Atelier Vivanda

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Atelier Vivanda
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Most Recent Reviews

Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

I don't know what I was celebrating and I am not sure why I ended up dining at Atelier Vivanda. Well, it was really because of the neighboring restaurant I first went into. I was suppose to try the newly opened Mulberry Door but I got irked. There was only one table available outside as the rest were reserved. No issues with that. I stepped in and the servers were sitting down the couch and one server said "yes sir?". I asked if I can see the menu and the server pointed at the menu. 128543 Sayang naman yung interior niyo.

Anywho, so it's my first time at Atelier Vivanda and I did not have any plans to spend on steak. I only got their Black Angus Hampe (PHP795) and Black Angus Hanging Tender (PHP795). Both at 200 grams each and still cheaper than ordering a steak. 128514 I had them both medium rare. I think it was cooked perfectly with the right firmness for a medium rare. It did not have too much fat but it was tender and juicy. The server said that thinly sliced Smoked Beef Aged for 50 days is on promo and you can get it half its original price (PHP980). It was good and perfect with a bottle of beer so I ordered one with it. I was quite surprised that the price of their Pale Pilsen wasn't over PHP100. I cannot complete my meal withour rice so I got their Smoked Beef Fried Rice (PHP295) and it reminded of Kushikatsu Daruma's Chahan.

I settled at the second floor and all the staff were either outside or downstairs. It was hard for me and the other customers to get their attention.

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

Holstein Beef Rib - 1008410084100841008410084

Thinly Smoked Beef Aged for 50 Days - 1008410084100841008410084

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Giovan T.
4.0 Stars

Chef Akrame Benallal's passion to share good food extends to Manila. He is known for Akrame his first restaurant that open back in 2011, which sensationalised enough to receive a 2-Star mark on the Michelin Guide. That may have affected their early days here in Manila as expectations were high beyond reason. I decided to wait out the hype and let the restaurant warm-up to a stable state, which made my dining experience excellent. Ambiance is bright on the sides and shaded on some, overall feel is modern. Table setup is casual with features, such as the knife holder integrated on the table. The numerous glassware and utensils may seem cumbersome, but an ideal setup of their class, no need to request for anything when everything is on the table.


Atelier Vivanda Manila makes lunch more than just a munch with their 6 piece set, composed of an Appetiser, Main Course, Pomme de Terre (Starch), Salad, Coffee or Tea, and finally a dessert to sweeten the deal further. Besides the savings, one has the total curated experience that represents Atelier Vivanda.


Pumpkin Soup
Smooth pumpkin puree and crisp pumpkin chips gives a nice contrasting texture thats supported in flavour by the fried shallots and sweet candied walnuts.


The Cauliflower Soup
Smoked Haddock and Parmesan Cheese


Grilled Rack of Lamb (850 PHP)
Although the lamb was a bit of a challenge to slice the rich meaty flavour was too good to pass. When it's meat I don't mind using my teeth.


Duck Confit (975 PHP)
Cooked to a crisp texture that holds a savoury treat within. Amazing that you can have this for only (950 PHP) with the lunch and more.


Yellow Fin Tuna (650 PHP)


Le Croquavor (675 PHP)
This their version of a burger, which I'm curious to try.


Mashed Potatoes
A very fine mashed potato that was mistaken for a sauce. It's an ideal pair with their crispy duck confit.


Sauteed Potatoes and Pommes Dauphine
Marbled potatoes sautéed with spice for a punchy starch.


Mixed Green Salad
A nice leafy cushion for the filling lunch set


Coffee or Tea with Walnut Fanancier
No need to retreat elsewhere for a post-meal coffee, because they have illy coffee to brew.


Vanilla Créme Brulée (350 PHP)


Chocolate Pot / Praline (350 PHP)


Happy Hour menu composes of delicious and handy treats that pairs all to well with their Unlimited White and Red wine for 595 PHP or Sparkling Wine for 695 PHP available from 4-7 PM daily.

Truffle Fries (245 PHP)
A satisfying stack of crispy and filling pieces of potato with a nice coat of truffle. This pairs well with their unlimited wine offers.

Mussels (465 PHP)
A feel good bowl of mussel simmered in white wine, onion, garlic, and sprinkled with parsley.


Vivanda Manila Signature Cocktail (350 PHP)
I personal enjoyed this calm drink with a nice peak half way, which descends shortly after.

Calamansi Cooler (250 PHP)
Cool down with Atelier Vivanda Manila's refreshing citrus drinks.

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

Atelier Vivanda is a French restaurant in BGC. It offers steak, wine, and cheese, among others. Cindy S told me that this is owned by 13 business partners collaborated with Michelin-star Chef Akrame Benallal. Cool stuff.

I loved the interiors. Very classy, yet modern. It gives you this aura to enjoy good food without being too formal.

I ordered their La Formule for 1900php. Well, the best way to illustrate this is:

L'Entrèe + Le Plat + L'Accompagnement + Le Dessert = La Formule.

I actually got curious about the additional item in the menu under  Picorer section. So for appetizer, I also ordered Thinly Sliced Smoked Beef Aged for 50 Days - 980php. 128517 Super yummy! It's best with their complimentary extra virgin olive oil. And I'm not kidding.

For L'Entrèe, I had the Scrambled egg / Puree mushroom / Mushroom Sautè. Really yummy. Well, it's just scrambled egg, but it's really tasty. Salad was also served with vinaigrette dressing.

For the meat, I ordered their Black Angus Hanging Tender, medium well. I didn't like this so much, I should've listened to Cindy S to order their signature La Vivanda ribeye steak instead. Still, it's good. I partnered this with their sparkling wine.

For the sides, I ordered their Pommes Dauphines. It's like mashed potato but fried. Luh. 128514

For dessert, I had Custard x Salted Caramel Ice Cream. This is FTW.

Give Atelier Vivanda a try if you're looking for yummy food, nice wine, and sinfully good desserts.

P.S. Their L'Accompagnement (sides) are unlimited! Yeeha! 128517

P.S.S. Thanks Cindy S 128536

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Antonio Lorenzo Q.
5.0 Stars

Looking for exquisite French fine dining within the metro? This place holds the answer to such question. From its ambience, to its authentic selections (not to mention its French chef), Vivanda takes one's tastebuds to a Parisian escapade. Price may seem too much at first, but the service and food quality definitely meet more than one's expectations. Special favorites are their Iberian pork steak, beef tenderloin, foie gras, and unlimited potato servings.

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John B.
1.0 Stars

I'm sorry, but giving us a table right at the main entrance? I want to enjoy the food in relative privacy, not to be jostled by both servers and customers going in and out.

That table was quite obviously just added on to make more seats. It's fine for fast food or quick service restaurants, but not what I expect from a high end restaurant. I would have been fine with being told that all tables are booked when I was making reservations.

Also, the ambiance was not what I expected. It looked way more casual than I thought it would have. It didn't have the "fine dining" feel.

Suffice to say that I did not push through with dining here.

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Mike L.
3.0 Stars

As much as I would like to love this place, it lacks the Michelin star quality of its counterpart in Paris. 🇫🇷 Service started off pretty good - I was given a special accommodation in terms of being seated outside of the usual 6:30 and 8:45 pm dinner service. When I got to the resto, service was pretty warm and was taken cared of but I was asked for my drink order 3x. My olive oil bottle was stealthily taken from our table without our permission by the waiter but my spider senses saw it from my peripheral. 🕷

1st dish served was the foie and it was pretty good although it said - whole foie - what I had looked and tasted like pate. Foie is my fave and I would normally fave about this but the foie lacked a bit of that buttery feels. Side dishes of potato was good - I tried all and my fave was the gratin. My main prob with this was that it was served on a wooden dish that kept wobbling everytime I got from it. I had duck breast as entree and sadly it was a bit tough. Flavor was good - but a bit 1 dimensional.

I had 2 desserts - the flan with salted caramel ice cream - the crust was too thick and to be honest it just tasted like a normal good egg flan. The flan lacked the texture was a bit off. The other dessert I had was the yoghurt with pistachio cookie. It also didn't stand out and just tasted ok.

During the course of the menu my utensils weren't changed - I had to either use my used ones or ask for new ones.

I guess to summarize, we still have a long way to get to that Michelin level quality, sadly.

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Rodney O.
3.0 Stars

Late review. I was excited to try this place. Made a reservation via Facebook I think. Valentine's dinner I ordered Le formule with la vivanda ribeye. The price of the food is similar to a fine dining place but the ambiance is more casual. I found using their custom steak knife difficult. While cutting the steak the wooden plate kept on moving. I got to taste the mushroom soup, door gras, I forgot the name of the other one and a bunch of the potato sides plus the steak. I like the mushroom soup. The foie gras was very rich. If you like potatoes you'd love the unlimited sides. The steak was nice, nothing fancy. Overall, the food was not wow but it was ok. Worth trying. I'd spend P5000 for a different ribeye at a different resto.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I wanted to visit Atelier Vivanda ever since I saw an Instagram post about the grand opening of the two Michelin star restaurant. I wanted to have dinner there for Valentine's but I was a bit too late to make a reservation. Luckily, R's dad decided to celebrate his birthday there (and it was just one day ahead of mine). Yay!

Hello, Atelier Vivanda!

It is... not as fancy as I thought. I read a bit about the restaurant and it sounded so formal hence I was surprised that the place is pretty casual. I also had this impression that the place is huge and majestic. But the place is quite small. In fact, it is very cramped.

R and I headed straight to the second floor where R's sister reserved a table for everyone. The space upstairs seemed to be even more cramped. The waiters can't avoid bumping into the diners' chairs or backs and it is never pleasant to experience this.

Anyway, R and I opted to get the set menu for PHP1,900. It comes with an entree, mains, unlimited side dishes and dessert. I got Potato Soup for my appetizer, Vendee Yellow Chicken Breast for main, and Custard for dessert. R went with Whole Cooked Foie Gras, Black Angus Hampe, and Crème Brûlée. The server who assisted us offered to let us try all their potato side dishes.

Since the place was packed when we visited, it took them quite a long time to serve our dishes. It was almost 20 minutes in when the appetizers arrived.

I was not impressed with R's foie gras. It was a bit dry and seemed like a solidified foie gras pate.

I loved my soup though. It was thick and rich. Serving was also very generous. Actually, a bit too generous as it was too heavy as an appetizer. It was delightfully creamy with lovely tanginess from the Comté cheese and tinge of saltiness from the smoked haddock.

In about 20 minutes, our mains were served.

R's black Angus steak seemed to be a bit small and rather thin but taste-wise, it did not disappoint. Cooked medium, the meat was succulent and nicely seasoned.

It was flavorful enough for you to also appreciate the natural flavor of the meat.

The Vendee Yellow Chicken Breast was also good. It was also juicy and had a nice crisp skin. Not a single bite was bland. Though serving size was also small and the chicken breast was a tad oily.

The sides and salad were served while we were enjoying our mains.

I had a big bite of the greens to help cleanse the palate. And sadly, it is just your usual straightforward salad. It didn't leave much impression on me.

All the sides served were potatoes and I felt that it's Atelier Vivanda's way of making its diners feel full and think that they got their money's worth.

Well, the baked potato balls with herbs and gratin were pretty good. (Tip: Ask for their signature ketchup for this.)

The desserts, custard and crème brûlée, were also pretty good.

First served was crème brûlée and it had a nice and crisp layer of caramelized sugar. The inside was smooth and had a nice light taste perfect to end a heavy meal (of potatoes).

The custard took forever for it to be served. We had to follow it up twice just to get it. But our annoyance disappeared as soon as the lovely slice of custard pie appeared.

Served with a tiny scoop of salted caramel, it created a nice contrast between the warm custard and the cold ice cream. I didn't really enjoyed the ice cream for it had a rough texture. The custard though was great. It reminded me of egg tart with its smooth fill and flaky crust.

Overall, food was great but ambiance and service were not too good. I hope that they rearrange their tables to make it roomier for diners.

#50ksummergiveaway #gluttonshopper

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Marinel L.
5.0 Stars

Great value for money! 1,900 for the normal set menu that comes with a starter, main course, dessert and unlimited side dishes.

I got the whole cooked foie gras for my starter. It was good but its not your usual foie's more like a cold, really smooth pate that melts in your mouth.

I got the Black Angus Hampe for my main course because Atelier Vivanda is known for their steaks and I loved it. The serving was just right and the steak was perfectly cooked. It tasted well with the side salad and potato gratin.

For dessert, I highly recommend the lemon grass ice cream with custard. I'm not a sweeth-tooth so the sourness of the ice cream was a perfect ending to my meal. 128512

Oh, I also highly recommend that you get the thinly sliced smoked beef aged for 50 days as appetizer and eat it with the complimentary bread dipped with their special olive oil...its the best! 128077

I also have to give props to one of the owners who was super friendly to us she even gave us complimentary fresh cheeses from France and introduced us to the chef. Really great customer service!

The only thing I didn't quite like with the restaurant though is the weird could have been designed much nicer and cozier.

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Kwokie K.
3.0 Stars

I decided to sit on this review for a few days since it had a chance of being not so objective that day.

It was Valentine weekend that Saturday, took a chance to call if there were available seats since the place was recommended by a friend. I had high expectations since they were owned by the same group of Wagyu Japanese Beef a few spaces down Forbestown. (And the one by MCS)

I took the second seating for the night thinking traffic would be horrible - but it was not so bad and we arrived 830pm in the restaurant. We got the table by the corner on the loft, which I guess was a good thing since they really cramped the entire place with tables. My side was the only way the waiters could pass to 2 other tables and I guess it was inevitable that I constantly got hit at the back. Better me than my wife. But we did pity the couples who had the center tables. That place was small so they were fitted with small tables as well. The ground level only had 2 tables, the bar stools and the meat slicer. On your table, it also had the knife slot bar where you get your steak knives labeled for Atelier Vivanda. Outside were some tables I guess just for the night since you wouldn't want to eat there with all the smoke and dust from the cars passing.

We ordered the "La Formule" which they counted as their set, you get the L'Entree (appetizer), La Viende (main or steak), L'Accompagnement (sides) and Le Dessert. The waiter recommended the XL Vivanda Rib-eye citing it as the specialty of the house which commanded the upside cost. (The regular set would have been Php2600, our set is now Php5000) The wine list was quite extensive but we didn't order any wine. For the set, we got the foie gras appetizer, unlimited portions of the potato sides and of course the steak with the pine nut chocolate mousse.

Then the night went downhill from the time the waiter took our order. I mentioned the time we got in as the start time, 845pm we get the appetizer. Kind of slow but still ok. The bread showed up after the appetizer, at 9pm! We knew the time since we were so hungry and the entire floor was waiting for food. After several follow-ups, slices of the aged Angus beef found its way to us from one of the owners I guess since he was too well-dressed to be part of the staff. It was good or we couldn't really tell since we were too hungry we practically gobbled it down. It was already past 930pm when the food arrived altogether. The order arrived officially after 1 hour - with the sides really cold they practically had frozen lard on them.

We ate in less than 15 minutes being so hungry. We had the dessert ordered ahead thinking it would also be late. So it arrived right after we finished the main. At the end of it though, you look back on your meal and you realize that you aren't happy with what you ate. More so for the price of what you ate.

I wish we just ate in the other beef place a few stops down, it would have been better remembering our meal in MCS back then for my wife's birthday dinner.

Maybe it was just because of the occasion where there were more than the normal number of diners. Maybe its because they only opened 2 weeks back. But you realize that they're supposed to be a 2 Michelin Star restaurant AND you're paying to have excellent ambiance, excellent service and excellent food. It disappointed on all 3 fronts.

I myself can't believe I'm giving Atelier Vivanda only 3 stars.

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Maria Angela M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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