Back Alley Barbershop

Alpha Salcedo Condominium, 124 HV Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Back Alley Barbershop
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Most Recent Reviews

Paolo S.
5.0 Stars


No better hashtag sums up the experience after finally giving in to the hype and checking this place out. I think the timing was perfect... left the Pasig office late on a Saturday night and thought i missed out on getting a haircut due to work. Good thing i made it to makati by 745pm, just in time for a spur of the moment drive by back alley to see if they could accomodate a late walk-in at 8pm! And yes, they could!

Had the Hangover treatment since i felt the need to remove the day's stress, and boy, was that THE BEST! Started with a haircut and shave. Very satisfied with both - got the cut i was looking for plus the shave was very relaxing. Then came the facial where all sorts of creams, ointments, moisturizers, were gently massaged onto my skin one by one while reclining on the barbers chair. I think one of the steps even involved applying a facial mask as my face felt stiff for a bit lol. Then came the scalp and shoulder massage. Sarap, I almost fell asleep! Iba talaga pag masahe ng barbero. 128077128077128077

And whats cool is they even invite you to chill and hangaround for a bit over a free bottle of beer or a cup of yardstick coffee! 9786

Afterwards i felt so groomed and refreshed, its as if i left the barbershop so spick and span. I actually did feel a lot better than when i came in. I'd definitely do this again, maybe even when i actually have a hangover next time. 128517

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Terence A.
5.0 Stars

No frills haircut.. Gentleman's barbershop. So far the best service I've had so far in my years of having nu hair done, hair products are wide-range imported from the US.
Price: reasonable for a quality barbershop and the number of steps it took for a cut to be done. Massage was relaxing!
Highly recommended, two thumbs up!

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Jason D.
5.0 Stars

Guys need their "Me Time," too. This place is a good spot for that. Top-level cut, shave and treatments on hand for those who want a trim, and for the more extreme - need to recover from an all-nighter (or a binge, whichever comes first). I believe they call it the "Hangover Treatment."

I love the atmosphere at Back Alley Barbers. It's laid back, the music is great, and the service even better. Php 400 gets you a haircut, shampoo and depending on your preference, a freshly-brewed cup of coffee or a bottle of local craft beer. (I had a Katipunan Pale Ale). Lots of different man products are for sale, too, including Harry's shave kits.

Great place to slow down and relax. Go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it, you manly man you.

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Sue L.
5.0 Stars

A real man's relaxing haven. The place is utterly cool to think that i'm a girl just waiting on the couch and I am loving it! They play really cool and soothing music (and i haven't heard any of those before). I can stay there all day!

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Anton M.
5.0 Stars

The story behind the left photo goes like this:
Every time I see my girlfriend's mom, she somehow finds a way to bring up my hair in the conversation - to have it cut in particular.
So, I told my girlfriend that if I am to actually get one, I'd get it in a shop that's passionate about the craft. I then checked out Back Alley and Felipe & Sons' instagrams. And what do you know, BABS was throwing up a promo. We joined by showing how hideous and unkempt my hair is through a mugshot since that's the theme and we won. I told her that I'm only getting a haircut if we win this thing, if not, I'll grow it long.

The original appointment was for a Wednesday - the day Glenda came. So, obviously it was cancelled. We didn't get the haircut until after two weeks.

Anyway, it's not that hard to find the shop. Coming from the North along Buendia, you turn left on Makati ave. and then right on HV Dela Costa. From there, it's an intestine of a route, but you'd find the spot.

Service. I got my haircut for free since it's a promo. (Thank God for promos! I like free stuff. Who does not?!) But, from what I know, I think the cut is 450. Apparently it already includes a hot facial (is that what you call it???) and a shampoo (this i'm not sure if it's part of the paid package. This could've been thrown in because i won a promo but i'm not sure). The barber was nice and really took his time out. Despite telling me that he hasn't done a haircut like what I wanted, he promised me that he'll do his best. And true enough, I like the cut. I know the other photo looks like Javier Bardem's hair in No Country for Old Men, but that's not what I asked for. :)

While getting my haircut, my girlfriend managed to make friends with the store and pr manager. I couldn't help but notice the vibe they were creating in the shop. Soon I joined them and found that they really like to entertain their customers and that the pr manager is actually 10 years older than she looks. Haha.

Overall, it was an excellent experience and I'm looking forward to my next visit. I definitely recommend this barbershop for the gentlemen in need of becoming a #BetterDude.

Forgot to mention, you also get a free coffee or ale from Katipunan Craft (?) for getting a haircut.

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Joey S.
5.0 Stars

Just rediscovered OLD SCHOOL. Another ideal place for a cut, shave and cold beer.

#rediscoveroldschool #betterdude

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