Bahay Ni Kuya Resort

Ligas Rd., Guiguinto, Bulacan

Bahay Ni Kuya Resort
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Mariabelle B.
1.0 Stars

That day when your dream turned out to be a nightmare.

I seldom post negative reviews about the places I visit. Most of the time I gave them at least 3 or 2 stars cause I always give the benefit of the doubt and space for improvement.

However, if I can give a half star on this place, I will definitely rate it like that. Ask me why? Here’s what happened.

We were divided in 3 teams. First team arrived in the resort and we were coldly welcomed by one of the staff asking if we are from a company that booked the private pool. Since it was a teambuilding for our cluster, we said yes and we were provided with directions to the area… Take note, WE WERE GIVEN DIRECTIONS – meaning we went there on our own without even one of the staff leading us.

We stayed there for an hour while waiting for the other 2 teams to arrive. Then one of our team members approached us and told us we are not booked on the private area that we reserved. Dumbfounded, we left the area and went back to the reception where we’re told that they OVERBOOKED us128548128548128548. Their staff didn’t even apologize at first and kept on insisting for us to call the owner of the resort to settle the issue.  I was really thinking on why we should be the one who will take all of the hassle if it was their fault. Even the staff in the reception was so rude while explaining their side. It made a friction and they first offered us 3 rooms near the wave pool. Thinking that it is better than no room at all, we accepted it but still waited for our boss to make the full decision. At this point, I proved to myself that looks can be deceiving. The wave pool was not clean and the room that was given to us was too small for 44 people. Even the AC in one of the rooms was not working.

When the rest of the team arrived, my boss talked to one of the staff asking why we were overbooked and why we still need to confirm if we already made an initial payment. We even paid the deposit a day ahead of their requested deadline. Since the receptionist didn’t know what to do, my boss requested for the owner to call her and just have the 4 family rooms in exchange of the private pool that we reserved and the use of the pavilion. At first they don’t want the idea. My boss then requested to speak to the owner but they claim that he is on the meeting (yah right -_- )  It took 3 hours for the owner to offer us for a refund which could have been the 1st option so we can look for another resort. We came from Manila so it was no joke to go there and waste our time.

In the end, the owner agreed to provide us 3 family rooms, the use of the pavilion and a cottage to use for cooking. It was terrible because the negotiation ended like up to 1030am (almost 3.5 hours waiting - not including travel time) in which most of us were so hungry and tired.

The rooms were big but one of the rooms doesn’t have a working aircon. No trash cans in each room, no rags, staff were limited, restroom is not well maintained, water in the wave pool was like I don’t know how much percentage chlorine but I tell you, it hurt my eyes like salt water (maybe it is a saltwater pool – research that) and the water was not clear.

We also experienced several power outages and even outage of water in the shower room.

I really wanna help that is why I’m writing this to give a head’s up to people who are planning to visit. I tried to be objective and I hope this will make them realize that its not only earning money. Its how you make the guests’ experiences worthwhile reason for them to come back. I got a few suggestion to the owner if ever he will come across to my review.

1.       Have one reservation system wherein only 2 people can access to book a reservation.

2.       Don’t wait for the customer to confirm. If a guest already made an initial payment, make sure to follow it up if they will push thru or not. (This has always been the practice. Went to Guimaras and they asked me if I will still confirm my reservation – take note, I haven’t paid anything yet but they want to know if I will still take the slot. Same practice with Sofitel, Vikings and most of the businesses that I had made reservations with)

3.       Orient your staff. They should always give a warm welcome to the guests and direct them to their rooms or area where they requested

4.       Check the amenities

5.       Make sure that the pool is safe for swimming. There is no lifeguard around when we visited.

It was not a great experience. We enjoyed the teambuilding cause we always know how to get around with stress. But just as I said, this is not acceptable because they’ve been running the business for 9 years already.

Hope change will come. I may never see it cause I’m not really planning to go back.

*seeing is believing... Just browse the pictures 128552128552128552

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