Bag of Beans Bed & Breakfast

Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay, Cavite

Bag of Beans Bed & Breakfast
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Salie D.
3.0 Stars

We went to their first branch a day before this one. Breakfast doon, Merienda dito.
We got worried sa Parking nila, super steep yung one level down kasi puno na sa taas.
They say Bed and Breakfast pero wla namang Hotel. Purely dining area lang na both may indoor at outdoor area.

We stayed outside sa may Garden, cozy sana kasi we were able to relax sa daybed and the energy of the people is good. Mahangin pero ang daming lamok, they offered Katol kasi may bata kaming kasama, we opted Katol instead of makagat ng lamok ang baby. 128513

Hubby got himself Banana Split (Strawberry Ice Cream). It's good.
I on the other hand ordered Choco Mousse.
Remember this, I regret ordering it, but if you'd like to munch on Choco syrup na pina lamig, then this one's for you! Puro tamis!!!!
No layer of Cream on top or bread underneath the frozen choco syrup like Hershey's! 128513128553128078

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

This is actually my second visit to this branch... first time was at night, second was in the morning. So the views were actually quite different.

I love this branch of Bag of Beans because it has seating that goes down by the mountain side. I liked how there were swings and other garden furniture in every level.

Of course, how can you visit Bag of Beans without having their famous Blueberry Cheesecake??? This is what I always look forward to whenever I visit Tagaytay. It never fails!

This was the second stop of our little food trip and since I was getting sleepy, I just thought, why not just get coffee? Forget about the palpitations... I won't get acidic anyway since I'll be eating all day. Plus, Bag of Beans = COFFEE. Their coffee was strong and really good. Wakes you up definitely!

Since sharing just one slice of cake would not be enough for 3 people, we got a slice of Apple Pie too. C has actually never eaten an apple pie... which I find weird. Their apple pie is okay, not the best but it was tasty. It was pretty small and I messed up how to split the pie into equal parts for 3 people.

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Anthony Paul U.
2.0 Stars

Very disappointed all the pizzas, fillet minion, ribs, porterhouse are out of stock.

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Karissa M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Julienne D.
4.0 Stars

Bag of Beans has been our go-to restaurant whenever our family goes to Tagaytay. We (especially my dad and brothers) are a big fan of buffet restaurants and even though we tried other restaurants there, we still go back here.

But last week, mom brought us to this branch, which apparently doesn't have buffet. They just offer ala carte meals. It was fine with me since I think I'm over eat-all-you-can scene. This branch, like the other one is very relaxing. It was more homey though; I felt like I entered a guest house or something. The interiors are dainty and they have outdoor seats too. It was overlooking the Taal Volcano! So nice.1008410024

Anyway, with the food, I got their Blueberry Pancakes (230php) because this is by far my most favorite pancake of all the restaurant pancakes I've tried. I am a huge pancake person and I've made it my personal mission to hunt down the best pancakes in the city (or even in the whole world) and their pancakes are on top of my list. Aside from its huge, its also fluffy but not airy, and its flavorful. I never get to finish one serving because its too big. If you're a big breakfast person, or a pancake person like me, you should give this one a try. I paired my pancake with their Cafe Latte (130php), which wasn't sweet, but not too strong too. It was just right.

My brother got their American Breakfast (350php), I didn't get to try it but he said that he liked it. It has sausages, bacon, 2 sunny side ups, 2 pancakes and I think some hash brown, too? If you're a meat person, get this one. He also got their Hot Chocolate (135php), which of course I tasted. Thumbs up for me! I'm pretty sure they used tablea here and not the chocolate powder mix with full of sugar. It was rich, almost as thick as Mary Grace's.

My mom got the Fish and Chips (340php), she practically enjoyed it. The fish was moist and tender inside while the batter was crisp on the outside. Then she got their Decaf (150php).

We also got the Garden Salad (215php), this was a big serving! Vegetables were fresh, and the dressing was not the store bought ranch dressing or something else.

Their serving sizes are good for one hungry person, and the staff were nice and accommodating. Really loved this branch! II'll probably try their room accommodations next time.128522

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Carl G.
5.0 Stars

We headed South (an impromptu trip with my friends) at around 8pm and we arrived at Bag of Beans Bed and Breakfast to have some coffee and do some catch-up. We all are from Makati and Mandaluyong by the way.

The place is not that hard to find. It's along the highway but you need to go down on this very steep ramp to reach the cafe itself. The place is very posh and quaint. The decors were intricate and interesting. It gives you that youthful-millenial-artsy vibe.

Unlike other coffee shops, orders are made on the table by a server, just like a restaurant. We ordered the Caramel Macchiato and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Caramel Macchiato Coffee - It was served at the right temperature. Not piping hot and not cold as well, just right. It was kind of sweet for my liking but it tastes good. And oh, it was served with coffee art in it which added a really nice touch to it.

Blueberry Cheesecake - This is so GOOD. 128523 What makes it different from other cheesecakes that I had is that the blueberry compote is not that tangy. And the cheesecake itself has a very nice texture, Almost like a soft serve ice cream. It was so delicious. I swear I could have ordered another serving. But the dietary needs and budget does not cooperate though. 128513128513128513

It's just so relaxing being here with a good coffee and good company matched by the cold weather and nice view of Tagaytay. I will definitely come back when I head South. 128522

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Deck A.
4.0 Stars

Apple pie ala mode. Gone in 60 seconds. Perfect with a cup of coffee with the cool breeze, overlooking Taal Lake. Parking is a bitch though. Its too steep that I almost called all the saints to help me maneuver going down the ramp.

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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

Perfect place to be when you need some fresh air to breathe. Won't mind travelling 2 hours for this- blue sky, trees, lake-view, and quiet ambiance! Best paired with a cup of coffee!!! 9749974997491277941277951277969925127771127807127803127749

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Vanessa C.
4.0 Stars

One of my favorite place here in tagaytay. The food is good. Its just that the service is a little bit slow but I still love eating here because of the view and ambiance 128522

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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

Just before the Holy Week, my friends and I made a day trip to Tagaytay as part of my birthday celebration. We originally planned on having a summer getaway but due to our schedules that won't meet, this is the most we can do. Haha.

We wanted to try the Twin Lakes branch but it is farther and so we thought of trying this branch instead. It was Palm Sunday so it was somehow traffic especially when we passed by Pink Sisters. Bag of Beans (Athena) Bed & Breakfast can be easily found because it's just along the highway and is right next to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church. You will see the sign Bag of Beans painted on a brown (not sure if its wooden) gate.

Luckily, we made it right in time for lunch. This branch is like a rest house turned into a restaurant. The interior gives a mixture of vintage and modern vibe in it. There were groups of people eating inside and outside of the restaurant. The place despite having a lot of customers, remained serene. There were trees outside and it has an over-looking view of Taal Lake. The place is mostly painted in white and paired with white tables, chairs, and umbrellas with antique and flower displays.

As much as we wanted to eat outside to have a better view and ambiance, however, there was no available table for group of 7. Plus, it was lunch time and the sun was up so it would be hot to stay outside.

Before you enter, there is a green couch with pillows and beautifully painted signage of Bag of Beans Bed & Breakfast where you can snap your photo with. There is a table beside it with fresh flowers placed in a tiny clear vase. I love nature so it was very relaxing for me to see those fresh flowers, trees, and plants dancing in the wind.

My friends were already hungry so we decided to occupy the second floor without having a tour of the entire place. Knowing how noisy my friends could get, I knew we got the best spot. I was afraid they will ruin the peaceful ambiance of the place. Haha.

Going up, there's a very tiny white painted staircase, that one of my friends waited for us all to reach the second floor before she went up. She was afraid that the staircase would collapse even though it was made of metal. Haha!

The second floor and the roof are all wooden including the tables. The chairs here were clear that again, one of my friends was afraid to seat as she might break it. Haha. From there you can see the ground floor and the people eating. There was an aircon but no need to open because it was windy. The screen on the other side allowed us to have a view outside.

There are waiters right there to assist us. For me, they were very accommodating and warm. Their menu is simple yet elegant in white too. All of us chose 1 Main Course which comes with a choice of Mashed Potato, Fries, Salad, Plain or Garlic Rice. So without further ado, here's what we had for lunch.

🔹Grilled Salmon w/ Mango Salsa (Php495) -110881108811088- my choice. I chose mashed potato to pair it with. The grilled salmon didn't taste like salmon at all. It tasted more of a milkfish so I got my friend and bf tasted it and they agreed. I'm not sure why. Though I loved that it was cooked well-done. The mango salsa was fine, nothing extra ordinary. The mashed potato was good! I loved their gravy sauce which has too strong flavor according to my friend. I loved it anyway. I think I made the right choice of choosing mashed potato. Haha.

🔹Chicken Ala Kiev (Php445) - 11088110881108811088 - deep fried breaded chicken breast with buttered vegetables and mushroom sauce as described in their menu. My friend Kenneth had this. The pesto taste is very evident but Kenneth and I liked it.

🔹Pork Barbeque (Php270) - 1108811088110881108811088 - this pork barbeque surprised me the most. I didn't expect that it will be served as a whole slice of bork belly. I expected to see it on sticks. Haha. The barbecue glaze on top made it so tempting to eat. This is just an extra order so all of us shared with it. It was so delicious w/ the sauce a little sweet. I would say this is the most worthy dish we ordered. See, it's the cheapest but it was the best we ordered. Sometimes, the quality does not really depend on the price so never be fooled! Haha.

🔹Baby Back Ribs (Php475) -110881108811088- this one's probably the opposite of the bbq. Though the price is common with other ribs I've tried, their ribs was worse than others. I've tasted better and cheaper ribs than this. My boyfriend and 1 other friend ordered this. The meat does not fall of the bones and the flavor was just okay.

🔹Pork Tenderloin w/ Pepper Sauce (Php395) -110881108811088- basically just a deep fried tenderloin. This is the most common dish we ordered. The pepper sauce tasted good and I loved the crispiness of the tenderloin. Only this you can find in all other restos in Manila. I would have gone to Yabu, ordered a Katsu, had an unlimited rice and vegetable and paid the same.

🔹Pasta Bolognese (Php 340) -11088110881108811088- this one reminds me of the Happy Birthday Bolognese pasta from Linguini Fini MNL. The only pasta I loved from them. Haha. It is meaty and not sour with a bit sweet taste. The serving size was just right .

🔹Iced Tea (Php 100) -11088110881108811088- too sweet! All of us added cold water in our glass of iced tea. It tasted good but it's a bit pricey.

For desserts we had:

🔹Sheperds Pie (Php150) -11088110881108811088- we loved it! All of my friends were cracking a joke saying they thought this is a rice cake. Haha. The mashed potato on top was good and it matched perfectly with the meat underneath! It was meaty and it's gone in less than 2 minutes.

🔹Blueberry Cheesecake (Php160) - 1108811088110881108811088- before we went here, I made a quick research (like what I always do) to know what is their best-seller. So I made sure we order this! The way it was served was somehow awkward as the bottom of it was uneven. Like what I saw from other reviews! Haha. Nevertheless, the dripping blueberry jam made us all drool! Haha. We shared over 2 slices and it's not enough for me. As someone who also bakes cheesecakes, I know that it is not pure cream cheese. Half of it was made of cream only but it tasted really good. I should have ordered separately. 128547128547128547 haha. Since I was already full, I just promised myself that I will be back here by hook or by crook! Haha.

🔹Houseblend Coffee (Php120) - 11088110881108811088- i love having hot coffee during siesta time and so I did here. It was a bit pricey but it was worth it. The aroma and refreshing feeling it gave after having a sip was incomparable. It's best paired with the blueberry cheesecake. 128519128519128519

The prices exclude the 10% service charge. We paid more or less Php5,000 for everything. I just realized now how expensive their food is. It didn't matter at all. Even though not all of what we ordered met our expectations, given the view, service, and experience we had, I would say it's all worth the trip!

One thing I loved even more was that there is a restroom on the second floor. It was very convenient. Their restroom was not left behind as when you enter, the breeze of the wind is right there to embrace you. It was also wooden that you can hear other people talking outside and will make you think that they see you. Haha! The window is open with the curtain flowing along with the wind. What a satisfying view indeed!

After our meal, we still had the time to roam around the place and have our photo opts. Haha. There are stairs on the side that will lead you to the outside tables and chairs. I was surprised that as I went down, there's another area there where you can dine!!! I somehow wished I knew it because it was more exclusive, more open, and has a better view of the lake. So yes, before getting a table check this one first! There were long tables for groups and tables for two as well.

In front of it there was an arch full of flowers which is perfect for your picture-taking. Around 330PM we decided to drive our way to Manila as we were afraid of the traffic.

I am planning to visit the Twin Lakes Branch next time and I would love to try their pancakes next! And of course, their Blueberry Cheesecake again!

I've taken photos of the food and a lot of the place. I was thinking which one to share and it's really hard to decide!!! I decided to share a photo of the place instead - view from the second floor. I used gopro for a wider angle. Just check my ig page for other photos! Hihi.

Overall, I am giving 1108811088110881108811088to this! 128076128076128076128076 #50KSummerGiveAway


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4.0 Stars

Hello sweet summer!!! Let's forget about the summer body and just give into the heat!

I've tried like 5 types of drinks here and most of the dessert. Nothing impresses me at all. The apple pie, needs apples. The fruit pie was ok but meh. The shakes, frappe and smoothies taste below average. The chocolate mousse is the worst though. It's like those brand less compound chocolate from baking supplies melted with butter & cream. I feel like throwing up just thinking about it. No one dared touched it after a scoop. As for the banana split, well it's ok. Might stick to this next time. Barako coffee is okay though.

Love this branch for the ambience most of all but really can't seem to find a reason to love the food but a good view and company is and should always be enough, I guess? 128512

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Benjie G.
4.0 Stars

Great food, nice weather and place.

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

Bags of Beans has been in Tagaytay since I was a little girl and preferred hot chocolate and apple pie al a mode over the bottomless house blend and blueberry cheesecake my boyfriend and I had last week. The place has never really been a go-to whenever I find myself in Tagaytay with family, since my parents are not that big on coffee. But because of my boyfriend’s influence, we just had to try this place and re-discover what the hype with this place is all about.

The branch we went to isn’t the usual one I encounter on the road but thank God we ended up in this branch cause the ambiance and the view was amazing! Most of the people who were there were either having lunch or coffee and dessert. Like I said, Gabe and I had coffee and shared a slice of blueberry cheesecake but my my did I crave, with all the waiters passing our way to serve the long table near us their lunch. Nonetheless, the coffee was good and the blueberry cheesecake was not what I expected (in a good way). It was FROZEN and had two layers of crushed grahams and whatever else they add to their crust. If only layer was the crust, the other was sandwiched by cream cheese goodness!!! TWO LAYERS OF THAT! That’s my favorite part of cheesecake! Genius!

Looking back though (at past reviews on looloo), I feel like I should’ve just ordered the pancakes I was initially craving for, but I’ll probably just go back for that. My God!!! I want to eat everything in their menu! MILKSHAKES!! Gah! Christmas appetite is definitely kicking in! #12Days of Christmas!

Watch at for more reviews! I’m back looloo and I know you missed me! <3

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Lei A.
3.0 Stars

Food is good but service is bad. Waiters are very slow and definitely not attentive. I think they need more staff.

I had Tuna Belly and it was so good though. Their Blueberry Cheesecake is also really yummy. My lunch stay could've been better if we were served well though.

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Breakfast will always be my favorite meal of the day and I always look forward to it especially everytime we go on vacation. And the best way to spend the last day of our short Tagaytay getaway was by having a delicious breakfast at Bag of Beans. 128523

We chose to stay at the al fresco dining area so we can watch the sunrise while enjoying our hearty breakfast. Mornings are perfect to enjoy Tagaytay's cold and breezy weather too. 128525

What we ordered:

128261 Buttermilk Pancakes
I wanted the Banana Walnut but they ran out of stock of bananas so I just ordered the plain buttermilk pancakes. For P190, you get three pancakes with butter, syrup, and two orange slices on the side. These golden brown pancakes were indeed light, fluffy and delicious. Better than Pancake House, IMO. This is my kind of breakfast. 128525

128261Fried Boneless Bangus
My mom and sister ordered fried bangus with rice and sunny side up. Both of them loved it. The fish was well-marinated before it was deep fried until crispy.

128261 Beef Tapa
My dad enjoyed their Beef Tapsilog. Generous serving of lean beef tapa with garlic rice, sunny side up and atchara.

128261 Caramel Cappuccino
I think they should call it Cinnamon Cappuccino instead of caramel. Loved the cinnamon scent but flavor was quite strong.

128261 Barako Coffee
Bold and intense, just the way my dad likes his coffee. He even bought ground beans to take home.

128261 Mango Shake
My sister skipped coffee and opted for a fruit shake to go with her meal. 128077🏼

This place will soon offer lodging spaces to their visitors. Their staff said it'll be probably ready by December or January.

I think I prefer their breakfast meals over their other dishes. I'll go back and try their famous blueberry cheesecake next time.

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