Baguio Botanical Garden

Leonard Wood Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Baguio Botanical Garden
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Chili G.
3.0 Stars

Despite our numerous visits to Baguio, we've never actually been inside the botanical garden. Maybe because there is always a ton of cars outside so that kinda dissuaded us. On our last visit though we decided to finally check it out.
We went around 5PM (it closes at 6) so there weren't too many people. Parking fee is ₱30 but entrance is free. When you go in there are downward steps leading to the open spaces and gardens. There are also traditional ifugao houses where you can have your picture taken.
Going around we appreciated the nice open space but man there was litter everywhere! Sorry talaga but super kulang sa disiplina ang Pilipino when it comes to taking care of their trash. There were empty water bottles, snack packaging, etc. Hay nakaka dismaya 128529
Anyways, inside the park you'll find mini 'friendship' gardens from Baguio's twin cities in other countries like Thailand, Korea etc. There was even a mini Golden gate bridge.
Good place to see but I hope the city government would be more stern in implementing environmental laws here.

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

Can I just live here haha..
It's one of our itinerary during our Baguio trip last week..
With all the flowers around here and others like that mini lake with a small bridge on it.. nature is it..
yes, there's also souvenir shop on it..i bought a coin purse 128513 I love coinpurse kasi tamad ako nagdadala ng wallet kaya usually coin purse lang...

One of the best place that you shouldn't miss when visiting in Baguio specially you're a flower /plant lover like me,.i'm so glad it become one of our itinerary... i love it with all my heart...

Photos: flower heads you know haha
My mom and my one of my niece
Kids: my nieces and nephew
Yung nakahiga: napagtripan lang 1285181285189996️ ang cute eh..sarap tulog ni manong
I think it's also perfect for wedding photoshoot prenup
Ps: may mga cute na animal statue like elephant 128518128536

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Our first stop in the morning last December 30, 2017 during our year end Family Baguio Trip! Located at Leonard Wood Road:

This Botanical Garden is also known as “Igorot Village” as substantiated by several Igorot native huts around the park . Then I’ll spot again a group of elderly igorots dressed in tribal costume.

The park is big like the Burnham Park but we weren’t able to roam around because we still have other list to go to on our itinerary. We stayed here for I think 15-20 minutes only .

The park is dotted with tall pine trees 127794 and flowering bushes . You can spot artworks for sale . Some nice oil paintings cost 700 pesos to 1k. Too bad we didn’t bought coz there’s not much space on the van .

Botanical garden is located along the road between Teachers Camp, and the Mansion.

Things you can do :
127800 stroll
127800 eat
127800 buy souvenirs

What you can see around the park :
127800 Japanese tunnel
127800 friendship gardens

If you loved flowers , you’ll like it here 127803127807127794127796127800

❌ no to flower picking

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Casey D.
4.0 Stars

One of the places we usually visit when in Baguio. Place is big so prepare yourself as you will get tired roaming around. Flowers.. flowers everywhere. 127800127801127799127804127803
Nice place to unwind and to be one with nature. 128077
There were several trashes left by tourist, though 128545

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Pamela M.
4.0 Stars

Very refreshing and beautiful at the same time!! 128077🏻128556

PS: No entrance fee

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Maribeth C.
5.0 Stars

Before, I always wonder why in every school field trips, their favorite spot is the Botanical Garden.
Now, I know why.
Because this botanical garden is huge enough to be lunch ground for the kids and young at heart as well.
Compared to Mines View Park and Burnham Park, this place is quiet (the time we went there) and you will truly learn some historical stories about the place.
A nice place to soul search too 128522

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Aldrick 'chiki' A.
3.0 Stars

Newly renovated Botanical Garden features a huge bronze sculpture near the stairs called the "Builders of Baguio," in celebration of the City's centenary in 2009. The park also features numerous tourist attractions from around the world - from the Golden Gate Bridge to Korean Palaces. It now also has a (short) cave which you can traverse in 15 minutes. 128077🏼

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Khaye d.
5.0 Stars

I love machete! Hope he loves me too..


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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

The place we stay in Baguio is very near this. They closed this for a while to renovate and is now open to the public free of charge.

I'm very glad they decided to spruce this up. There was a time when this place was totally abandoned and you could barely see any greenery. I hope they beautify this more and maintain the garden. Unfortunately the wheelchair/stroller access is only up to the monument you see on the photo.

They have many areas there where you can take nice photos with you in them. They have a life-sized Machete there that everyone seems to be groping when they have their photos taken with him.

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