Balay Indang

Indang-Mendez Rd., Indang, Cavite

Balay Indang
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Elle J.
5.0 Stars

You'll definitely enjoy Balay Indang, Cavite. Not just because it is quite near in Tagaytay in which you could go sightseeing or do various things, but also because of the calming surroundings with great and healthy foods like this. The food I ate here was a taco topped with green leafy vegetables. Food here in Balay doesn't satisfy only your needs but also make sure that you eat healthy food that is good for tour body!

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Balay Indang is a perfect place for retreat. Though their rooms and the main house look and feel old, their outdoor areas can be very relaxing. It can get spooky in the evening so I wouldn't suggest wandering alone at night. 128584

Oh and one more thing. This place serves great food. 128076🏼

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

it's such an awesome place for retreats :) their chiefs cook soooo yummy food!

but you might feel a bit disappointing with some of their rooms :(

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4.0 Stars

Welcome to Balay indang, the rustic live-in events place in tagaytay. I love how old school the place is. It doesn't look that big from the outside but they've smartly adapted the space within to maximize everything. The fixtures and the furnitures are all vintage and beautiful.

The abundance of greens will surely relax you as well. Plus it helps that their catering is the bomb. The food they serve is always delicious and very abundant kaya bundat ka after (last ko na yun). 128523

A thoroughly relaxing and beautiful place for sure.

Warning: if may 3rd eye ka, don't visit this place. Rumor has it maraming nagpaparamdam. Luckily I'm immune to that. Hahaha. Just don't pair me up in a room with someone who's "sensitive" to spirits. It'll freak me out for sure 128561

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Diane P.
5.0 Stars

Spent holy week in this bed & breakfast with my family & bro-in laws!

Very relaxing place.. all you will do is sleep laze around and eat! The room itself is soo nice already that you wouldn't mind staying in the whole time. There are so many spots to choose from to sit, relax, read a book, surf or just chat with your family & friends.

PHP2700/person is super sulit with all the food that they stuffed us with from breakfast until dinner (plus am & pm snacks).

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: salad + pork + chicken + fish + pasta + dessert
AM snack: pancit + toasted garlic bread + soda
PM snack: corndog + taho + soda

** All organic, fresh & healthy.. and unlimited!!! I think our bunch was the most matakaw with all the refills we requested.

Oh, and the place is perfect for photographers. From the room, gardens, and the main house... there's just too many details that one would want to capture.

I'll definitely go back to this place! <3

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Teachy Jing V.
4.0 Stars

perfect place to relax, its really a pleasure to dine here! cant wait to visit again!
"I was referred by Kuya J. (@jerry_culala) to join the #loolooholidaygiveaway!"

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Alex O.
4.0 Stars

Discovered this secluded bed and breakfast place near Tagaytay during our company retreat.

The place has a very similar feel to Sonya's Garden, albeit smaller, quieter and more private, as it is mostly reserved for company events.

But what makes this place special, apart from its rustic ambiance and garden setting, is the food!

It serves one of the best home cooked meals I have had. It is simple fare, but comfort food at its best! It is like your grandma cooking for you on a Sunday. Best of all, unlimited refills!

Just some of my favorites (the menu will surely whet your appetite!). Sarap!

128077 Tortang itlog and crab meat
128077 Hubad na longanisa
128077 Native chicken adobo
128077 Spicy and sweet tuyo fillet
128077 French toast with peanut butter
128077 Garlic rice

128077 Pork chop with ginger sauce
128077 Chicken inasal
128077 Fried vegetable spring rolls
128077 Fresh salad greens
128077 Chao fan fried rice
128077 Fresh dalandan juice

128077 Breaded Shrimp balls
128077 Baby back ribs
128077 Baked salmon
128077 Chocolate fondue

128077 Turon
128077 Corned Beef Sandwich
128077 Bibingka
128077 Corn dog on stick
128077 Baked macaroni

They also accept reservations for lunch. Call first before going.

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