Bagoong Club Resto

Katipunan Ave., White Plains, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Bagoong Club Resto
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₱250 - ₱470

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Street, Reserved, Parking Lot
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Lunch, Dinner
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Most Recent Reviews

Carlo A.
4.0 Stars

Having been invited several times here to eat was a great delight, I for one don't like local food but this place is basically
"I don't care about my cholesterol and eating free" it's such a good place to eat with many people.
The place is quite small on the side and the big problem was the parking.. It's too little and narrow, only a few cars could actually park.
Inside is nice, a mess hall with pictures and mementos of who ate here and some famous people, going inside the halls were nice
It's spacious and has plenty of room to move around and plates are immaculate.
The food is really delicious but unhealthy, I fell in love with the "Banana hearts" that were deep fried and crisp as I can't get enough of it
The rice and the pork with Bagoong is really tasty and a mouthful of pleasure, Crispy Pata was good as well, fish was okay and the dessert
They had was this bread with some sticky brown pudding which was absolutely delicious.
I've got to say all in all the food was good, I don't find anything wrong with it, it's guilty eating but terribly good.
My only issue here is that being here several times the service is quite bad.. It's slow and busy.. I remember ordering a Mango shake and
Having to ask for it about 5 times until I have nothing to drink and dying of thirst, there aren't that much staff that's why but I don't really like
The service they have, if it was faster, it would be a big hit but nonetheless I had good times eating here with the family and wouldn't mind
Coming back at all, I just hope they get their service better and hire more people. Good but bad food! If you want to eat good with no guilt
And you're looking for local food, bring your family and friends here, you're gonna have a bloody good time!

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Wanderlust M.
5.0 Stars

Amazing service!! Waiting for food!!

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Kermitt F.
5.0 Stars

Soups are great as well as their Kare Kare.

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Ria S.
2.0 Stars

We were craving for kare2... So i decided to take the risk... Try something new instead of our beloved 3 sisters and juanita's cafe (btw, their kare2 is to die for!) it i mother's day after all.

We get to the resto... Parking is a problem... But luckily, i was able to park across at the landscaping place, paid the guy 20bucks problem solved.

We order, waitress was nice, accommodating. Food getting to us on the other hand was 45mins-1 hour waiting time... And we were soooo hungry.

When we got our food, it was hot... Kare2 (traditional) from the get go looked so bland and unappetizing... True enough. It was ok... Nothing great at all.

I ordered the monngo with bulalo... Yum! It was good!

My daughter ordered the chicken 128078128078128078 it was like nuggets gone wrong. Mcdo has better nuggets.

In a nut shell... Will i go back? NO. Major disappointment for 1k spent. People gave this a 4 stars?? Tsk tsk tsk. Ohhhh and for their bagoong to be the "star" of the resto?? For real?? Manong in the kanto with his manga at singkamas has better tasting bagoong. Yes people... Not that great... Honestly. Was gonna give this a 3 stars cuz the staff was nice and their monggo was good. But I didnt come here for the staff or monggo, came here for kare-kare. And kare-kare is always served with bagoong. Both a downer.

Now i owe my date another mother's day dinner take 2.

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Margot D.
4.0 Stars

Try their Laing its so yummy! Try it with their tuna belly12855710084

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Butch G.
3.0 Stars

We had the monggo soup, La Paz Bulalo, and the Crispy Pork Binagoongan which was not. Service was courteous and prompt.

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Mcsy J.
4.0 Stars

It's not everyday that we get to chance upon a local cuisine resto that piqued our interest that warranted us to check it out to find out for ourselves.
Enter Bagoong Club, we have been seeing them for quite some time along Katipunan near Blue Ridge and White Plains so after visiting our carshow entry in UP Oblation that evening we decided to try the place out and see what bagoong concoction are they cooking.
True enough the place did not disappoint, ambiance is nice. It has a somewhat rustic feel with a touch province resto in the heart of the city.
We tried the Club Binagoongan Special and Crispy Ensalada for sides.
The first to arrive was their "patikim" their term for entrés; Crsipy Ensalada. The entré was quite new to my taste since I didn't think it was possible to mix a crisy pork a somewhat bagnet texture to put as toppings on a mango, onion and tomatoes salad but they pulled it off. Next came the main dish of Binagoongan which they nailed it and owned it. The taste was short of gastronomical, i would have given it a higher rating if the pork was abit more tender since i like my pork cooked on the more tender side. And also if my favorite Pale Pilsen to wash it down were not out of stock. :(
But all in all, i think we found another venue for our usual family dinner outings cum business meetings and an alternative to Tiyo's in Marikina.
Club Bagoong, superb menu and priced very right!

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Shayne B.
4.0 Stars

Last Sunday dinner with family. After 5 years, I finally got to eat at Bagoong Club-- at their new branch in White Plains, of course. 128522

We ordered the ff:
1. Sinigang na salmon
2. Menudong bagnet <--- Man I love this!!! 128525
3. Bopis
4. Ukoy (?) ^ The one in the photo! It's different here because the typical ukoy that I know is like shrimp omelette, but Bagoong Club's version is crispy shrimps with some veggies and kamote fries!!! We all loved it. It's not too salty too. 128522
5. Green mango
6. Boneless bangus

We loved everything. A lot of people were dining here already even though they're still on their soft opening. 128513 Problem is the parking. Hehe. Servers were so attentive and kind. It felt like home. 127800128076

Will surely come back for more and of course, it's near the house!!! 10084

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

Yay!! Finally got to try this place out for lunch today! Interior, music and food were very Filipino! Syempre! Hehe and can I just share how I loved how the menu was worded, very punny. Must see for yourselves!

Since it is the Bagoong Club, I made sure to get something on the menu with bagoong. I went for the Crispy Pork Binagoongan and it was gooood! It kind of reminded me of Kare-kare for some reason, it wasn't the usual dark brown colored and saltier pork Binagoongan I have. I also got a La Paz Bulalo for soup, good for one but it was a lot and I got to share it. To complement my Filipino food cravings, I made sure to pair my meal with a ripe mango shake, one hell of a mango shake! It was sweet and very smooth.

Our food got to the table all together. Fast service, given that they're still on soft opening (I guess also cause we were the only ones there... And I don't know why!! The food is soo good here) The only thing I didn't really like was that the food wasn't hot enough.

Oh and fyi they're still on soft opening, they only accept cash.9757

Coming back for sure to try ALL dishes!!! 128055128055128055

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