Bait's by Chef Joseph Margate

G/F Signa Designer Residences, Valero St. cor. Rufino St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Bait's by Chef Joseph Margate
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Most Recent Reviews

Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

The frustrated visit to this place finally came true yesterday! Finally! I must admit, i have to contact them if they were open to the public yesterday--that they were not having an exclusive event or some sort.

Early tip: if you are planning to eat here, and you have car, try to drop by the place first, cause there are about 3-4 street parking slots outside. I did not know that fact, was already too late i parked at valero extension before sedeño. I could have saved 50 pesos. (The parking there costs 50 for the first two hours then 20 the succeeding hours) it was 730 back then and there were about 2 more slots left.

I also did not know that Keg and Baits are one. Baits becomes Keg at night--a bar; but you can still order their some of their brunch meals and mains. I wish i could have made it earlier here--while the sun's still up in the sky, i was a bit ashamed just to order mains because all of them were already drinking and is in the happy hour mood. Yes. They were loud as well.

Plus, i could have enjoyed the ambiance more if its morning because at that time, lights were already dimmed and the music is quite loud already. So general ambiance is not so bright and chill, rather a sophisticated wild hangout place.

Anyway, i still ordered the food that i was craving for at tgis resto--
128204 BFC or Bait's Fried Chicken Sandwich (featured)
Uhuh, they call it "sandwich" and it definitely look like a burger. It's one of their low costing mains at PhP355 tax exclusive pa. What's interesting in this BFC is the bun.
9728️black bun! This is something new for me, it's soft and airy, very comparable to fowl bread's BUT i like this more cause this black bun is chewy-- the texture becomes gooey in your mouth. I remember the black buns of break talk (was it called the black pearl buns?) the bun was delicious to go with the chicken.
9728️ fried chicken-- it kinda tasted like the famous 11-secretly spiced chicken-- KFC!! Haha this one is less moist lang. Tasted salty-spicy.
9728️ pimiento cheese did not stick with the chicken. It sticked with the bun. Ok naman. Generally the aftertaste of every bite. Not to mention of every burp after.
9728️potato chips were crispy thick. Salted. But boo, some were burnt. Elk! Pero inubos q parin

If you are looking fir a plug to charge your electronics, sit on the sofa corner farthest from the door (keg side) there's a power outlet there, and if you will be needing more, go to their cool CR they have two more there--weird right?! Lol. Pero cool because even the lights in the CR can be dimmed--OHA. Alam na pag two wants to go to the CR. Lol.

Because i do want to appreciate the morning ambiance--so to clearly see the hanging stuff there by the bar, i will be back fir some more mains. Just looking fir a right time again 128540

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Mika M.
3.0 Stars

Had brunch here last Friday with my friend. We had local mushroom risotto and spicy tuna burger. The spicy tuna burger was just okay, it came with potato chips. The fish for me was not fresh but the buns were freshly baked. It was just okay. I love the potato chips though :) My friend said the risotto was so-so. We had coffee after and nothing really special about it. The place was cozy and the servers were really nice. Will I come back? Yes but to try the other dishes.

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Hazel M.
5.0 Stars

Ultimate go to place after work!! 128149 Great place to chill and hang out with officemates after a tiring day at work. I hope they'll return the Buy 1 take 1 brew kettle haha.

Plus star cause it is beside Smart Tower!!! Yahooo 127881127881127881

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Bianca B.
5.0 Stars

Amazing lunch date with my hubby, made even more special with the orgasmic degustation at Bait's!!! :)

What we ordered:
1. seafood risotto (395)since i'm no fan of clams, i didn't eat much of this, tho the shrimps were perfectly cooked and probs one of the creamiest risotto i've ever had (it was delicious!!) this was hubby's fave dish, he wiped ate most of this and loved it

2. Pork belly sliders (150)- my absolute favorite!! Twas quite heavy for an appetizer and super value for money! 3 small sliders with special mayo, cilantro, carrots and faaat juicy pork belly!!! Grabe i'm salivatinf just thinking of this. Potato chips were a very generous and nice touch too :) i would go back for this in a heartbeat. Dip this in their special fermented vinegar-chili sauce and boom. Foodgasm!

3. Baked half chicken in ginataang gising gising and mashed potato (450)- hubby and i decided to be a bit adventurous and tried this dish. I was doubtful if the whole thing would work, but guess what, IT DID WORK!! Super perfect everything on the plate-- from the moooooist chicken, to creamy mashed potato, down to the gising gising that gave the dish a whole new dimension. Is it obvious that i love this dish so much?? :)
4. Lemonade (85)-- this was okay, quite refreshinf, more on the maasim (which i liked), nothing extraordinary tho

I made a mental note to try the seared tuna salad and gambas. Both dishes were quite popular when we went. :) skip the burgers tho. So-so lang

Staff was so attentive and courteous, so worth the service charge they include in the bill.

I can honestly say that amongst Erwan's restaurants Bait's is the best :) I highly recommend this to everyone :)

tip: they have special lench menu which varies everyday at P250, and a lunch set at P580 which includes appetizer,main and dessert :)

Tip 2: reserve a table, the place gets packed esp during weekday lunch :)

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Mela C.
4.0 Stars

Tried this out while waiting for Ren to finish at work.

CoZy and wArm ambiance, waitstaff were very accommodating, efficient service.1108811088110881108811088

Ordered the seafood risotto (photographed) and they had given a generous amount of seafood so kudos to the chef!
Ordered sisig fries too, it was a little bland and I must say I expected more zing. Nevertheless, the dip made up for the flavor128512

Would come back try other dishes128077🏽

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Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

Seared tuna salad is awesome :)

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

And I chose to feature a non-seafood dish at this resto 128514 But this Beef Tenderloin Salpicao was just good. Though our other dishes (Seared Tuna Salad & Sweet Potato Ravioli) were equally good, this was the one that stood out for me. The beef was quite tender. And instead of the usual rice pair or solo standout, it was served on a bowl of wide egg noodles and spinach. Good take on this dish! 128523

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Marinel L.
3.0 Stars

The restaurant is nice and cozy, service is good and the price is not cheap but not too expensive. Foie Gras appetizer is 375 and 200g of Wagyu is 1,300. We ordered 11 different dishes and 4 drinks...the bill came out a little less than 5k.
HOWEVER, out of the 11 dishes that we ordered, nothing really stood out. Everything was either so-so or bland....which means, I'm not going back unless its someone's treat.

How I found the dishes that we ordered:
OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL - The only dish that I really liked because it was only 52 each and the oysters were fat and fresh
SEARED FOIE GRAS - A bit weird since it was on top of marble cake but it was cooked well and it actually tasted good with the cake
CLAM & PEARL MEAT CHOWDER - The clam chowder in S&R is way better for half the price
BEEF TENDERLOIN SALPICAO - It didn't taste like authentic salpicao but it was good. The noodles were too thick though. If I go back, I'll probably order this dish again
SPAGHETTI - This dish was really bad. It lacked salt, was a bit too spicy and had a slight after taste that I couldn't explain
A5 WAGYU STRIPLOIN - Nothing special but not bad for the price. I like the steak at the Highlands Steak House better
GAMBAS - The prawns they served us were overcooked and it was too bland. Good thing the waitress replaced it with a better batch when we complained
FRIES WITH EYES - Too bland and not good even with the dip. We only ate half of it.
FRIED OKRA - This was OK, I liked the garlic mayo dip
SOFT SHELL CRAB SALAD - This was OK. Worth ordering if you're craving for salad
COCONUT PANNA COTTA - I liked this one. Light and not too sweet.
ICE TEA - Lemon grass ice tea was OK but not close to the one in People's Palace. The Ginger Ice Tea didnt taste like ginger at all.

Maybe if Erwan Heussaff was the one personally cooking then the food would've tasted better? 128512

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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

Saw this new place when I was walking about in Valero from a client meeting.

Looked interesting so tried it with the wife. Had the seared tuna salad, the "fries with eyes" and the grilled sword fish.

I liked the seared tuna salad best, found the vinaigrette nice though some might find it too acidic. I'm ok with sour so it was good for me.

The "fries with eyes" isn't fries at all, it's actually small fishes fried to "resemble" fries. It tastes like small asuhos fish sticks. Found that it tastes better with more lime, we in fact made a dipping sauce out of lime wedges.

The main course was good for 2, though only my wife got to try the carb. It apparently had dilis and hebi - hebi which is essentially poison to me as I'm allergic to shrimp. More so if it's preserved shrimp. 128556 good thing my taste tester was with me.

But she describes the rice as a better version of bagoong rice. A dish I really miss but can't ever have anymore.

From the whole meal, I enjoyed fries with eyes best. The rest were just ok. If you like the bagoong rice then go for the place. For the general eater, perhaps a more extensive description from the wait staff of what the dish contains for allergy prone folks like me.

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Tala G.
4.0 Stars

What we ordered:

1. Tuna tartare (lemon oil, pickled mustard seeds, chives) - a different flavor from the tuna tartare I'm used to from Japanese restaurants. The tuna was fresh. Eat it with the kamote chips it comes with - great combo.
2. Seared tuna salad - the dressing was a little bit sour for me (sorry, forgot to note what it was). This was a special for the day, so not sure if it will become a permanent item in the menu. Tuna was seared just right, but I personally like Myron's seared ahi tuna salad better. Maybe next time I'll order the dressing on the side.
3. Grilled prawns (white beans, chicken skin, parsley) - 3 pieces of tiger prawns on white beans. I found this expensive for the serving size. Or am I just not aware of market prices for tiger prawns? Taste-wise, no complains.

Will be back next time to try the spicy mackerel. One of the owners, Erwan Heussaff, recommended this when we got to chat with him after our meal.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Eric T.
4.0 Stars

Place not too shabby

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