Baan Khun Thai

Chino Roces Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

Baan Khun Thai
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Larah L.
4.0 Stars

Not sure if i was just tired that day but this was the only massage i had where i fell asleep

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Massage, though meant to be relaxing can sometimes feel like you've been mauled and trampled on by 10 horses. At least in my case, it always happens. I have lost count of the times I have been at the mercy of a masseuse whose definition of mild stroke is like being raped by the devil. It gets worse when she begins to feel my nodules or what we call in Filipino as "lamig". Nodules to a masseuse is like a pimple to a facial therapist; she'd stop at nothing until she successfully removes it. So she would push and push, each stroke getting harder and harder, until I cry out in pain... Oops... that sounded like a rip off from a cheap erotic novel. Anyway, you get the point.

So when I found a massage experience that unlike any of my "usual" experience I knew I just had to share it. This happened in Baan Khun Thai, a new massage parlor along Chino Roces.

First thing I noticed is that the place looks clean and decent. The reception area has this small couch where customers can wait for their turn.

Their services include body massage, foot massage, body scrub, stone massage, among others.

First time I went there I availed of their foot massage (PHP 300), which I tell you is one if not the best foot massage I've ever experienced in my life. It started by changing to a pair of slippers they provided then the washing of feet.

I was then led to their foot massage area equipped with three reclining chairs. I was given two heating pads, one to put around my neck, the other for my lower back. Then I sat comfortably on the chair, put up my feet, and was given a towel to cover my thighs.

The masseuse who attended to me is a petite lady named, Joy. This woman works like magic. Her deliberate, soft, and skilled strokes had me feeling like I've died and gone to heaven. I loved it so much, I went back to Baan after only two days, to try their body massage.

I availed of the Thai body massage with oil (a combination of Thai and Swedish massage) for 350 pesos. I specifically asked for Joy to attend to me because I loved our foot massage sesh so much, I didn't want anyone else. Each massage area is partitioned with long curtains with a mattress on the floor. They provide customers with a pair of pajamas to change into for the session.

Just like the foot massage, Joy performed long and gentle strokes that did wonders to soothe every fiber of my being. Yes, the massage was divine, nope I didn't sleep. It's actually my thing actually, I never fall asleep during massage session no matter how good and relaxing the experience is.

After the massage session, customers are offered drinks, a choice between warm water and hot tea. I was able to try both, tea after my foot massage, hot water on my second visit. It comes with a warm face towel to wipe out the oil off your body.

So if you are looking for a new massage place to try, why not Baan Khun Thai. The place is new, clean, offers services that are of reasonable price, and the staff is accommodating. They also have masseur in their roaster if you prefer men to do the massage for you.

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