Bacolod Chicken House

Imperial Bldg., Chino Roces Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

Bacolod Chicken House
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Pol M.
5.0 Stars

I hardly give a 5-star but this one deserves all the star there is. Bacolod Chicken House is always an all-time fave of mine back in the days. I patronize this place as a classmate of mine owns the main one in Lacson and I love the food.

Heres what we ordered:

Pecho - it was a little dry though but it still tastes good drizzled with chicken oil.
Dinuguan - i love dinuguan so trying theirs for the first time is a make or break for me.. and they passed my standards..tastes almost close to what i imagined.
Chicken Sisig - i like and refreshing and so far best chicken sisig in town
Spare Ribs - this is love at first bite.they cooked it PERFECTLY! So tender and juicy and achieved my meat nirvana! A must-try 127775127775127775127775127775

A place close to my heart and my comfort food. It all started in a small corner in front of Waltermart where Eurotel now stands. 128518

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I am scheduled to go home in Bacolod December 14. Too long! Can't wait to have my favorite Pecho, Isol and Atay. Have it with Garlic Rice and Atchara is the best way to enjoy it. I'm glad that the branch here is as good as the one we all love in Bacolod. Service was great too!

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Jaya M.
5.0 Stars

Last year, I got the chance to visit Bacolod during the Masskara festival and I honestly fell in love with the place! I've been back there 2 more times since my boyfriend is from there and the one thing I never fail to have is Chicken Inasal! After having it in Bacolod, I thought I wouldn't be able to have it in Manila anymore since it is actually much sweeter here... That's until I found this place!

Bacolod Chicken House is a direct franchise of the one in Bacolod so of course, they do it perfectly! They may have prices that are higher but it is still pocket friendly. They are able to serve you a perfectly grilled chicken, with the juiciest skin that is just the slightest bit crispy and no burn marks at all! Their chicken is succulent and flavorful. Just writing about it makes me want to go back! 127831

I used to get the petso until I discovered that the pakpak retains the most flavor! I can't wait til my next trip to Bacolod but until then, I'm so happy to have discovered a piece of Bacolod in the heart of Makati! 10084

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Ann C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Melissa E.
4.0 Stars

If you want to have a taste of "real" Bacolod chicken, this is the place to be.

They offer the best inasal in town. You should try the "petso" and "paa". As for me, I was just there a while ago (I haven't took a photo of my food though) and they ran out of their chicken specialties. The only available in the menu is the grilled liempo. But no regrets with my order because the liempo tasted really good. Although my separate plain rice order was kinda cold, still I enjoyed my meal.

Aside from the chicken and the grilled liempo, they also have isol,atay,baticolon (I don't know what the hell this is though, hehe),and pork barbeque.

Their price ranges from P30-P95 just for the main course without the rice and the sodas. It is still budget friendly.

Drop by at their place in Pasong Tamo extension, and you'll never have to wish to be in Bacolod to have a "real" inasal meal.

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Jacque B.
4.0 Stars

After my last delivery of flowers to our client in Makati Cinema Square, it was already 4pm and I am so hungry. I went out to look for the nearest food establishment, saw Mang Inasal but I'm not interested because I got disappointed with their service in my last visit.
I saw this Bacolod Chicken House, I'm not familiar with this brand but I gave it a try.

I ordered for paa with garlic rice for P149.00, huh, expensive than Mang Inasal but this tasted better. Crispy ang balat not oily at hindi sunog! Malasang-malasa ang chicken, hindi ibinabad sa toyo, Inasal talaga. While eating I remember my visit to Jo's Chicken Inato in Dumaguete City, the best Inasal that I've ever tasted.

Staffs of this branch are good!

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