Bagnet Magnet

G/F Midland Mansions, 839 Pasay Rd., Makati, Metro Manila

Bagnet Magnet
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Inna A.
4.0 Stars

Sarap talaga dito. Mura pa! Haha!

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

I found this cheap place, and it's super gooood!

Sinigang na Crispy Salmon sa Miso. Need I say more?

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Neil R.
3.0 Stars

Vying for customers' attention has become crucial to the survival of newly opened restaurants. Sometimes to a fault -- wherein style takes precedence over substance.

Thankfully, Bagnet Magnet gives significance to both.

Its witty and catchy name partners beautifully with its simple and affordable menu.

✅ Bagnet Ginataan (P125)

Tagged as one of Bagnet Magnet's spicy fares, I immediately gravitated towards it like a tractor beam.

The three cuts of bagnet were lying comfortably atop a bed of ginataang sigarilyas. Not only did this have artistic merit, more importantly, it had practical value.

You see, had the gata been smothered onto the bagnet it would have rendered the crispy skin soft and soggy within minutes. And that would destroy the essence of the bagnet.

Moreover, an additional slice would have made this dish flawless in terms of serving size. An addition that I would willingly pay an extra amount for.

If quick and simple is your forte, then this is the place for you.


This was another lunch with the "No Baon Wednesdays" crew of Carla M Yina M Julie J Kirby G Russel F

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Russel F.
3.0 Stars

Went here for lunch with the TeamClingy Makati chapter peeps. I came a bit late but at least, made it during their eating time. I tried the Binagoongang Bagnet for Php 125.00. I’ve been to some bagnet places around the city and find this place just okay compared to the other ones I’ve tried. It wasn’t bad, but maybe I’m just a bit of expecting too much. The serving was a bit small but the taste and quality was much better.

Overall, it was good and worth a try especially for those who were looking for affordelicious meal for lunch and those who were craving for bagnet at the same time. 128522

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Yina M.
3.0 Stars

Bagnet magnet has been open for a month and two days, in a few hours, that'll be three days and still counting.

Their menu is simple and it cuts your deciding time in half! They offer different bagnet rice meals for P125. Ironically, i chose sinigang na salmon. No rAGrets (we are the millers reference) here. I do prefer my soups more on the clear side and this felt like it was quite thick with miso. Well, it just tasted like gabi, not miso.

I was fascinated with the colored bottle accents as chandeliers! It's a kitschy design.

Looks like my no baon Wednesdays have stuck! I now have a perpetual wednesday lunch group and i 100841008410084️ it. Thanks for the excellent company Russel F Kirby G Julie J Carla M and thanks for the ride, too Neil R!

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

Fairly new place in Pasay Road... Pardon the poor photo of my Kare Kare Bagnet 128513 Wednesdays no baon eatup with #teamclingy Yina M Carla M Russel F Neil R Kirby G

Affordable @125 128077 although the Kare Kare sauce was a little on the sweet side.. it was yummy nonetheless ... Would love to try the other Bagnet dishes next time 128139

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Carla M.
3.0 Stars

"No Baon Wednesdays" means another lunch out with #teamclingyminaj Makati Chapter (hahaha parang fans club lang) 128514 Met up with Kirby G Russel F Neil R Yina M and Julie J in this new "bagnetan" in Legaspi Village.

Their specialty is bagnet (duh?). They offer different bagnet viands like kare-kare, curry, ginataan, etc. They also offer a variety of crispy salmon dishes. I opted to go for a healthier option (and coz I didn't wan't to fall asleep at work after) and ordered Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso. I'm used to sinigang sa sampaloc so I always prefer my sinigang really sour, but this one's kinda sweet. Not bad though for P125.

Giving it 3.5 stars! Next time I won't be a poser anymore and will order bagnet! Hahaha. 128514

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