Balagbag Falls

Real, Quezon

Balagbag Falls
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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

B A L A G B A G F A L L S 127796🌫

I've never been to a falls that's as great as this one.

It has a huge pool on the 1st level, and we were so intrigued with what's up on the 2nd level of the falls. The steps going up was steep, and soooo slippery. I wear only slippers that time that's why I was super extra careful on every steps i take. 128513 the view on top was so rewarding. I love how the water falls and the sound of it was so relaxing. But hey! How much more if you got a massage from the rapids. Right? :)

There is 1 small pool at the top which is surprisingly deep. As in malalim pa sa inaakala ko. 128514 buti nalang hindi ako nagtry lumusong. 128560 pero ang ganda talaga sa taas. 128525

I was really attracted to jump going down. Or in short go on a cliff dive. Hehe our guide by the way, left us when we got to the falls vicinity. I don't kno why. But we enjoyed that we were not being restricted. Hehe 128513 my friend did ckiff diving. But I didn't did it because I was a bit scared of jumping without having life vest. I can't swim men!

There is a 20php entrance/tourism fee by the way. So yeah. There you go. Balagbag falls everyone! 128516128516


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Daisy C.
4.0 Stars


For the second weekend of May, one of my best friends came home from California. And of course, a reunion is a must. Originally, the plan was to go to Batanes. But... anes? Leaves were not approved so we only have the whole Saturday for the summer outing. So we panic last minute on where to spend that particular weekend. And without a second thought, I suggested the little treasure found in Quezon called Real.

As not many may know, Real is just a 4 hour drive away from Manila. If you are tired of the usual Laiya, or Laguna, you may want to explore some of Quezon's hidden jems. There are lots of white beach in Quezon. Cagbalete, Borawan, Dampalitan etc etc. But the reason why I keep coming back to Real is because it was different. It wants to be different. It's pasikat. Its bida bida. Real doesnt offer white beach, she offers you jaw dropping waterfalls 10084️

There are approximately 3 falls you can tour around Real. The largest (and the most beautiful of all) is Balagbag falls. You can reach Balagbag falls by your own car or if you went there by public transpo, trycycles are available everywhere. I for once met a tryc driver that served as my tour guide/service not just in Balagbag but to the 3 waterfalls atleast. His name is Kuya Danny. He's a local tour guide and a trycyle driver in Real. Kuya Danny is perhaps my favorite tour guide of all, I've been to Real countless of times and I always avail his service because he is that good. If you want to contact him, please text him at (0910) 332 6793. He can also help you with your room or tent accomodations. Not to mention the food (seafoods man. Seafoods. )

Going back to Balagbag Falls, there's an entrance fee of 20 pesos inside. Well if you are lucky enough, this can be waived. Haha (I.e. you are friends with the locals, kuya danny bargained it to be free). Once paid, you can proceed to the falls. There is a 5 minute hiking going to the falls. After that short period os brisk walking, you will be welcomed by the very beautiful Balagbag waterfalls. There are cottages in the first ground part of the falls if you want to pitch in your lunch boxes and stuff.

Here is the tricky part (also the most exciting). You can go to the higher part of the falls by again, hiking your way up. Its a little challenging because the rock is slippery. But by the time you pass through the challenging trail, the view is double the delight. I promise. These is where the photo ops happen. You can get as near as you want to be with the waters. Now going down is basically the same as going up. But if you are adventurous enough, you can cliff dive your way down. Not scary, just totally scary. Promise!

Visit Balagbag falls if you want a quick dip not far away from Manila yet look far from the stress of Manila 10084️


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レロン テ.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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