Bad Bird

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Bad Bird
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Fried Chicken
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Most Recent Reviews

Ron M.
5.0 Stars

Whew it's been a while since I last had one of these fried chicken goodness, and I didn't expect this to happen on a workoutless week 128514

We didn't order anything but our favorites 10084

Waffle Plate 127831127831127831127831127831
Two pieces of their fried chicken paired with a sweet potato waffle, as usual we chose spicy on one chicken and chemical on the other coz boyfie is too chicken to eat a chemical flavored chicken 128518, of course I on the otherhand am a chemist who likes to experiment on high levels of heat 128518128518128518 (read between the lines), chicken are great as expected, crisp on the outside and moist and tender on the inside, the mix of their spices are perfect and the waffle topped with miso butter served with maple syrup on the side has a soft and tender texture and has a slightly sweet taste that compliments the spice-y chicken perfectly. Serving is good for sharing IF you're not into eating huge servings although if you order a side or two it's good enough 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

Hushpuppies 128054128054128054128054128054
Disclaimer : no puppies were harmed in making this dish
6 large pieces of corn cake balls, so good i could eat a dozen in one sitting (well that is, if it was just the only dish i'm eating 128517 sorry i have a small appetite) moist moist moist and full of amazing flavors, love it to death! It's really good and should always be part of your order 128077🏻 if you happen to eat by yourself you could always just add it on your plate, 2pcs for just an additional 60php

Kudos to the owners for having another branch in megamall and consistently having a line 128514 but still it's worth the wait!

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Eviths A.
5.0 Stars

had my first bad bird experience and it was really worth it. i only used to read rave reviews about this resto since it opened in Hole in the Wall at Century Mall, Makati.

i ordered bad bird's corn & coleslaw and requested for chicken parts and that my corn be shredded already. it's a plus points for me when the staff will just oblige to my reasonable request.

since i ordered at 2:00 pm, the place was not jampacked and no long queues were in sight. my order was served a few minutes. honestly, i got overwhelmed with the servings. 2 big chicken plus 2 huge sides. two can finish this meal. you can order your corn on a stick but i'm not really a perfect corn eater. the chicken is spiced 3 ways: safe.spicy.chemical. i had mine spicy which surprisingly is not like the hot and crispy kind of spicy. just right to complement the umami flavors. i think i can handle chemical.128513

and as you can see in the photos, the chicken os deep fried and covered with spices. served on a silver platter with parchment paper, which for me is really genius so that the excess oil will be absorbed by the paper.

and i thought that the umami flavors were only on the chicken skin, but i was surprised that it seeped in to the meat as well -- just a tinge not to overcome the chicken's natural flavor.

the sides were just seasoned right to balance the flavorful chicken. sometimes, i even put remnants of the chicken skin on my corn and mix them just to oomph it a bit.

for the ambiance, it wasn't cramped but it was a bit hot inside. and the staff was so accommodating. they serve you a glass of water first the momet you sit down even before you order.

so i will comeback soon and try the waffles and the appetizers with my friends.128537

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Miri A.
3.0 Stars

So I've been on a quest for a Southern Type Chicken and Waffles and so far Kettles has come closest to why I've been looking for. Except it's Chicken and Cornbread ...

This place looked promising - tried it for an early Mothers Day treat . It's a fusion of Western, Korean and Japanese flavors and not quite what I was looking for.

Not bad though. Chicken was crispy and tasty at spicy level. Still prefer Kettles Buttermilk Chicken.

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YVette C.
4.0 Stars

Food was great! Ordinary chicken to extraordinary!

They messed up with the service though, food was served in 30mins. 128545 I asked for an explanation, the polite staff said that most of the chefs were on break. 128529
Next time, I'll ask first if the chefs are available.

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Ac C.
5.0 Stars

Daaaaamn Bad Bird, your chickens are badass! 128525
Sobrang sarap dude! Everything we ate was on point, plus servers really know their stuff. We got to see the new staff try their food and memorize them at the same time. So A plus right there!

I also loved the interior of the place, you know they thought about it cause it's soooo instagrammable 128525128525128525

Definitely coming back! 127831127831127831

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Kevin M.
3.0 Stars

My first Bad Bird experience wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't great either. We had the small plate order which had the Scallion Pancakes, Sweet Potato Mash and the Watercrest - nothing special with these but they were still good. And correct me if I am wrong, these are new items here in their new branch in SM Megamall. We had three orders of their umami seasoned chicken. We tried out the three different level of spiciness, safe, spicy and chemical, and my reco is to go for the spicy one. The cooking of the chicken was perfect but the taste was just okay. It lacked that special taste that will make you come back for more. The side dishes it came with was also just okay. Over all, it wasn't a bad experience but we wont be coming back for another round anytime soon. Service was great.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Bad for your health. Good for the spirit.

Now I grasp why they call themselves bad. Their claim of 500k fried chicken sold since 2014 now sounds too real. I tried it and finished their tasty staple too fast, too furious. From crispy skin to its juicy meat, the flavors were consistently delicious. Watch out, neighbor Fireside.

Hush puppies or rounded caramelized corn bread was another wonderful treat. These can be availed separately or get two for just Php 50 with your chicken meal. It’s sweetness pairs well with savory fried chicken.

I also got their Chicken Nuggets (Php 170) and twisted the wait staff to get me all 3 sauces instead of 1. The two types of gravy and a mustard based seasoning somehow saved this one. The Nuggets were pale, lacking the same vibe as their Fried Chicken gives.

They just opened 10 days ago. My advise, come early, lines can get too long. Luckily I was solo and got a seat in their bar.

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Karissa M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

The meanest tasting bird has just gotten meaner as Bad Bird flaps its own wings and opens their first stand alone restaurant in Megamall.

Jayson J received coupons from |looloo for Bad Bird, and so we got to claim an order of their corn and coleslaw plate (2 pcs of chicken with 2 corns on sticks) to share. We also got to choose the level of spiciness of our chicken, from safe, spicy or chemical.

I got the safe level of their chicken and I loved it. Everything from the smell of all the herbs and spices down to the very taste was mouth watering. I also got to try their chemical and I can attest that it does taste even better, but it's also too hot to last. I did, however, find the chicken a bit salty during some parts of the meal.

Their version of the corn will remain one of my most favorite renditions of a Japanese corn, because of how all the elements just come to life in every bite. The combination of the bonito flakes, kewpie, cheese, with a hint of spice from the togarashi on the corn is truly a dish I will always crave for.

J also paid for our dessert, an order of their mango and dragonfruit ice cream (Thanks Jayson J!) The scoop of the cold treat was rather small for P150. Its petite size plus its pink and yellow color makes it more appetizing to look at and more fun to eat. The flavors were good. I loved how the mango was ripe enough that it didn't have any trace of sourness. The taste of dragonfruit was also heavenly and well complemented the mango. The texture of the ice cream was also more of a sorbet.

Service, as expected from The Tasteless Group, was excellent.

Overall, I am happy with my visit. I still find Bad Bird worth the occasional visit.

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

Before the fam went home to the province last Sunday, I decided to take them to Bad Bird for lunch. The place is really small, so we had to wait at around 10 minutes to get seated. They got my sister's number and just called us upon the availability of the table.

I ordered my usual Corn & Coleslaw Plate plus we ordered the Pork Belly to share. It wasn't as good as I remember it to be way back when I used to order it at Century Mall. It wasn't bad, it wasn't as flavorful as I remember it to be. The Pork Belly, however, was great. I loved the mustard bbq sauce! 128522

Service was OK. We had to follow-up three times for our bill but maybe the girl was just too overwhelmed with all the table requests and there was already a long queue by 12nn.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

It's a must try. That's why i really pushed Christina R Norman Lester T and Midz S to try it with me. (Aside from having a |rende after and dated GC)

128204128525 chicken plate
Teo pieces of perfectly seasoned and cooked fried chicken. Grabe, the smell palang would really captivate your nose and appetite! Go for a safe spice level if you ain't a chili lover. I love the coleslaw as well and the corn with bonito flakes.

128204 dragon fruit mango ice cream @150PhP per scoop
Who would not try this trending ice cream? Well, curiosity fed, it tastes more on mango with the texture of the dragon fruit seeds (the dragonfruit itself tasted something... like an ice cream cone!!) and just fir experience i got this scoop but the serving too small (half a big scoop) and it's not really creamy... more like sorbet.

But still the chicken plate alone is enough to give this place a 5 star. I'd like to try the lamb or the chicken wand sometime

Albeit 1030 reviews... first time to use this:
|||||||||||||||||||||||||| woohoo!!

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

went to megamall early for the weekly dcph's mfc meetup to get some toy cars. good thing three of the people i was supposed to meet went early too.

so after meeting them i started walking to bad bird. all the while i was thinking the restaurant was located at the 5th floor of mega fashion hall. i looked for the place as soon as i entered 5/f of mfh but i couldn't see bad bird. then i opened the looloo app to find out it was on the 3rd floor. 128514

so i escalated down to the 3rd floor and when i saw from afar the restaurant, it had a long line. since i wanted to eat here i just told myself what the heck, i'll just wait since i have a lot of time between lunch and my 2pm meeting. i told the receptionist i was just by myself and lo and behold there was an available seat at the bar.

so i was seated at the bar and a waiter instantly gave me a glass of water and a menu.

i chose the 2-piece spicy chicken 128077128077128077128077 with coleslaw and shredded corn 128077128077128077128077. the chicken was spicy, the skin was crispy and the meat was juicy. i liked the shredded corn as well. the perfect meal was just consumed.

i also ordered the prawndog 128077128077128077. i was thinking of a corndog with a prawn inside and i was right. it came with a metal stick. but i didn't like the dog very much. the bread was good but the prawn was so-so. it lacked something. i still like the original corndog.

apologies to the management as it took me an hour to finish almost everything. i was trying to enjoy eating my food. hehe

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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

First of all - this review calls for a celebration! After maybe 3 or 4 invites for a #looloorendezvoos , I finally get to go to another one! For some reason it always coincides with an out of town trip, very fortunate to have been able to join.

Let's get the formalities out in the open -
• the rendezvous was sponsored by the restaurant management (though I wasn't sure if it was part of the Tasteless Group or the Low Brow as there was even talk of it being the Tasteless-Brow)
• the group was composed of 12 individuals who really REALLY love their food
• it's always nice to eat in a bigger group since you get to sample a lot more dishes
• unfortunately, I didn't get to sample all of the dishes, nor was I able to take pictures of all of them

Bad Bird has become synonymous with really good fried chicken, their umami flavoring on top of perfectly fried chicken still sets the bar on how fried chicken should be. You can order your chicken plates with waffles, corn & coleslaw or with dirty rice. Another option for sharing is the chicken + hush puppies - with 4 or 6 pieces of meat. I'm a fan of their take on corn, so that's what I had with the safe chicken thigh. The spicy was already too spicy for me, while I already sampled the chemical before, and after 2 cuts of it, I will say that you'll remember that you are it till the next morning.

What's new with this branch is that they decided to add new items on the menu, 2 main themes in particular - grilled dishes and Korean inspired items.

Here's what we were able to try for the grilled dishes, we got to try the pork belly, the spicy squid, the pepper steak, the bacon short-rib. These four are served with different sauces - hot steak sauce, black pepper, ginger, chimichurri & mustard BBQ; the spicy meat wand & the spiced lamb are served with no sauce. From all of the different grilled entrées, I liked the pork belly the most, it was juicy and done just right. The pepper steak for me wasn't right, as the pepper rub was overly done on some portions then would go missing on the rest. The spicy squid I ate as is. I tried the chimichurri sauce on the short rib and it was also good - second best next to the pork belly. For the spiced lamb, tried it also with the ginger sauce and the chimichurri for that balance and it surprisingly worked well.

Their other supposed specialty was the prawn dog, their own take on a hotdog ala "corn dog." Sadly, it looked exactly that as you slice on it - sad. Overcooked prawn with fried batter on the outside. I believe this maybe because of the metal skewer they use to cook it, it's hot so it cooked the prawn already on the inside while the batter is still not yet done.

For the Korean inspired dishes, it was more of the small plates like what you get as sides in Korean restaurants. I was able to try the dashi watercress, the mashed sweet potato & the tamago cup. The mac salad topped with nori looked good too but by the time it got to me it was gone! I'm guessing it was that good! The watercress does a nice job of cleaning your palate, same effect for the mashed sweet potato. The tamago cup I particularly enjoyed, I have to admit being partial to good egg creations. It wasn't too smooth as I would have wanted, but the flavor was there!

They also had Thai & Korean inspired drinks. Drunken Thai Tea, Melon Popsicle, Gin Apple Soju & Kim Jong Mary. Their names do give an idea behind each drink, but maybe 90% of the table swears of the Kim Jong Mary as something you should NOT drink. 9996 I wished they offered the drinks as mocktails too!

For dessert, people had the classic chocolate ice cream but the creation to try was the dragon fruit mango ice cream! Too bad for me I didn't have my lactase supplement so I could only look in envy as they had that.

Tin (store manager) was the one who described the dishes, but we were fortunate to have been joined by Charles (Paw) as well and were given a deeper insight behind the dishes, the decor, even the story behind the painting on the wall - gives you an appreciation on the level of detail that goes into their concepts.

Now, what would a review be if it was only about the food. Of course, it must still have excerpts of the overall experience. Service was expected to be good - we were after all a sponsored table. The decor, while it was what the ownership wanted, didn't work that well for me. Found it too noisy as the sound would "bounce back" to you given the low ceiling. Another side note was maybe it was just that it got pretty cramped but I also found it quite warm. (I was seated on the innermost corner so that may have made it worse for me.)

Overall impression for the night, the chicken is still the star of the restaurant while the grilled dishes still need perfecting. They need the sauces to make them taste better, but the side dishes and the desserts do give the meal an extra level of balance & texture to go with the dining experience. 4 128037s out of 5!

P.S. it took us a while to be seated, which was somewhat surprising given it was a sponsored shindig - but I brushed it off since I just figured that people will always flock to the new restaurant that just opened.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Bad Bird have finally landed in SM Megamall and the newsfeed here in |ooloo and IG gave me an uncontrollable urge to visit it. 128513

This store in Fashion Hall of Megamall is their 1st standalone fullblown restaurant after their success in Hole in the wall in Century Mall. I love the look of this place. Looks firey 128293 cool128526. The tiled table was also charcoal black beautiful. The painting was amazing and eye catching.

For the menu they have added various item but I still went for their Bad ass spicy chicken with corn and coleslaw. I have also added this +60php for 2 pc hash corn side dish option. The chicken was the umami goodness that made them famous. Crispy skin with juicy meat perfect! The umami corn was 10084️. While the coleslaw need some improvement. Got the bitter stalk of the cabbage, which I think they should remove. The dressing should also be improved a bit lacking in flavor. The hash corn is great addition. It was like a ball muffin. Love the sweet coating and mushy soft inside.

One of the reason I was tempted to visit bad bird was their dessert. Saw this beautiful Mango-DragonFruit ice cream creation by Chef Miko on IG. It was a beauty and tasted perfectly good.128077🏻 A must try!

Horray the people of the north is now half way closer to this bad ass chicken. No need to brave makati. Yey!!! 128522

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Visited Bad Bird's first stand-alone branch in Megamall. Totally a happy place for fried chicken lovers! The umami flavors gives the "it" factor with flavors : safe, spicy and chemical.

Last year, I tried their chemical... and they are not kidding! Chemical sa spice🌶So last Tuesday, I tried to mellow down, and had their Spicy flavor. I still ordered Corn & Coleslaw Plate (P390 + service charge), it has 2 chicken, 2 sticks of corn flavored with kewpie, cheese,& bonito flakes and kimchie coleslaw.

Verdict: I really find the meal a bit pricey, but once in a while I am willing to splurge for this delicious plate. Their chicken is big and flavorful, meat is not dry. And i love the corn! The bonito flakes are just so yummy! The place has new meals in their menu. Will definitely try it next time

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Maui F.
4.0 Stars

Been hearing about this place over a year ago originally in Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall.

People flocked to this place for their specialty dish which is their umami coated chicken. So, since we heard it opened in SM Megamall a few days ago then we decided to eat here for early dinner. Reviewing the menu, we ordered the side sampler consists of kimchi coleslaw, mashed sweet potato and eggplant agedashi (3 side choices for only Php180, small plate servings each) and of course, got the 4 pcs. chicken with hush puppies (that's corn bread for you). You may choose the level of spiciness of their chicken from safe (original recipe), spicy (obviously!), and chemical (I would safely assume it would be over the top spicy!). Since we were first timers and have a penchant for something hot, we asked our server Lester if we can have a combination of safe and spicy plus, opted for the thigh/leg and wing chicken parts which he gladly accommodated. We were eyeing the prawn dog too but unluckily, it was out of stock together with some of the sides we wanted originally for the sampler so will be saving it for our next visit. Drinks available that time were only sodas so we settled for regular Coke. The juices or teas are still not available. We were so hungry since we just did a pile of laundry at a local laundromat nearby.

Our food orders came in about 20 mins which is not bad since we arrived before the place was filled up (initially, 4 tables were already occupied then in a few minutes, it was full with customers). Read 1 horror story from another client that it took them 40 minutes to be seated and 30 mins to have their food orders served.

First bite of the safe chicken and it was delish! Crunchy on the outside but still soft and moist on the inside. The burst of flavor doesn't overwhelm your taste buds. The spicy version was just right. Not the burn in your tongue kind but still has the hints of the original recipe. The chicken portions were big compared to other poultry I tried so the price was worth it. My favorite among the side sampler was the eggplant agedashi. The bonito flakes atop the deep fried coated eggplant in batter was divine! Not really a fan of sweet potato since I'm a rice girl but it wasn't bad at all as a carb replacement. The kimchi coleslaw had very little hint of spice (was waiting for the kick in each bite but it wasn't there). Well, it was okay nonetheless.

The overall experience was good from food, attentive service and nice ambience/interiors except for a lot of out of stock dishes from their menu which got me really disappointed at first. Definitely, going back here soon to try the rest of their offerings!

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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! My love for SM Megamall grows even more with the addition of Bad Bird, one of the esteemed chicken joints at Hole in the Wall. Having been submerged for days with BAD BIRD umami chicken on social media, I finally got the chance to visit the newest branch and sample some of their new offerings.

Similar to the one at Hole in the Wall, this branch is also swamped with customers. The place is bitty compared to its neighboring restaurants and I think reservation is a must if you're planning to dine (not sure if they do phone reservations). I like how the place was furnished, dim lights and faded. Much of an attention seeker with its bleary artistic taste and busy setting.


Bad Bird offers 12 small plates perfect as appetizers or sides for your main meal. They have Popcorn with Crispy Fish, Pan-Fried Fish Cakes, Kimchi, Kimchi Coleslaw, Tamago Cup, Mac Salad, Spicy Rice Cakes, Grilled Sesame Caesar and their best sellers, Dashi Watercress, Eggplant Agedashi, Mashed Potato and Scallion Pancakes. My favorites were the Dashi Watercress because it gives a refreshing whiff with Bad Bird's bold flavors and the Scallion Pancakes because it gives a different taste element.


An exciting addition to Bad Bird's lineup are their grilled dishes with Korean and Japanese flavors integrated in one dish. They have Pepper Steak (PHP480), Pork Belly (PHP370) Bacon Cut Short Rib (PHP420) and Spicy Squid (PHP380) that comes with two sauces. I super enjoyed their Pepper Steak because it wasn't overly seasoned with pepper plus they use hanger steak for the meat. They have black pepper sauce if you want the taste of pepper swelling but for me, the best tandem would be their Chimichurri and Ginger Sauce. I also like the Bacon-Cut Short Rib. I love the softness of the meat, WAGYU lang naman and it easily absorbs my two favorite sauces.

(Sauces: Hot Steak Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Ginger, Chimichurri, Mustard BBQ)

There are two other dishes from the grill that are served without the sauce because it's already good on its own, the Spiced Lamb (PHP350) and Spicy Meat Wand (PHP390). One of my favorites at the table was the Spiced Lamb. It's seasoned with Sichuan Pepper which I like because it is spicy but not spicy hot like chili pepper which makes it addicting. I know it doesn't need help but still dipped it in Chimichurri and Ginger Sauce.


The only thing I did not like when I first tried Bad Bird at Hole in the Wall was that it had too much umami, more like umUMAY. I was happy that with the fried chicken plates we tried, I noticed that the umami was toned down. There's no question on the cook on the chicken. Crisp outside and moist on the inside. I love all three spice levels but Chemical was the best and it wasn't too biting. I would love to try their waffle plate but it wasn't available. No big deal because I still enjoyed the Corn and Coleslaw plate. Somehow, sweet complement because of the corn brushed with miso butter and with some bonito flakes. The corn was tough to eat though. The Dirty Rice Plate was also good but I think the mix of flavors was too bold. You have the umami chicken plus the Dirty Rice with bacon, chicken liver, tamago and bonito. If you like strong flavors, then go for this but this is where the dashi watercress and scallion pancakes come in handy.


I was able to try three cocktails that night. I'm a big fan of Thai Milk Tea so I ordered their Drunken Thai Tea (PHP190). It was infused with Don Papa Spiced Rum and its a delicious beverage to pair with their food offerings. Their Gin Apple Soju Fizz (PHP230) was also good. It was light and refreshing. You get to taste a hint of Soju but it's nice that they used more Gin Apple. If it was the other way around baka mag other way around din ang sikmura ko. 128514 The weirdest cocktail I have ever tried in my 25 years of existence, Kim Jong Mary (PHP190). First of all, this is culinary talent. It's a mix of Vodka, Soju, Tomato Juice, GoChuJang, kimchi and Korean chili salt. I don't even have the words to explain why I like this drink but it was new to my tastebuds and also good. I think I can finish a glass, isa lang. Haha!


We had the Molten Cheesecake Dip with Rice Crackers (PHP260). The cheesecake was velvety plus the crisp rice crackers make a good tandem. We got to sample their Mango Dragonfruit Swirl (PHP150) as well and it was the perfect ending. Fruity and sweet.

The dishes are still not finalized so this won't definitely be the last.

Thanks Peanut D. and Pam L. for having us again. :D

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Bad Bird, probably the most well known store at Hole in the Wall (Century Mall Makati) as it never seems to run out of queue. This was my default place whenever i'm at Century Mall as their dishes fits my appetite. :) So when i was invited by Peanut D. for a rendezvoos, i had a Good (Bad Bird) feeling that its gonna be a great one and of course + the impromptu desserts at le petit souffle = its was a fantastic rendezvoos.

Haha, going back. So whats new with bad bird now that they're operating in restaurant setting compare to the upscale fastfood place??? Well, the Bestseller Umami chicken is still there (yay) + new grill items + great appetizers + unique :P drinks , it seems that western style bad bird is slowly flying/venturing to eastern flavors.

Umami Chicken - 5/5 (Waffle, Corn and Coleslaw Plate, Dirty Rice Plate) the fried chicken combinations that we used love, it comes with 3 flavors (safe, spicy, chemical) So if you like the usual salty but flavorful chicken go for the safe one, my default would always be spicy, but i went a bit overboard that night when i went for chemical (it might had bite more than i can chew as it was too spicy for me). Nonetheless, it was really good. My favorite combination would be the waffle and chicken as it was the perfect American soul food but then either the corn and coleslaw or dirty rice are perfect alternatives if ever the waffles are not available. Simply put their chicken was simply one of the best fried ones in the Metro.

So off the the grill:
Pepper Steak (4/5) - I think the grill was on spot, not too chewy, a little bit medium which was good. Pepper was a bit uneven on some side but thats okay as nothing is pepperfect :P
Pork Belly (5/5) - Hands down was my favorite among all the grill items
Spicy Squid (4/5) - It was nicely grilled as it was not too burnt nor its hard. It wasn't that spicy for me but rather it taste funny (in a good way of course), this one going towards korean flavor.
Spicy Meat Lamb (4/5) - I'm not a fan of grill lamb nor i hate it but i think this dish could be improved. It wasn't spicy and abit hard to chew, i would say, don't slice it too small and toss the flavor more towards mediterranean.

Prawndog (5/5) - It was easily one of the promising new items on the menu. Looks good on IG. Smells even better when it was served. My eyes were on it the whole time. haha. Huge Tiger Prawn with Bonito Katsuabashi, Nori and Japanese Mayo. Going towards japanese flavor. I would prefer having it on a wooden stick (more Japanese :) ) than on a metallic skewer. And i think it best eaten straight on stick and while its still warm.

Appetizers and Drink:
Appetizers are of good quality.
The drinks were really interesting, would go for it any given weekend night and it seems that crowd favorite would be Gin Apple Soju Fizz while Kim Jong Mary drink garner the most sip per glass (and it still no way near 3/4 after i was passed around. :P )

Mango-Dragonfruit Swirl - 5/5 For someone who love desserts but prefer the sweetness to be mild. This one's the perfect choice.

7/5 if that makes sense :) As the service level of whole staff were A+, Tin elaborate every dishes to us. The friendly owner Charlie Paw was a great host that night.

All the food were decently priced (around 300+ to 500) and i think it would be more cheaper if you dine in 3s or 4s as the 6 pcs fried chicken + hush puppies are just perfect for those number of person.

Overall, it was a great night. good food. i missed hanging out with like minded (and appetite) loolooer's. I realized its been a while since my last Rendezvoos, and it was great that Bad Bird at Megamall was my first this year. So thanks again to Peanut D. and Pam L. , Charlie Paw for being a good host. New and Familiar faces at looloo, see you next time :D

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Yay for my first-ever |ooloo rendezvoos! And how amazing it was that it's in Bad Bird's newest branch in Megamall? To say that I was beyond ecstatic was puting it mildly.

I have always wanted to try Bad Bird in Hole in The Wall, Century City Mall. It seems like everyone I know have already tried it except for me! I'm glad that I finally had the chance, and the awesome thing was it's a |ooloo rendezvoos, not only will I get to taste delicious food, I'll also get to meet fellow foodies!

Bad Bird's newest branch is located in SM Megamall's Fashion Hall, 3/F. You'd easily spot it 'cos of the blazin' red BAD BIRD sign. The place was packed when I arrived and I think it's a good sign! 128076🏻The place was kind of small and it can get congested when it's a full house. The dim lighting adds to the dark allure of the place which I'm really digging. 128077🏻

Now onto the food! 128523

128020 Waffle Plate - (360php)
128020 Corn & Coleslaw Plate - (390php)
128020 Dirty Rice Plate - (390php)
128020 Fried Chicken + Hush Puppies - (4pcs. - 690php/6pcs. - 980php)

I was super sad when I found out that the Waffle Plate was unavailable for the day. 128532 This was one of the dishes I've been looking forward to try, but guess it's just another reason to come back, right? 128523

Being a first-timer in Bad Bird, I am amazed by the Umami Fried Chicken! It was just umami-licious! 10084 It has 3-spice levels: Safe, Spicy and Chemical. I'm not a fan of spicy food so I opted for the Safe one. The meat was juicy and very tender which are things I always look for in chicken. And the chicken skin, my gosh but the chicken skin is yummeh! I love how you'd hear the crunch in every bite. Kaya pala naghiwalay si Popoy at Basha dahil sa balat ng manok. Now I understand. Lol! 128514

Also, the Dirty Rice was sinful! The "putok batok" kind of sinful! You know when something's bad for you but still you eat it just because it's good? Consequences be damned! 128514 It was fatty and oily and delicious. I could eat it on its own even without ulam! Haha! 128523

127842 Pepper Steak - (480php)
127842 Pork Belly - (370php)
127842 Bacon-Cut Short Rib - (420php)
127842 Spicy Squid - (380php)

For these, you can have 2 sauces for 1 grilled plate from their 5 choices of sauces. They're Hot Steak Sauce, Ginger, Black Pepper Sauce, Chimichurri & Mustard BBQ.

I enjoyed the Bacon-Cut Short Ribs the most paired with Chimichurri Sauce. It was mouthwateringly-good! It's a burst of flavors in your mouth. The Pepper Steak was also good but it was too peppery for me. The pepper hits you and the spice of it is gumuguhit sa lalamunan. I mentioned that I'm not a fan of spicy food so this one is just okay, but a lot of my fellow reviewers loved it!

127842 Spiced Lamb - (350php)
127842 Spicy Meat Wand - (390php)

These grilled plates on the other hand has no sauce. But you don't need sauces for this. They're perfectly good on their own. The Spiced Lamb reminds me of a kebab skewer, I think the seasoning and the marinades for this were done really well because the flavor was strong. It coats and lingers on the tastebuds!

Oh, and these grilled plates are one of Bad Bird's newest offerings! Definitely try them, they don't disappoint. 128076🏻

127844 Prawndog - (1 stick - 260php/2 sticks - 490php)

According to Ms. Tin, LowBrow's Marketing Manager, the Prawndog is a play on your classic corndog. Okay, so me being a corndog snack lover was excited to try this. But it kind of fell flat. 128532 The batter of the Prawndog consists of deep-fried battered corn and bonito, katsuboshi, nori and Japanese mayo, but the moment you slice or cut it, it disintegrates. And the prawn is kind of "durog". I think it was overcooked? But hey, there's definitely room for improvement!

SMALL PLATES (3 for 100php):
128035 Dashi Watercress
128035 Eggplant Agedashi
128035 Popcorn with Crispy Fish
128035 Pan-fried Fish Cakes
128035 Kimchi
128035 Kimchi Coleslaw
128035 Tamago Cup
128035 Mashed Sweet Potato
128035 Scallion Pancake
128035 Mac Salad
128035 Spicy Rice Cakes
128035 Grilled Sesame Ceasar

3 for 100php is wow! Having tasted most of the abovementioned small plates, it's super affordable! My favorites would be the Mashed Sweet Potato and the Tamago Cup. The Mashed Sweet Potato was moist, and the sprinkle of rock salt adds an unexpected kick to the sweet potato. Now, the Tamago Cup - I remember my dad making us this egg dish when I was younger. But I didn't know it was called Tamago Cup back then! 128513 So having this was a walk down memory lane. It was soft and warm and cuddly and good! Lol! 128514

127848 Molten Lava Cheesecake Dip with Rice Crackers - (260php)
127848 Ice Cream Scoop, choices of Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Mango-Dragonfruit Swirl - (150php)

The Molten Lava Cheesecake with Rice Crackers was good! Though at first glance it didn't look like a dessert. I was not sure. And a few of my fellow reviewers weren't sure either. Lol! But it tasted amazing, the cheesecake dip was legit and I've gotta comment the rice crackers. After being on our table for about an hour, it didn't go makunat on us! It was still crispy and crunchy! 128074🏻

Also according to the ever-helpful Ms. Tin, the Mango-Dragronfruit Swirl ice cream flavor was exclusively created by Chef Miko Aspiras (Freezerburn, Scout's Honor) for Bad Bird's branch in Megamall. How awesome! 128077🏻 I loved this flavor! It was something new and interesting, definitely worth a try.

A suggestion though? Maybe they could add more items in the dessert section. Personally, after consuming all those umaminess, I'd like something sweet to cleanse the palate. 127853

127865 Drunken Thai Tea - (190php)
Don Papa Spiced Rum and Thai Tea
127865 Melon Popsicle - (260php)
Vodka, midori, melon purée and vanilla foam
127865 Gin Apple Soju Fizz - (230php)
Gin, muddled apple, club soda, soju
127865 Kim Jong Mary - (190php)
Vodka, soju, tomato juice, gojuchang, kimchi and Korean chili salt rim

I'd say that out of all the drinks, I loved the Gin Apple Soju Fizz the most. It was just like drinking juice, with a twist! And it's also pretty and IG-worthy. Which IMO is a must nowadays! 128514

Now, the Kim Jong Mary.... I thought myself as an adventurous foodie. I'm game to try anything. But that was before Kim Jong Mary. Now, I'm not so sure anymore. Lol! This drink is a play on your Bloody Mary cocktail drink. I'm not a fan of that either so it's not a shock that I was not quite sold with this drink. But hey, there were a select few of my fellow reviewers who liked it. I salute you guys! 128588🏻

Overall, the food was definitely amazing! Their Umami Fried Chicken is my new favorite! 10084 Service was good, the servers were very attentive and could answer some of our questions really well. Annnnd, I was super stoked to meet Mr. Charlie Paw, the man behind Tasteless Food Group and Lowbrow Casual Restaurants. He arrived just as we were finishing, was there to personally hear our feedbacks and suggestions. He then invited us for an impromptu dessert and drinks in Le Petite Soufflé and Workshop Bespoke Bakery. Super generous! 978610084

Here's 5 rockin' stars! 1108811088110881108811088

Again, thank you Peanut D for inviting me! It was a super fun evening! 978610084 Also, so happy to meet you guys Abe C, Kiko G, Paolo S, Reich T, Will C, Bella J, Pam L, Kwokie K, EJ B! Thanks for a wonderful night! 128149 And thanks to Norman Lester T for being there! Hihi.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

First of all, big thanks to the Tasteless and Lowbrow groups, Charlie Paw, Tin the enthusiastic marketing and communications manager, Peanut D Pam L and Looloo for putting this awesome #rendezvoos together. Who can say no to free fried chicken and the chance to break bread, rather, break bad with some awesome foodies??? 127831127831127831

This is Bad Bird's new standalone branch in SM Megamall, breaking away from the mothernest in Hole-In-The-Wall. This bird just grew its wings and is starting to fly on its own! Now i haven't had the chance to try the original at hole-in-the-wall so this was doubly good for me! But too bad the waffles weren't available that evening 🙁 *sniff* ㅜㅜ

The chicken. These guys are unapologetic in admitting to having a free hand in using loads of MSG to bring out that umami flavor. And i'd like to be unapologetic in stating that this is some really tasty, crispy, juicy, fried chicken. But any more than 2 pcs of this bad bird and i'd be getting a post-meal headache 128517. They've got the safe, spicy, and chemical variants that differ in levels of spiciness. Chemical has got to be my favorite because the spiciness was strong enough without overpowering the chicken's umami flavor.

The chicken went really well with the gravy as it helped offset some of the umami saltiness! Pinoy tayo eh kailangan may sauce ung fried chicken, so its nice that they made sure the 2 parts really complimented each other. Don't forget to try the hush puppies, which are a close approximation of Kenny Roger's muffins... but breaded and deep fried! 128514 Seriously, these are good!

We were told that Bad Bird incorporates Japanese and Korean influences, and that can be seen more in the other non-fried chicken menu items not available in their HITW branch. They've got grilled meat on spits like bacon beef belly (woo sam gyeop), hangar steak, lamb, and pork belly (samgyeopsal) served with sliced grilled Korean pear. I loved that grilled pear, btw! The meat was quite good but between that and the chicken, i'd go back to the chicken 128539. They make a KILLER chimichurri and ginger sesame oil sauce though!!!

We were also served grilled spicy chilli paste squid (their version i guess of ojingeo bokkeum) and skewered teokbokki/meat/sausage in the same gochujang based sauce. Not bad.

The banchan small plates were a novelty as it came with a modern twist to what we're normally accustomed to in Korean restaurants. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to Korean food but this take was quite interesting. Their gyeran jjim (steamed egg) was like a cross between a chawan mushi and served custard-like in a small cup. The watercress could use more of that sesame flavor though. The pajeon was pretty decent. The dirty rice was their take on chahan, and this was good but soooo rich i could only manage a few spoons. The rice i think can be for sharing even if its just 1 cup.

And lastly... drinks and dessert!

The cocktails were interesting. The Spiked Thai Tea would be a favorite if you're into some good milk tea. The Melon Popsicle tasted like a spiked Melona; liked this one too. Gin Apple Soju Fizz was a bit on the bland side and watered down in my opinion. I really dig mixju (flavored soju), so the bottled apple soju i bring home from Korea was a reference point. The Kim Jong Mary actually tasted like katas ng kimchi for me! 128517128517128517 It wasnt bad in that sense, but i wouldn't really go for that sort of taste when having a cocktail.

For dessert there was the hot cheese dip with rice cracker. The rice cracker was coated in sugar, not salty. And the cheese dip tasted like creme brulee x melted cheesecake. This was nice. Though the cracker could use a bit more brittleness. Their ice cream was c/o Freezer burn who developed flavors specifically for Bad Bird. Of the 2 flavors, the mango dragonfruit was the clear winner over the chocolate!!! It was very, very refreshing and the citrus taste was a nice way to end and counterbalance the umami rich meal we had.

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