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B Hotel Alabang
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Most Recent Reviews

Donna K.
1.0 Stars

Been sifting through the long lists of places I could do my reviews about and I tried so hard to stay away from the negativity for the sake of the Holidays but this is inevitable.

Quick backstory, I used to work as the Marketing and Events staff at a small engineering firm in Makati, however our seminars and other events did hold over a hundred guests so I do have experience with events and what-have-you.

So let’s start. My sister initially wanted a low-key 18th birthday, something with close friends and tons of pizza but my mom decided to head the other direction and opt for the entire shebang.

We didn’t have that many guests since it was just family and my sister’s small group of friends. (She’s pretty much an introvert.) So our options for hotels that would cater to less than 100 guests was narrowed down to Azumi and B Hotel.

I was really all for Azumi, but they didn’t have a suite room so we went to the second option, which was B Hotel.

Let the ranting begin.

First off, I didn’t like their “events coordinator” there was simply something wrong with her comprehension and there was absolutely no “customer satisfaction.” 128581🏽128581🏽128581🏽

✖️She said “This is the first elaborate debut we will be handling”. Uh, you’re not supposed to say that. Even if it was your very first client, you must make them feel that you know what you’re doing and by the very least execute your best.

✖️She doesn’t answer any of my calls and she'll reply like days after texting. I inquired if the guest list they are pertaining to included the photo/video team and the make-up artists, etc. And all she said was “You have allotted 50 guests for you event.” I replied by saying “Yeah, I know that. But what I am asking is if they are included in the count.” To my dismay there was no reply. So whatever.

✖️Her taste is tacky. Everything screamed “tacky” when she initially showed us her “plans” and of course, being a former events coordinator, I wasn’t having any of it. Plus my sister was pretty organized too, so she had all her ideas printed and ready to present.

We discussed all that we wanted to see in the ballroom and even gave her tips for the elements that would tie in with the theme. Her agreement to our requests was a confirmation that she understood what we wanted and that she could deliver, but oh no. The horror. 🤦🏽‍♀️

The day of the debut finally came. We were all excited to see everything but to our disappointment it came out like a second rate, forced concept with elements made by the foot of a 12-year-old. 🤷🏽‍♀️

All our requests had photos and descriptions just so they can get it right, but goodness. This was an event nightmare. 128561

✔️What we requested: An arm chair similar to Alice in Wonderland’s tall chair during the tea party scene with the Mad Hatter and March Hare.
✖️What we got: Some flimsy solo seat in black not remotely classy or comfortable.

✔️What we requested: A backdrop with twinkle lights and curtains.
✖️What we got: Strips of lace and ribbon with hanging playing cards.
(She initially wanted to place a very tacky tarpaulin with a copyright image from Disney; yes the watermark was still there.)🤢

✔️What we requested: A 3-tier butter cake in fondant with a victorian theme embellished with clocks, flowers and a teacup on the top.
✖️What we got: A 3-tier chocolate cake (with one huge layer of just styrofoam) with awful elements and goodness, the “teacup” looked like a melted cupcake with mallows for frosting.
(I really wanted a friend to make my sister’s cake but the events coordinator said the cake came with the package and should we bring another cake, we would have to pay P2500 corkage)🙄🙄

✔️What we requested: “Abbey at 18” standee
✖️What we got: a miniature “Abbey @ 18” standee that was so flimsy and barely noticeable.

✔️What we requested: Alice in wonderland crossroads signage “This way, That way, Tea Party” in a very rustic tone
✖️What we got: Styrofoam that seemed to be hacked by something less than a cutter with pasted computerized cut outs against hot pink and blue paint.
(I actually offered to help on this coz I knew they would screw up but I was assured that they would deliver as what was on the photo.)🤦🏽‍♀️

A lot of other things went wrong that night, like as the emcee, I didn’t expect that I would have to be the one to go to the middle and assist in attaching the mic to the stand, adjust the music and place the candles, roses and whatever to the middle. BUT YES, AS THE EMCEE I DID THOSE THINGS BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON THE PERSON WHO WAS SUPPOSEDLY ASSISSTING WASN’T ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND.🤷🏽‍♀️128581🏽🤦🏽‍♀️

Oh and when it was time to cut the cake… The guy assisting us literally burnt my sister’s cake by lighting the flower. It was a fiasco. 128293128293128293

The cake was horrible. The fondant was too thick that it was a struggle to slice through, the cake itself tasted so bitter no one ate it. It was in our ref for weeks. Heck, I think it still is in our ref.127874128534

The food wasn't "hotel quality" if you know what I mean. It's like we hired some rookie caterer to serve at the party.

Even the hotel facilities were lame. This is the first hotel I’ve been to that didn’t have ANY amenities whatsoever. They didn’t have a pool or a gym. NOTHING. How is this even classified as a 3-star hotel?128581🏽 The breakfast was dry and not really worth the extra P550. Really? Hot dog, adobo, egg, rice and maki rolls (yes maki-rolls for breakfast). 🙄

The rooms were not even nice. The lights were too dim that the make-up artists really had a hard time fixing us up coz they couldn’t see very well. The room service was extremely slow and the people in the front desk were not very accommodating.128548

I have been to tons of hotels and hostels here and abroad, and let me tell you – B hotel is by far the worst service I have ever experienced with or without having the event.

128545Its so disappointing especially when I expected that they would be up to par with the services of Bellevue which I love so much.

This was probably THE WORST event that I have been a part of. B Hotel should invest more in who they hire to pull these events off coz frankly, being unable to pull this sort of event off flawlessly is definitely something highly questionable.

Oh and the events coordinator wasn't present during the event. Kaloka.

/end rant

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Joycehad C.
5.0 Stars

Ensaymada for merienda!! 128584128584

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Ara H.
5.0 Stars

Booked thru directhotels for P3000/night! We usually book azumi but it's more expensive now than it's usual P2,000/night. Cold room, clean bathroom and soft linens. Few tv channels but, overall, it's great experience!

Love eeettttttt 128514128514

PS: sorry, no photos because we checked in late :(

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Last holy week, Mom and I decided to stay in a hotel so we can relax -- just eat, rest and sleep. There are a number of hotels in Alabang and we still haven't tried most of them. And just last week, we decided that we want to try all the hotels in our area. 128518 I arranged them alphatecally starting with either B Hotel or Bellevue (saving Azumi for a different time 128517).

So it's either B Hotel or Bellevue (btw, they are under the same management which is the BHR). Since we're just going to sleep I picked the more "practical" hotel. I checked if there are still rooms available here and they still have a lot of rooms. Yay!! Booked online and availed of their Weekend gateaway promo -- Overnight stay for 2 with complimentary breakfast for 2 for 3000 pesos. 128513128077🏼

Check in time is at 2pm and check out is at 12nn but you can always ask for early check in or late check out (depending on the room availability).

The size of the room was just right, requested for 2 twin beds and they were big enough but not super comfy. The supplies are very limited as well but not so much of an issue.

Service was just okay. When we arrived, the ones assigned at the reception were super nice, warm, welcoming, and accommodating. They were helpful and really made sure to provide us with all the important details. Wifi password, the time of the breakfast buffet, and they also informed us of the complimentary 15min massage which we didn't used anymore.

But our check out experience was different, the girl was not nice, friendly, warm and helpful. Felt like she was tired and unmotivated. With super super minimal sense of urgency. Oh well. Overall, it was an OKAY experience.

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Katrina D.
4.0 Stars

Super comfy bed & cool modern interiors! Everywhere was IG worthy. Got the King room for 3,500/night via directhotels. The one with breakfast was P4250/night. When we inquired about the room rates in the front desk, we were informed that they have a promo P3,800/night with breakfast -SAYANG! It was one of the best mid ranged hotel i've tried (aside from Azumi)

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Reann G.
5.0 Stars

Disclaimer: This review is about B Hotel, QC branch.

First things first, this hotel has a really nice location!! It is situated somewhere in Sct. Rallos, the same street as Cocoon Boutique Hotel, a few blocks from where all the good food places are. I personally loved its location because it is near all the restaurants that I wanted to try and I didn’t even know about that until I got to B Hotel! It was funny that I was only able to figure out how great its location was when I tried searching for a restaurant for dinner. I never thought that deciding to go out of my comfort zone (Taguig-Makati-Ortigas area) would be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It is 2 blocks away from F7 building where all the “instaworthy and looloo-worthy” restaurants are found. Uncle Moe’s, The Daily Grind and Senor Pollo are some of the restaurants that you can find on that building! Mr. Graham and Mrs. Graham cafe is also just beside F7 building. I’ve always been on the lookout for these types of hotels wherein the must-try restaurants are just around the corner. Still can’t believe how awesome the location of B hotel is!!!

B Hotel, QC just opened late last year (Idk the exact date or month tho) but has already been part of the top 10 boutique hotels in the Metro. It was also probably one of the reasons why I decided to book 1 weekend here and experience the comfort of being away from home. The goal was just to experience the uniqueness of how the rooms were designed but I got to experience something more than that.

The whole place was just too photogenic for me, too photogenic I had to have my picture taken on every corner. HAHA not even kidding! And mind you, the pictures my friend took of me were all post-worthy on IG or FB. Feel na feel ko ang pagiging (fashion)blogger for a day. I have to commend the person behind the interior of this place, sobrang ganda talaga. It was very modern and unique. I took lots of pictures of the place but carefully picked the one I posted with this review – a view of the bathroom and bed!!! Yes, the bathroom is see-through. I can watch whatever activities you have while in bed. But they have also placed blinds for the bathroom so you can just pull that out for some privacy!!! The bathroom of this hotel has the most unique set-up ever! I’ve never been to a place such as this so I was really enjoying everything and took note of all the one-of-a-kind experiences that I had. The sink was actually outside of the bathroom, yes, OUTSIDE, beside the cabinet and near the refrigerator. It was something uncommon for hotels. I am used to seeing the sink inside the bathroom; I wonder what was going on the interior designer’s mind when he thought of designing this place that way. HMMMMM....

Another thing to take note of is the bed. The bed is just too comfortable for words. I didn’t want to leave the hotel because it made me feel as if lying there is the most important and satisfying thing in the world! It was also too big!! I had so much space for myself! HAHA. I can make gulong gulong as much as I want!!!

They also had a swimming pool at the 5th floor. It was just like the pool in Azumi only smaller and well, dirty? HAHA I don’t know what the appropriate word would be to describe the pool of this hotel. But one thing is for sure, we didn’t like it. It’s as if there was oil in the pool. We felt oily after staying there for a couple of minutes – not even an hour soaked there and we already felt oily, yaiks!!! A big no, no! But well, still not a big deal since the place is just so nice; these kinds of concerns are just immaterial.

Another thing I liked about the place was their friendly, efficient staff. The check-in process was done quickly, I think we just waited for 5-10mins and next thing we know, and we are already in the room! I loved the efficiency especially when I reported about the TV that wasn’t working. 3mins, literally 3 mins after my call, the technician knocked on the door and in a matter of 5minutes the TV was fixed. Lovely!  I cannot comment much on the food tho since I personally didn’t have the chance to try it myself. We only got the room with no breakfast.

We had the King Room for P3500  Super sulit if you ask me! Not getting breakfast from the hotel wasn’t something I regretted. As I mentioned earlier, the good food places were all near the hotel so it was very easy to grab something! Also note that booking this hotel via directhotel is more expensive than just calling the hotel or doing walk-in reservations. So if you are planning to stay here, I suggest you just do a walk-in reservation or call the hotel prior to your check-in.

Overall, the stay at B Hotel was again one for the books. I ticked 3 restaurants off my list when I stayed here. Since everything was accessible (as in walking distance), I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by! I tried Frazzled Cook, Victorino’s and Causeway Seafood Restaurant in one weekend. I would definitely go back to this place and even recommend it to people looking for a nice, cheap hotel. I will also probably go back to this place to try the other restaurants, especially the ones that do not have any other branch but the one in that area.

And since, I’ve only tried QC branch, I’d probably try the one in Alabang one of these days too. I really think that I got the treatment and experience that’s worth my money by staying here!!! The people behind B Hotel really did a good job!!! 

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Wanderlust M.
4.0 Stars

I was given a free room upgrade to the penthouse on my first night.. I extended my stay for another 2 days and was never asked to leave! :)

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Annix B.
4.0 Stars

No bacon in the breakfast buffet though.128078

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Lovely Ann D.
5.0 Stars

Very comfortable and convenient!

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Yngran G.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jazz J.
5.0 Stars

My first try at a staycation.

Nice lobby.
Nice cafe.
Nice rooms.
Very friendly and accommodating staff!

Ordered beef salpicao, crispy pork belly, garlic rice and calamansi shake. Everything was so good!!!

Also had a massage and it was by far the best massage of my life! 128524128076

Buffet breakfast was free. So so lang.

Overall, I loved my stay!!! 10084

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Carres R.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Bianca V.
5.0 Stars

Very courteous and friendly staff!!!128077128077128077

The sister hotel of Bellevue Alabang, B-Hotel is a cheaper business hotel with minalist design.
Not located in the main streets though but the catch is there's plenty of parking space!128665128664128663128661

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Joy A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Gilbert G.
4.0 Stars

Nice relatively cheap hotel. This is where we usually book our HK clients.

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Wilma T.
5.0 Stars

I'd give this 3-star hotel a 5-star rate. Spent 3d/2n last Christmas holiday here with my family and we had a relaxing, fun stay. Buffet brekkie is delicious. Hotel location is 5-10 minutes walk to Alabang Town Center but the hotel offers a compli drop-off/pick-up to the mall! Hotel staffs are nice. I recommend.

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5.0 Stars

B hotel - One of a good place to relax. 128521

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Janis Y.
4.0 Stars

We stayed here for 1 night last December and we liked it!

Location is good because it is quite secluded (as it is not located on the main streets of Alabang) yet not too far from the mall and resto in Alabang (about 5 minutes or less), just enough for it to be both quiet and accessible at the same time. Plenty of parking in front of the Hotel which is a plus 128077.

Rooms are clean and well maintained. Bed and pillows are comfortable to sleep on. Staff are friendly and accommodating.

Room rate is reasonable. Food and drinks at their resto are expensive, though.

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Joizy M.
5.0 Stars

Stayed here for 1 night before our friend's wedding day. According to the bride this is a sister company hotel of Bellevue. Rates are a bit lower. The staff & crew are all accommodating . Clean and spacious rooms which can comfortably accommodate 4 people . I would love to come back some time in the future

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