A'Toda Madre

G/F Sunette Tower Bldg., Durban St. cor. Makati Ave., Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila

A'Toda Madre
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Most Recent Reviews

Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

A'TODA MADRE -- The name intrigued me so I went to Google Search to check. According to Google Translate, it's a Spanish word that means "Every Mother". Urban Dictionary though lists it as a Mexican slang that means "something is totally awesome". I'll go with the Mexican Slang because this bar's menu screams Mexican food!

A'Toda Madre is a Tequila Bar and is the first one in the Metro. They have over 100 varieties of Tequila. They offer the best tequila experience because they only use 100% Blue Agave. I know you're thinking Jose Cuervo when you hear tequila because admit it, if you have not drowned yourself with it during your school days, you should have seen or tried it even once at least. But that's not what you'll get here. No Jose Cuervo - just 100% pure agave tequila!

A look inside A'Toda Madre will give you hand painted murals in every available wall. You'll notice colorful skulls depicting a Mexican holiday honoring those who have departed - Dia de los Muertos. Nothing scary or weird, I actually found them interesting and beautiful.

We sampled a couple of their food and cocktails with the owner explaining to us that their Tequila selection is the highlight and the food is only secondary.

We got the following ---

| Elotes Callejeros for 120Php

Elotes Callejeros was first served. It looked like your ordinary Mexican Corn with spices etc. but when I tried it, it blew me away! The BEST Elote there is! Grilled and buttered sweet corn, shredded then mixed with mayo chipotle, feta cheese and Mexican spices - I loved the kick of heat!

| Nachos Gigante for 450Php

Fried chips x chicken flakes x beans x jalapenos x pico de gallo x salsa verde with cheese and sour cream sauce. Loaded and delicious!

| Calamari for 240Php (regular), 480Php (large)

Simple yet well done! The squid rings were lightly battered but still had that crunch. Well seasoned an tasty - best when dipped into the chipotle sauce!

They also served an assortment of soft shell tacos and all of them were good but I liked the Barbacoa and Chili Verde the most! There was Pollo De Chipotle and Grilled Pollo too.

For the cocktails, they prepared the following mixing tequila with an assortment of juices, etc ---

| Sweet and Sour - using Kamias juice
| Vitamin Sea - using Calamansi juice
| Tamarita - using Tamarind juice
| Island Fever - using Guyabano juice

Island fever and Tamarita were my favorites!

I am definitely going back to this place! Interested to try their nachos and quite curious how the 100% pure agave tequila would taste like when it's not mixed into a cocktail drink 128522 You can also book this place with foodsocietyph as part of the Poblacion Food Tour! Yay! (Shameless Plug 128518128518128518)

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Geraldine P.
2.0 Stars

"Do you have a reservation?" asked the snooty English speaking "mesero" (or owner?) as I entered the place and noticed that for primetime on Valentines day, the place was almost empty except for one table. For a second, I thought about the "manang" in my suking carinderia and recalled if she would smile and greet a customer, hmmmm 128563, yup she did. That set off the first "X".

The place said it is a Mexican joint or something. I wasn't actually expecting a Mariachi music blasting out but for Chrissake, what was with that sordid 90s pop playlist from Spotify trial? My second "X" was dealt.

Then our food orders were taken....Boom! The third "X" came off. NOPE, with food served an hour late, this restaurant was definitely not going to Hollywood!

I don't know what to make of my dining experience at A Toda Madre. The place is beautiful, the tequila selection is superb, the margarita is "sinful", the food and serving size is ok pero Madre Mia, they should do something about the service!

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

Best Mexican food in town! Yes, 10x better than the more known pseudo taco place down the road. Serves 100% pure Agave tequilas too.

Chips and salsa + Corn with cheese and chipotle 128523128077

Try the Plato con Arroz with your preferred meat. Combo with the rice is super delish!

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April M.
5.0 Stars

This is tequila heaven tucked inside the tiny side streets of Makati Ave. It’s a pretty small establishment (about less than 10 tables) with an impressive collection of tequila displayed in their bar. They play sexy salsa music and have toned down yellow mood lighting. Me gusta! 128131

Try not to think about tequila's bad reputation. This place can help you appreciate this drink. They offer some high end tequila, the most expensive being the Casa Noble Single Barrel for PhP1,500 a shot and PhP18,000 for a bottle!128558

As much as I wanted to sample a few of their tequilas by ordering shots of different kinds and brands, I was in a rare mood for cocktails that night. I tried their Tamarindo Margarita (premium tequila blanco, fresh lime juice and tamarindo nector for PhP300), the Margarita de Casa (premium tequila blanco, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, and a dash of cointreau for PhP285), and the Casuela (tequila reposado, agave nectar, 3 citrus juices, and squirt for PhP425). 

When I asked what tequila they use for cocktails, the server was prompt in giving me an answer, then kindly offered if I preferred a specific brand or kind of tequila to be used in mine. Thumbs up for that! 128512

I didn’t really like the Tamarindo (it’s sweet tamarind, instead of sour, which I prefer), but the Margarita de Casa was fabulous!

The Casuela was my favorite! It’s a sassy and refreshing citrus-based cocktail served in brown wooden bowl and straw. Very tropical! It has a pretty strong kick too.

Their Cueritos Enfurtidos (chicharones for PhP275) is crazy good!!!! It was deep fried to perfection, thick and crunchy, just the right amount of saltiness, not overly oily, and served with equally amazing homemade salsa.

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

Best Mexican place so far! El Chupacabra is nothing compared to this IMO. The chicharones is a heart attack waiting to happen but so good!

The burritos and chicken tacos are yummy (and spicy) too! 128293

Almost 5 stars in my book except for the overly salted nachos and the time it took to get our orders.

But yes, no more waiting in line and definitely no more sweating while eating in El Chupa!

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

dσn't knσw crαp αвσut tєquílα, ítѕ σnє ѕpírít í díѕlíkєd mσѕt ...σnlч knσw ít αѕ α trαítσr & flínch αt pαѕt mєmσrч σf níghtѕ vαguєlч rєmєmвєrєd wαч вαck & chαllєngíng mσrníngѕ αftєr ...tíll í ѕwєαr ít σff & nєvєr αgαín128561

mч fríєndѕ nєєdєd tσ lítєrαllч drαggєd mє hєrє... αѕ í єntєrєd thє jσínt í wαѕ вσmвαrdєd вч lσud, fαntαѕtícαllч míх σf fєѕtívє cσlσrѕ tчpícαllч mєхícαn , grαffítí αrtѕ & ѕkull 128128dєtαílѕ .

í wαѕ tσld thєч hv σvєr 💯díffєrєnt tєquílαѕ ... trulч lívíng up tσ thєír nαmє αѕ thє fírѕt tєquílα вαr ín thє mєtrσ rαngíng frσm-fσrtαlєzα αñєjσ, tkσ вlαncσ, cσrαzσn mí tíєrrα вlαncσ, lα tílícα вlαncσ, cαѕα nσвlє rєpσѕαdσ. í hαd tσ put thєm ín nσtєѕ cσz tєquílα íѕ nσt ѕσmєthíng í'm fαmílíαr wíth .

thє вαr íѕ ѕσ lσvєlч cσz σf thє plαч σf líghtѕ & cσlσrѕ & wíth thє díѕplαчѕ σf αll thє єlαвσrαtєlч вєαutífullч crαftєd вσttlєѕ ..єvєrч dєtαíl hєrє ín thíѕ cαntínα íѕ α víѕuαl trєαt fσr thє єчєѕ αt níght .. íntríguíng & tєmptíng mє tσ tαѕtє thє flαvσrѕ í'vє nєvєr єхplσrєd вєfσrє , σr díd вut unguídєd...

ѕtíll dσuвtful & σn guαrd ... ѕσ juѕt hαd σnє glαѕѕ...nσthíng líkє α gσσd mαrgαrítα tσ cαp σff α grєαt wєєk...


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Jennifer N.
4.0 Stars

Went here with a bunch of friends and ordered several items off the menu. The only food items that stood out for me were the Elotes Callejeros (grilled and buttered corn with house chipotle mayo, feta cheese, and spices) and the chocolate flan. I enjoyed the 2 drinks I tried - Paloma and Margarita de Casa - though I have to say I prefer the margarita more. I typically hate margaritas so I was initially a bit unsure about ordering one - so I was surprised when I ended up liking this more than Paloma. Must be the tequila they use, which is 100% pure agave tequila rather than the usual mixtos (about half agave and half sugars) that other bars use.

I wouldn't mind going back here to try the various tequila they have in the bar (I think they have over 80 varieties) and definitely to have more of that corn and flan! :)

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Pauline O.
4.0 Stars

If you are a tequila lover and would want to add a twist on how you drink your favorite shot this place is definitely made for you! Plus, the place is cozy and the servers are friendly. Definitely a must try! 128513128077128076 FYI. A'toda Madre is currently on dry run.

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Mars G.
5.0 Stars

"Boring dito sa BGC, tara sa Makati Ave!"--I remember my friend saying a few weeks back. I must say I did not totally get her that time...but now I do. Yes, it's dingy and sleazy being a red light district and all but now I find that it's all part of the charm that lures people from all walks of life to this place. Give it a chance and you'll discover that it's chock full of foodie and hangout gems.

Case in point : A Toda Madre Tequila Bar. Of course, we had drinks (it is, a tequila bar)---had the Margarita de Casa which is the best margarita for me by far. The 100% agave tequila they use definitely makes a difference. Another one of their best selling cocktails is the Paloma, also good. Don't miss their food as well as they serve great Cali-Mexican grub. Had the grilled corn with chipotle mayo and feta cheese and chicken tacos which went perfectly with our drinks. The salsa verde that came with the tacos has made me a certified Cilantro lovah (Cilantro haters beware)! I'm food hacking the grilled corn at home (can't help thinking I'm eating a Php120 corn on the cob which roughly equates to 4 cobs at home, spicy mayo and cheese included).

Loved that it's in this small quiet street though being just a stone's throw away from night clubs and pubs. You can always transfer to a more rowdy bar after for more drinks and of course, people-watching. You are, afterall, in the wonderful world of Makati Ave... ;)

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