serving size - veeeeery small for something worth php75 (could have bought one llanera of leche flan which tastes just as good as the one served earlier)! Expected the php75-iced tea to be home-brewed; sadly, it is simply a powdered beverage. ☹️
Ambience is a bit gloomy (possibly due to the absence of other customers), but yeah, the resto's name is given justice because of the tons of paintings displayed. Service is a bit slow, though ate and kuya exude good aura. 128519
Might come back to try the other dishes.

PS. Loved the flower centerpieces 128522

  • No. of Comments: 1
Jacqui T.
4.0 Stars

Artists Haven is truly an amazing place for artists. Numerous paintings from different painters - all for sale. Their dishes are named after various artists/painters as well cooked in their unique recipes.

The place has 2 areas separated by a glass sliding door. The right side is designed for diners with upholstered chairs and tables. The other side is their gallery room.

We came in during lunch time, but the place was empty. No server nor greeter. Lol! I looked around the place till I reached their office and found Manang. We ordered Van Dyke Roast Beef & Claude Monet Baked Chicken Curry.

Van Dyke Roast Beef - Roast beef with corn and carrots cooked in their own recipe. We have waited for more than 30 minutes and expected the meat to be tender, but to our disappointment the meat was still tough. Its sauce was perfect for the meat though.

Claude Monet Baked Chicken Curry – their chicken curry was cooked in their own version as well. It has cereals on top, salty and not spicy. TIP: Do not pour too much sauce on your rice or order two cups of rice. I found their curry sauce salty and too flavorful.

Since I found their place relaxing and cozy, maybe I’ll come back to try their dessert and coffee. If not for the place, I would have given them 3 stars only.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Impromptu Field trip and dessert date @ Artists Haven Café.

One rainy saturday afternoon, we decided to visit our friend. Their house is just beside this cafe so we decided to go here.

The minute we entered the place, we fell in love with it right a way! 10084️ The tables, chairs and the paintings - the whole place is so artsy -- So beautiful!!!! 128525 This café is a must visit for everyone (south people have no excuse not to visit this place!). It's located along Aguirre ave. just in front of Atoy's. It's a mini museum and a cafe. The place is quiet, peaceful and not yet crowded. YET. 128586

Since we already ate a lot that day, we had lunch at Bamba Bistro and Anthony prepared dinner, we just decided to try their coffee and desserts. Their turon with chocolate dip was really yummy. The wrapper was thin and crispy and there's a lot of banana inside! 128069 We ordered 2 leche flans but they're not the same. One was rich and creamy and yummy 128523 while the other was hard? Dry? 128546 Weird.

But their servers were really really nice and accommodating. They were even sharing stories and asking us to comeback again. 128513

We would love to come back earlier next time so we can also try their dishes and be able to stay longer. 128521128077

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Christina M.
3.0 Stars

The serving size was good. The taste not from what I expect.

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Erika Q.
4.0 Stars

Perfect for art lovers tho their menu is still limited but would still recommend it!

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Erick B.
5.0 Stars

I love the ambience of this place. On their walls are wonderful artwork of famous and not so famous artists. All for sale.

I wasn't able to try their food aside from the coffee and leche flan so I need to come back for that. But I can say that their leche flan is the best! Rich, thick, and perfectly sweet!

They also hold exhibits here. On the 2nd and 3rd of May, Labing-Isa, a group of talented young artists in which Sheryl Anne B is also a part of, will be holding their multimedia exhibit here entitled "Papunta Ka Pa lang, Pabalik Na Ako". This is to pay tribute to our elders, the ones who have seen it all, the wise men and women whose experiences can teach our young generation today. A portion of the proceeds will go to House of Somang, an institution that shelters and cares for the needs of their featured elderly.

So if you happen to be around the area by that time, go check it out. There will be pastries and coffee, and artwork of who knows, maybe the future national artists of our country 128522

  • No. of Comments: 3
Kal C.
5.0 Stars

It's my first time to try this new resto in my place. I was curious at first but got fascinated with the ambiance and of course their delightful food.

The place was big and spacious, you'll be surrounded with paintings, crafts and other art works that's why it is called an Artist's Cafe. The place was quiet too, you can hold meetings with a group or one. They have dividers or separate rooms for your privacy and of course a Free Wifi.

The staff were very accommodating, they will make sure your stay with them will feel you so homey. Talking about the food? It was great and comforting! They have a unique menu that you can choose from meat, soups, salads and sweets. The price is worth it with the serving of their food. Filipino dish to be proud of!

Now, I have found a new place to stay where can I bring friends and clients!


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