Bake n' Bacon

Solenad 3, Nuvali, Tagaytay Rd. cor. Nuvali Blvd., Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Bake n' Bacon
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Most Recent Reviews

Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Back at bake n bacon and this time we didn't over order! Yay! We just got the sampler which is like what you SHOULD get when you eat here. I think their bacon is air fried? It's crispy until the last bite and there is no oily feel. The sampler includes three kinds of bacon - original, sweet (with maple syrup I think) and spicy (with pepper on top). I can't choose a favorite from the three cos they were all so good!
We also tried their garlic Parmesan chicken sandwich. So delish! I finished my half quickly and was already eyeing hubby's share lol!
The concept of this place is really great and they were able to pull it off well! Food is priced moderately and the interiors offer a fun yet relaxing vibe.
Sayang there was no dalandan juice at that time but no biggie!

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Aika C.
5.0 Stars

Never met a person who wouldn't drool for bacon. Duh! Bacon! Plus this place? It's overload!

Maybe that's the main reason why the place is built for some kind of relaxing ambiance. You're like "this is digmaan!" but the place got you like "Relax, we got you." They know people would love to try basically everything that's on the neat menu. So they got you chilling, talking about what's the next bacon dish gonna be over board games, cards or books. Liked the idea as well of the cute charging station (with chargers provided!). Bake N' Bacon did not leave me behind on taking snaps on this experience.

Just to share some of the experience we had, these are our favorites:

Bacon sampler (326php): They were lying! It's not for 2-3 persons! It was for 5-6! Well, like what the staff said, it really depends on your capacity. So do not trust when they say that the serving is good for 2-3 persons because it's gonna be more than that! Lol

BBQ potato hash with rice (246php): My favorite! It was like bacon mixed with homemade tocino from an old recipe way back your province then your aunt added some rice so you get a scrumptious meal, this is it! Still have it on my taste buds!

Mac N' Cheese (252php): Cheese and bacon bits! No need to say more!

Bacon crusted cheesecake (159php): Thought that I will be left no choice on the desserts to go on the basics but they had me drooling again for the bacon and cheesecake combination! Sweet and salty and yummy!

One thing's for sure. I will be coming back with friends because can't finish a serving there (because it's too many!) Will definitely come back for BBQ potata hash and will be trying the Bagel BLT!


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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

They had me at BACON!

My BBQ Potato Hash consisted of fried rice, an egg, potatoes and bacon tossed in a sweet sauce reminiscent of tocino. Hubby kept on stealing bites from my bowl.

Hubby's Bacon Hash Burger cane in a wooden box with 2 cute tiny bottles to put the condiments. His sandwich was ok but he loved mine more.

The place looks like a great venue to hang out, eat and play with some of their available board games. It is pet friendly but I'm not so sure how I feel about dogs on tables even for a quick photo.

Looking forward to trying their Bagel BLT and Bacon Sampler or I might just sneak in another bowl of the BBQ Potato Hash.

*visited in July 2016

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Zai M.
5.0 Stars

I have been craving for unique bacon dishes ever since I saw photos of Bake n’ Bacon both on looloo and Instagram that’s why I suggested this place to my colleagues. Who doesn’t like bacon?? 12851210084️) We went to Solenad 3 after attending a symposium at the Monochrome and I was so excited that finally, I will be able to try it. It was a Tuesday night and there were only a few people dining so we had the chance to take lots of photos inside this beautiful restaurant. Their place is spacious and it resembles an American diner with books and board games. We played Jenga while waiting for the food. Both the interiors and the food are sooo Instagram-worthy! 128513They even offer a charging station. The service crew were nice and accommodating as well. Prices may be a little steep but the serving size for every order was big and may be shared by 2 people. We ordered the following:

128055Bagel BLT (Php 289) – One of their most ‘instagrammed’ food. This bacon-wrapped bagel is a gift from the bacon gods and the tangy sauce and inside was flavorful. It was served with potato fries and skin. Serving was big, I think I had a blood pressure spike after finishing this. ))

128055Bacon Hash Burger (Php 289) – Burger with egg, hashbrown and bacon plus fries as side dish = hypertension starter pack. Haha! Sinfully good!

128055All-Day Breakfast Plate – Waffle n’ Bacon (Php 246) – waffles are crispy on the outside and soft inside. Bacon strips were crispy, salty and tasted well with the maple syrup.

128055Bacon Sampler (Php 326) – 3 types of bacon (spicy, glazed and original) with 2 sauces (one was like mayonnaise and the darker sauce was tangy) Flavor-burst in every bite

128055BBQ Potato Hash (Php 246) – served with rice and egg. The serving was huge!

There are other interesting items on their menu that I would like to try next time such as their candied bacon ice cream, bacon crusted cheesecake and salted caramelized bacon shake. This place is realy a must-visit for bacon lovers!

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Who loves bacon?! 128587🏻128587🏻128587🏻
I love love love bacon, if I could put it on everything I would! Super glad to have stumbled upon this amazing place in Solenad 3! Tried it without reading any reviews or background information and we were more than pleased!
The menu didn't have a lot of items, we probably got most of their dishes and all were quite affordable IMO. We got the bacon sampler (spicy, glazed and original), grilled cheese with tomato soup, Mac and cheese and sriracha wings. Total bill was around php1200 128079🏼
You order at the counter and the servers were always smiling and very helpful. The interiors were a mix of industrial/homey and you can also play board games while enjoying your food.
Speaking of food, it arrived in less than 10 minutes and were just blown away! The sampler was so good and it came with bacon mayo (I think) and a kind of tamarind dipping sauce too. The grilled cheese was gooey and warm. It also came with bacon jam (again, not sure but we were trying to figure out what it was 128568). The tomato soup just had the right amount of tartness to cut through the bacon and cheese. The mac and cheese was super creamy though, we weren't able to finish it! Baon ko sya today lol! The chicken was generously coated in authentic sriracha sauce that was spicy and tangy at the same time 128077🏼
Super happy with our experience and will definitely drive all the way to solenad for this 128513

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Anne R.
4.0 Stars

I get how people are serious with their bacon, some may want it crispy others fatty. For the serious bacon lovers, Bake N' Bacon really would make all your dreams come true. Imagine all the dishes in one way or another, the star ingredient would always be bacon. From pasta to waffles, you'll get bacon. Thank goodness they don't have bacon juice, that would extremely be inappropriate 128514

On the other hand, if you really want to indulge and fulfil an ultimate cheat day then this is your place. I was able to try their Bagel BLT priced at P298 and comes with a free drink and sides.

The Bagel BLT is yes, you guessed it right, Bagel wrapped with Bacon all over. It was good yet sinful 128557 Paired it with coleslaw just to balance it out but I if you're going all in why not just pair it with fries. Interesting concept, bacon tastes well.

I was able to try the BBQ Potato Hash. There's egg, rice and chunky bacon bits drenched with overly sweet BBQ sauce. Might be what other people would like but definitely not for me.

Overall, it was a great and interesting concept. What can go wrong with bacon but somehow I find the taste lacking. I can't explain it, it was good, but not the greatest. I give them a hand for showmanship and creating dishes that are out of the box (and deadly) haha! Definitely not for the health conscious.

The staff were nice and accommodating. The interior is also pretty. Especially loved the nook with the different coloured stools. This place is pay as you order too.

Somehow, when I left this place, all I can think about is how, how can I be healthy after going down the bacon rabbit hole? This is too much indulgence for one day.

Oh, go for the Dalandan Slushie. Sweet but refreshing!

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Migs C.
4.0 Stars

I wasn't a fan of the bacon blt but oh my god that bacon platter/sampler was to die for (especially the original one) !

I got to try the bacon burger and bacon waffle of my colleagues and those were quite interesting too.

Worth checking out!

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