Metro Centre Hotel, CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran, Bohol

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Reopens Tue: 11:00a - 11:00p
+63(038) 411-5875


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Nesty A.
5.0 Stars

Some couples might want/like/love to spend their 1st Wedding Anniversary out of town, out of the country, in a beach (hello Boracay or Hawaii), or maybe in a cold place like Baguio (everyone's ideal place for honeymoon 128145). But for my husband and I, PASS on these ideal options! Because we are blessed with a healthy & cutie 4-month old baby girl that traveling is a big no-no.

June 02, 2013 came...

Hubby: Happy 1st Anniversary! 128525 Asa ta mag-celebrate (Where are we gonna celebrate)?

Me: Happy 1st Anniversary! 128512 Wa koy idea hehe (I have no idea).

Hubby: Let's eat somewhere! Unsay gusto nimo kaunon (What do you like to eat)?

Me: Game! Ganahan ko mo kaon ug pagkaon nga wa pako ka kaon (I wanna eat food that I haven't eaten yet)!

Hubby: Let's go to Asiatika! Daghan options didto (There are many options there).

Me: Okay! 128077

So we went to Asiatika in MetroCentre Hotel with our little princess. When we got in, there were 2 tables occupied, group of Korean dudes and dudettes on the window side, and group of businessmen on the other side. There was a table already setup in the middle, good for 2 or 4. The servers (I think all of them) greeted us and told us to occupy that table 128526.

I opened their menu and started looking for food that I haven't tried eating yet. To my surprise, I saw Japanese options! I told my husband "I found what I want! Japanese food!" I asked the server, "Asay mas lami (Which one is better), Kushi Katsu or Tonkatsu?" He answered, "Tonkatsu mam". So I got their Tonkatsu (perfect! I can finally taste the Katsu obsession of looloo users in Yabu!).

Serving time took around 10 minutes or maybe more. We just didn't notice because we were entertained by their flat screen TV playing ASAP. Tsaran... My Tonkatsu order was served first. It was plenty! The breaded pork was stuffed with ham and cheese and was served with tangy sweet sauce. It was crispy and tasted really good. But when I poured the sauce to a slice of it, dang, it was too strong for my taste 128555. I ended up eating the Tonkatsu without mixing it with the sauce. It still tasted good with the Japanese Fried Rice.

I was too excited for the Tonkatsu that I forgot to order a drink! So I added in Citrus Iced Tea for the drink. At P60 price, I didn't think that it would taste a whole lot better than I expected. It was sooo good! I will order the same drink when I go back here.

When it's your special day, you wouldn't mind eating a lot and ruin your diet. True? 128521 So I tried their dessert called "Buko Mango with pandan jelly". It was filled with milk and vanilla ice cream on top + cherry. At first, I was like... Wow! Sweet! Creamy! but then later on... I felt like it was sugary and "bidli". I still finished it though.

Overall, good food, good place (clean, convenient, fully air-conditioned, nice ceiling & lights, with flat screen TV), good service (friendly & very accommodating staff). Those things deserve 127775127775127775127775127775 stars!

And oh I heard there is live band playing at night here. So yeah, this is a good place if you wanna chill at night 128512.

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