Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay

Boracay Main Rd., Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay
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Glenn E.
5.0 Stars

During the planning process , I was hesitant on staying here mainly because I'm on a budget and I wanted to beat thr budget I had during my last stay here on Boracay. My friend from abroad made all the plans from booking airfare and hotel bookings. I really wanted to stay in a 500 a day room but my friend already booked it so I didn't have a choice but to stay here in Azalea and being with friends were the priority. I wasn't able to view the link he sent me before so I really don't any idea where we staying and what to expect.

We set foot in the Island by 8 am last Wednesday. Azalea is like a condotel with a globe with Azalea on it on the entrance. We were greeted with a smiles at the front desk and was given a complimentary drink. The lobby was spacious with a lot of seats but there was large number of guests inside so we weren't able to get a seat right away. Since it was too early for us to check in, we left our bags in the hotel for awhile and went to Sunny Side Cafe for breakfast. We were lucky to have a early check in by 10am.

I was surprise upon entering room. Our room or must I say our unit was huge. I like the modern interiors with a touch of blue and white. It has a living room, kitchen, dining area, 2 bedrooms and comfort rooms - 1 common CR and 1 CR in the master's bedroom. Each room has a TV and a big one in the living room. The bed in our room was comfy like you don't wanna get out and just stay inside. The comfort rooms were clean, it has enough towels that you can use 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening and you can have it replace the next day. There's a free wifi and sometimes the signal was weak. Enough power outlets each side of the bed to charge your phone, laptop, camera or go pro. ACs were working well.

There were 2 pools at the roof deck but I wasn't able to check the kiddie pool. There's Kuya J restaurant in the middle next to lobby. We had a breakfast buffet here before checking out on our 3rd in Boracay.

The staff were accomodating, friendly and it was nice to see their pleasant smile everytime you go out and back in the hotel.

The rooms were a bit expensive about 6k per night for 4 persons but it was worth it. I think i paid my friend 1500k per night. I can't remember at all.

Overall our stay was great. 10 stars out of 5. We stayed here for 2 days and It was a.bit hard leaving the hotel. 128529🙂128514

*I was typing this review while in the plane, a few feet away above the ground, bound to Manila. 4G on, hit submit upon landing. 128527 Back to reality tomorrow. 128557128557128557

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

I was lost in my thoughts, appreciating the beautiful view of Boracay from the swimming pool area of Villa Caipirinha, mentally giving myself a high-five for scoring a fantastic opportunity to stay in such a luxurious accommodation when I heard someone say that we wouldn't be staying there for the night.

"What? We're not staying here?!" I asked in disbelief, already concocting plans of feigning an illness so I wouldn't be forced to go.

"Yes," someone-whom-I-cannot-remember said.

"Why the hell not?" I asked, threatening to throw a tantrum.

"We'd stay here tomorrow. But tonight we're going to Azalea."

"Ooh Azalea," I replied, immediately feeling appeased.

I remember staying at Azalea Residences in my recent Baguio trip where I practically started an affair with the bed. My Azalea Baguio stay was nothing short of amazing and I expected to have the same experience at Azalea Boracay. I had more than what I expected.

From Diniwid Hill, we went down to the town proper. Azalea is located somewhere between Station 2 and 3, it's not a beachfront resort, but it's a short walk from the sea. Personally, I didn't mind the short walk. I already tried a non-beachfront accommodation last time and I was perfectly fine with it.

We alighted from the van and saw this big globe installation. Apparently, this is Azalea's trademark because the Baguio has its own globe too. I immediately noticed its difference with the Baguio hotel, Azalea Boracay takes a more modern architecture and design. The colors are also kept light, a play of blues, greens, whites, and browns to suit the island vibe.When we entered the lobby, we were greeted with the receptionists behind tall tables that were set separately they looked like they were contestants on a TV show. I found that amusing. They were all smiling and they welcomed us so warmly I was almost suspicious (kidding, lol). Our friends from the gave us our room assignments. I was billeted in the same unit as Cai (

As soon as we entered the room, Cai started shouting for joy; I meant he literally screamed in excitement. He entered his bedroom and he squealed, he entered my room and he squealed, he entered each bathroom and he squealed. He did so much squealing I half-feared someone would suddenly come in to see if a pig is being butchered. He later explained that he has a fascination with hotels and that he screams in delight everytime he enters one. I was like, okay.

So there are two bedrooms and two showers with toilets. The room is equipped with a kitchen and a dining table, there's also a small living room with a huge flat-screen TV. There is free WiFi connection, but sometimes the signal was weak.Now let's go to the bed, the bed is very spacious, even better than the one that I had in Baguio that I started a new affair hehehe... I loved sleeping there, it was so comfortable, I'd just about forgotten my disappointment for not staying at Villa Caipirinha that night.

Azalea likes to give freebies to their guests. In Baguio they send us chocolates everyday, in Boracay, they gave us assorted fruits; I took them all home hehehe...

I admit our stay there was sponsored, but I am not over-hyping things, I really loved our stay at Azalea Boracay and if you are after a comfortable accommodation during your time on the island, I suggest you book your stay there. You'd probably squeal in delight too.

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