Balajadia's Kitchenette

Slaughterhouse Compound, Slaughterhouse Rd., Sto. Niño, Baguio, Benguet

Balajadia's Kitchenette
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Most Recent Reviews

Rotchie B.
4.0 Stars

When in Baguio, don't miss to visit the slaughter house, the food is good, authentic, and at a very reasonable price. We had meat and meat! Inihaw na liempo and Beef Bulalo.

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Mc S.
4.0 Stars

It was a great cold evening to go up north. We were really starving so we decided to eat at Balajadias Kitchenette. We had

- Grilled Pork with Blood Paste (A must try)
- Igado (Just Soso)
- Steamed Sayote Tops (Yummy)
- Beef Papaitan (Ekkk)
- Grilled Eggplant (Goodness)

Place isn't that clean because it was a slaughter area before.


Fue una gran noche fría para ir al norte. Estábamos realmente hambrientos así que decidimos comer en Balajadias kitchenette. Teníamos
- carne de cerdo a la parrilla con pasta de sangre (a debe intentarlo)
- Igado (sólo Bland)
- Tops sayote al vapor (delicioso)
- Paita de ternera (Ekkk)
- Berenjena asada (bondad)

El lugar no es tan limpio porque era una zona de sacrificio antes.

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Irene U.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

Going to the Slaughterhouse compound is not for the faint of stomachs. This is a real foodie's food. Within the compound lies various restaurants, where only one stands out. That, my looloo readers, is Balajadia's Kitchenette.

The kitchenette served a wide variety of foods, from liempo to pancit canton. If you're an adventurous eater, they have dishes like;

"Butt & Balls": I think what they're really trying to convey is bat & balls. No need to explain what it is, the name says it all.

Half-half: As pictured on this review, this consists of raw beef and boiled beef skin that is doused in its bile. Add a little vinegar, and this dish is a sure hit!

Sautéed cow testicles: This dish is a treat. Thinly sliced, sautéed in onion leaks and other spices.

They, too have other dishes aside from the ones I mentioned. If you want to go the safe route, they have dishes that caters to your Filipino comfort food needs.

**Bulalo, dinuguan (diced pork stewed in its blood and vinegar), dinakdakan (grilled pork mask with pork brain and spices), liempo (grilled pork belly, served with cooked pork's blood for dipping), and many others.**

If ever you are in the Baguio area, try this local favorite restaurant, and experience what real foodie's eat.

*TIP: Arrive early in the morning! The earlier you arrive, the fresher the food is!!! Also, the soups they served is a great hangover cure!!

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