Art's Cream Gallery

1/F Robinsons Place Manila, Pedro Gil St. cor. Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

Art's Cream Gallery
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Most Recent Reviews

Zia M.
3.0 Stars

Just because I'm not super hungry and I need a place to wait, that's why I'm here haha

Located in the center of the ground floor, you can chill out with umbrellas on, here. Haha

I ordered simple bacon cheeseburger pizza. Nothing fancy about the taste, it's just super thin crust. Not good for sharing.

I haven't tried their gelato yet, maybe next time. Also, I'm not a fan. Haha

I wish kuya would smile more to customers because it's a part welcoming them. 128527

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Faith M.
4.0 Stars

Ordered their 4 sliced Thin crust pizza for Php 99 and their Gelato, you will choose two Gelato, I forgot the name but it has snickers and toblerone for only PhP 95. Not bad. 128522

The thin crust pizza (literal talaga na thin crust) is delicious and I really liked it and it's affordable! You can easily get full by just eating that alone, for me. Hahaha. 128514128076

The Gelato was also good but I would prefer more Gelatissimo than Art's in terms of Gelato.

Service was also good. 128077128077128077

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

A quick stop before meeting my college friends for an afternoon of chitchat!

I was with hubby and the little girl, in my favorite mall of all time - Rob Place Manila! My college haven! They dropped me there and accompanied me until my friends arrived. As we headed to Starbucks, Cherienne saw the big red umbrellas decorating Art's Cream Gallery. She was so attracted with umbrellas and run towards the store so we decided to give it a try.

They have some pasta dishes, pizza, cakes & pastries, coffee & frappes, smoothies and a selection of gelato. But the baby girl was in control so she chose a slice of Tiramisu.

It was actually a pretty slice...three layers of cake with cream filling in between, finished off with more cream, chocolate ganache, cocoa powder and finally, with chocolate drizzle. But there was something wrong. It didn't taste like Tiramisu at all! There was no coffee hint in it. 128561128555128548

However, I liked the cake layers. They were plain vanilla cake slices that had the right moisture. More on the chiffon side, I liked the texture created by the cream that was absorbed a little.

Maybe if the cake slice had a different name I could have rated it with 127775127775127775127775 But since I expected Tiramisu and it was not delivered, then amasareeehhh...

The place tends to get noisy since it's an open space just below the elevator. But the staff did not mind even if we stayed there for a long time 128513

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Trixia C.
4.0 Stars

After lunch at Tempura, I saw those gelato display. They are calling me. 128540128541

BUBBLEGUM GELATO FINALLY!!! 128525128525128525
+ MINT CHOCOLATE GELATO. Hayyy! My two favorite flavor ever!!! 128523128523128523

For only 95PHP you can have those two flavorful gelato inside your mouth!

But hey! Don't compare it with the expensive BONO and Coldstone because it can justify why they're expensive.

This gelato is already good to have just for less than a hundred. 128518128513

Why did I only discovered you when Robinson's is not one of my home already. 128524

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Heather G.
3.0 Stars

Nothing short of extraordinary, but your better bet than Fic and other Gelato Parlor

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Miss H.
2.0 Stars


I've tried to skip caffeine today but my body really craves for it!

Starbucks is full and I'm in the mood for a seat. So I check UCC Cafe Terrace and it's packed, too. Wondering where to have my coffee fix, I looked around and saw this place. The signage says its "gelato and cafe." So I must've found the perfect place.

The whole place is adorned by red decorations. I feel like dining in a Chinese restau. Since it is not jam-packed, went to the cashier, checked the menu board and ordered a cup of Iced Mochaccino since it is one of the best sellers.

I am tempted to try their gelato, too, but I reminded myself I had too much sugar already.

I checked the place for vacant seats and found myself sitting on a mini-sofa covered by red leather. It is soft enough that I sit like a boss. Lol.

My order came so I indulged immediately. Wahhhh! For Php115, the Mochaccino tasted like instant coffee with fine coffee granules not properly mixed. Sobrang tamis at mukhang hindi hinalo mabuti. I should've gotten myself a to-go Iced White Mocha from SB and find another place to chill in.

I looked around seeing Mary Grace, Happy Lemon etc one floor above this place.

I should've not trusted a gelato place for my coffee fix. Too bad I wasted a hundred bucks for a pretentious cup of coffee.

Now I'm having second thoughts if their gelato is worth the try or not. Cheap gelato yet I felt betrayed with my coffee so no chances yet for them.

PS: Art's Cream Gallery is located in an open area so expect to hear the mall's music and to see people walking around.

As for the service, the cashier turned her back on me right after my first order. Supposedly i'd be ordering Double Flavor Gelato for Php90 but she didn't entertain me well so I dropped down the idea plus I had too much sugar already.

I don't know if it deserves a second chance. It could be them or maybe, I'm just feeling grumpy today.

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Ina V.
5.0 Stars

Best baileys ice cream!!!

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Yohan C.
4.0 Stars

It's a small gelato and coffee shop in the Midtown wing. If you've heard of Fiorgelato, they're run by the same group.

The place is cute with the red umbrellas and all, but not quiet as it's an open area inside a mall. I usually just buy a scoop of Bailey's gelato to-go (Php 60 in a cup).

I heard they had some nice designs for their gelato if you dine in, and they also have the 'Tower of Gelato,' which is made of 12 scoops of different flavors (Php 350 if i'm not mistaken). Perfect for groups of friends who decide to chill here. I've tried it once and it's a pretty good deal considering their flavors are awesome.

Aside from gelato and coffee, i think they serve sandwiches and pasta as well.

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