Bad Bird

G/F Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Bad Bird
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Fried Chicken

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Nobody does it better than Bad Bird.

The chicken is still as good as the first time i tried it a couple of years back.

Five Stars for consistency.

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Odessa G.
3.0 Stars

A lunch date with my college buddy. It was her choice to try out Bad Bird.

I got the Umami Chicken Spicy with the Sweet Potato Waffle.

I guess I expected the chicken, so their advertisement say.

Chicken was good as well as the spice level but the waffle was a bit dry for me.

Will definitely opt for the double size on my next trip here. 128522

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Jairus d.
3.0 Stars

I can no longer count the number of times that I tried the meanest fried chicken in the metro. So believe me when I tell you that I was sad when my overall experience for this visit was sub par. Deym bad bird chickens were crispy and tasty alright. But I felt the spark was missing and I can’t pin point what it was.

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4.0 Stars

I went to Bad Bird Serendra branch for lunch and I noticed that the restaurant is more spacious compare to HITW in Century City Mall and SM Megamall branches. And it’s more brighter with beautiful modern and casual set-up.

Whenever I go to Bad Bird, I always order the Umami Fried Chicken but during my visit I was able to try the Pork Belly BBQ Rice Plates for Php245.00. It’s a flamed grilled pork belly served with chimichurri and steamed rice. You can also upgrade the steamed rice to dirty rice for Php45.00.

Overall, Umami Fried Chicken (mild spice) will still be my favourite dish of Bad Bird. But the Pork Belly will be a good alternative or option aside from their Umami Fried Chicken.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Monique S.
4.0 Stars

If you happen to be in Serendra and looking for a place with delicious meat selections, Bad Bird is the place to be. My boyfriend and I went there on a friday night and although it was packed that time, we only waited around 10 mins before we were seated. What I really like about their Umami chicken is that it comes with medium size servings of side dishes like shredded corn cob with cheese and a mix of purple and green thinly sliced cabbages. They also have a flavor meter for chicken, Safe (non-spicy), Spicy and Chemical. Aside from the medium sized side dishes, a free 1 bowl of rice goes with your order if it reaches P250.

I also like to commend the staff of Bad Bird for being so accomodating the whole time. Even though the place was jam-packed, they were very pleasant to each requests and cheerfully attended to each customer.

All in all, it was a really good dining experience. 128522

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Raul C.
4.0 Stars

Finally after a long time! I got a seat! The ambiance was just ok. However I was seated in an area where the temperature was a little higher tha there at of the room. ( well, it was near the kitchen)

Food was simply great...

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

After our Zumba marathon and burning all those calories, we had to gain it all back. Angela Marie C and I had dinner at Bad Bird. She got a Php 500 voucher from before and was gracious to share it with me. I was looking forward to their Sukiyaki plate. It was the one dish I really liked at Bad Bird.

Sadly, they ran out of stock for the day. Apparently they limit certain dishes per day due to stock availability, honestly I don’t understand why they need to do that when there’s a customer already who is interested with the dish. I really wanted Angela to try it but the timing wasn’t right. Oh well, that's their protocol.

Anyway, we ended up ordering Dirty Rice Plate with 1 piece chicken (Php 265) then additional Hush Puppies (Php 59). Surprisingly their chicken isn’t as overpowering unlike my first experience at their Mega branch. It was well balanced and tolerable umami flavoring. Now, I like their mix.

It is true that they do listen to their customers. Good job Bad Bird team! I enjoyed my fried chicken and I wish you’ll have ample inventory for Sukiyaki. 128514

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Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

I like my fried chicken crispy and spicy on the outside, and tender and flavorful on the inside. Try out their fried chicken dishes flavored with umami spices and customize the spice level from safe, spicy or chemical. 128523

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

Used the P500 Bad Bird GC I earned from dining at Wrong Ramen during the LowBrow promo. 128525

127858Sweet Corn Pork Bone Soup (P95) - Pork Bone Soup with creamy corn. You can really taste the pork bone even though the sweetness of the creamy corn should have masked it.

127793Dashi Watercress (P80) - Watercress on Dashi Stock topped with Bonito Flakes! I call it the equalizer. It balanced out my otherwise salty meal. Whenever I felt a bit "umay", this would take me back to square one.

127805Sweet Corn with Cheese (P80) - "Masarap na pulutan!" or something to snack on while waiting for the main event 128525

1278311pc Umami Chicken Dirty Rice Plate (P265) - 1pc is enough as it is really bombed with Umami goodness! My only complaint? I forgot to specify the part I wanted. I got the Breast Part, still enjoyed it. At least medyo healthy 128513


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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

I just really love their spicy umami chicken. Love the crispy skin, with a generous sprinkle of their special blend. Chemical is just a bit too spicy for me. Safe seems bland.

Haven’t eaten BB in awhile. I bit into that juicy-licious chicken and I told myself I’m so glad their near me now.

Love their to go box. Mukang shoe box haha.

Can’t say this is for everyone. I know people who find this just ok. But me, I’m very loyal.

Anyone tried their recent promo? Dine in worth 5k, get 7500 GC back? 128513

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Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars

One of the best! Their chicken is incredibly delicious especially the "chemical" which has an awsome spice.

Great food! Great service!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Yey for Bad bird is finally here in BGC! The famous umami chicken of Hole in the wall have open a branch in serendra. This branch got a much brighter vibes compared to the SM Megamall branch. The interior also got the raw yet sophisticated feel to it. Love it!

For the foo here are the ones that we tried:
>Chicken Plates - we got the all three version of this the Waffle, Corn/Coleslaw and Dirty Rice plate. For me still the best plate is the corn plate. Love the flavorful signature elotes kind of corn that they serve here. The chicken as always is so umami good!!! For the sweet tooth waffle is a good choice to balance the spiciness of the chicken. While for the people that got the mantra Rice is Life go for the dirty rice plate hehe.

>Small Plates - we also ordered different varieties of small plates. The one that stood out was the deep fried egg plant. It was like a tempura version of eggplant just packed with more flavor. The corn with cheese was also good. We also enjoyed the pan fried fish cakes. Remind me of korean street food.

>Shrimp - forgot the name of this new item on their menu. It was a shrimp in a salsa like sauce. This one was also really good. Got a zesty flavor. Love it!

Overall love the place and food. Service was also good. The new item on their menu was also highly remarkable. Another go to chicken place for the BGC peeps.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Bad Bird is finally open in Serendra! Had lunch here with my faves Norman Lester T & Edison A. The place was a bit full for Sunday lunch. No further intro for this one, they’re the baddest umami chicken in towwwn! 128523

We ordered the following —

127831 Waffle Plate
2 pcs. Sweet Potato Waffle with Miso Butter and Umami Chicken.

Soft and thick sweet potato waffles perfectly paired with their umami chicken. Serious comfort food right here! I’m super in love with the well-seasoned chicken ever since I’ve tried it, its meat is tender and very juicy. Plus points for the crispy skin!

127831 Dirty Rice Plate
2 pcs. Umami Chicken, Fried Rice with Bacon, Chicken Liver, Tamago, Bonito and Kimchi

Super tasty fried rice that you could eat on its own! I love the hefty amount of bacon, tamago and bonito!

Annnd, feebies from LowBrow newsletter courtesy of Norman Lester T! Thank you! 128525🤗

127831 Hush Puppies
Hush Puppies are these cute lil’ bites from heaven! One bite is not enough, made from cornmeal and deep-fried to perfection, it’s an amazing side to Bad Bird’s umami chicken. They take away the “umay” feeling.

127831 Chicken Nuggets
Made with real chicken right here. Not the fast food and frozen stuff kind. Each bite was sent from chicken paradise. Perfect dip is the black pepper mustard.

127831 Chocolate Sundae
Simple, no-fuss dessert. 2 scoops of chocolate sundae with rice crispies and chocolate syrup. This is a good sweet something after all that deep-fried goodness.

So happy there’s already Bad Bird in BGC! 127831127831127831

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