Balay Sa Agta

Argao, Cebu

Balay Sa Agta
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Jon-erik P.
4.0 Stars

Are you not afraid of the dark?   Or not claustrophobic?
Cebu offers also caving or spelunking for the outdoor junkies.

Part of our South Cebu Adventure is an itinerary to Balay sa Agta in Argao or the House of the Giant. It is approximately a two-hour bus ride from Cebu City. From Cabecera de Argao, which is the town's center,  you can register or book at the tourism office for about Php 600 per person. Inclusive of this is the roundtrip habal habal ride, guided caving, sidetrip to Bugasok falls and a snack.

The ride to Brgy. Conalum takes you around 45 mins to an hour. Yes. That's quite a long travel. But you will be rewarded with natural views. Most of  roads are paved. Expect to be a bumpy one on the latter part of the motor ride.

Finally after enduring some butt cramps, we arrived at the Brgy. Hall where we registered and paid an entrance fee of Php 20. Then we had to hike a little more minutes up to the cave. It is an easy trek. Good for beginners. Just be careful though since the trail is a little bit narrow on some parts, you might fall off the ravines. At last, we saw the mouth of the cave. We stopped for a while. Our guide prepared first the the ropes where we will attached ourselves to, to prevent us from falling. This is where the challenge is.

Now we're inside the cave. It was very dark. It's pitch black. We have to open our headlights. We we're only three that time. The complete darkness around me somehow gives me goosebumps. All i can hear aside from our voices are the high pitched squeaks from bats and the drips of waters from stalactites.

Minutes of walking, finally there was a light from the distance . Slowly we arrived at the center of the cave. I was amazed by the hole that served as a giant natural luminaire. (See photo).We continued walking inside the cave. It was cold. We saw some rock formations like the turtle-shaped stalagmites as we passed by.

Our guide suddenly said "gusto nyo makita ung kapre?" That's the time i got scared more haha. Imagining that just like in movies, someone will grab you in the darkness. 128561. The kapre he was talking about is the rock formation where you can see at the end of the cave located at the top. When we reached it, our guide asked us to turn off our headlight. He pointed using his flashlight to where the kapre is. There it is, at the top, there is the formation of a kapre puffing a tabacco.
Our guide said, no one got good pictures of it. So we tried to take one but its blurry. There is only one way out so we had to go back. It took us almost 1 1/2 hours exploring the cave.

It is advisable to contact first the tourism office since it is not allowed to enter the cave during heavy rains because it will be filled with water. 

After caving, you can visit also the nearby Bugasok Falls. Didn't quite enjoyed since the water is muddy that time because of the rain. So it is better to check the weather first before going here.

After we got back at the town, we were rewarded with Argao's famous torta and tablea hot choco drink. We had a good time eating this since we had the chance to talk to the owner , Jessie. She's quite a jolly person. Promise you'll gonna love her.

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