Baan Khun Thai

Congressional Ave. Ext., Congressional, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Baan Khun Thai
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April H.
1.0 Stars

Sentiments only someone who loves massages will understand...

I need a vacation from 2016-- last year was way too eventful... I just needed a slow day for myself... I decided to play hooky today-- wake up late, catch up on Sherlock, make a pending review or two, run errands, and get a massage... It has been months since my last massage and I really needed one... Since I was already parked at the building (no parking spaces at the bank beside it), I decided to get a massage at Baan Khun Thai instead of transferring to Nuat Thai nearby...

I got there at 4pm and music was blasting on the speakers. No receptionist in sight. I had to find them in the bowels of the place while calling out... That should have made me turn around and the thought crossed my mind. They were still prepping even though the signs said they were open at 1pm... I decided to wait patiently and look at the service menu... I was surprised that they offer mani/pedis, so it seemed like a one stop shop already. I guess trying out the massage couldn't hurt...

I availed of the Thai body & foot massage for an hour and a half. I was led to the massage area, which was just the right temperature for me... Cool without being cold... After rinsing, my massage therapist led me to a really small cubicle. Hay, I knew it wasn't going to be a relaxing experience from the get go. It was literally a box. The girl could barely move around the space properly. I could feel her bumping against the wall at certain points during the massage. Plus the curtains didn't fit properly, letting the light shine brightly inside the cubicle...

I think the girl is eithernew or the training must not have been very good. I could feel her second guessing herself during the massage. Thai massage is something very familiar to me, so I knew she wasn't hitting the pressure points. It shouldn't hurt and when it does, it means it isn't being done correctly. I ended up telling her where she should be putting her hands and feet, in order to protect myself. She wasn't strectching my muscles at all because of the incorrect placement. Actually, I really don't think she understood the point of the massage. She was moving without understanding the process that should have been explained during their training.

Sadly, I knew that she needed more practice. She couldn't control her strength during the massage-- at times kneading too lightly and at times being too heavy-handed. I could feel her hesitation--like she was trying to remember what movement to perform next. It was not a fluid massage. It should be based on muscle memory and it wasn't like that. Sobrang kulang at walang coordination.

What I really really did not like was when she started coughing at the end of the massage. I did not like the sound of that cough. I understand that people need to make a living, that's why I didn't complain and I let her finish. But you also have to provide quality service. I'm not looking for an authentic massage. Naman that's crazy. I just want to be relaxed after and get value for money. You have to be critical because an incorrect massage can end up hurting the clients. That was P500 down the drain... I was reviewing during the massage, literally...

Anyway, I don't want to belabor the point. I was kicking myself in my head--I should have gone to NT instead. Not recommending it to my fellow Titas of Manila-- who unfortunately also live in the vicinity.

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Justine L.
2.0 Stars

The place is cozy and the therapist are good, there are also choices of massage oil, loved the cherry blossom scent. Unfortunately, our massage was interrupted by the noise made by a child who was brought in by her mom inside the spa while she is having a massage. A spa is a place of relaxation, hence the need for quiet. I dont think this is a place to bring a kid. We complained to the owner about the noise but she did not do anything about it. So we left paying full price of a massage that was only midway done.

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